socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Oct. 27

An officer was called at 5:36 p.m. to the vicinity of Fitch and Nelson where a child was walking alone. The officer checked the area and saw a car pull up and pick up the child. The officer contacted the guardian and child. The mother said that the family lived 50 yards away at a residence. The officer followed the family to the home. The guardian assured the officer the child was with another family member on a walk, and the other family arrived home just before the juvenile did. The juvenile was contacted and he was fine. No action was taken.

Oct. 28

An officer was called at 8:15 p.m. to an apartment complex in the 1200 block of El Camino Real for a suspicious male in the laundry room. The officer located the suspect dozing off with a pill and drug paraphernalia at his feet. The suspect was stirred and placed into handcuffs. The pill was recovered and was identified as a controlled substance. The evidence was collected and the suspect was processed and booked at SCDC. The evidence was logged to be sent to the lab for testing.

Oct. 29

An officer on patrol at 9:40 a.m. noticed a male suspect walking in the 500 block of California Street with a floor roller. The suspect was contacted and claimed he picked it up from one home and was going to another. He volunteered to take the roller back to where he found it. The victim then walked up, telling the officer the suspect took the roller from the Day’s Inn. The victim asked to file charges on the suspect. The suspect was arrested and taken to the police department and the roller was returned to the victim. The suspect was cited and released from custody.

A victim in the 500 block of Tierra Bonita reported at 9:08 a.m. that their car was stolen sometime overnight or early this morning. A theft declaration was signed and the vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen.

A witness reported at 2:10 p.m. that a male had defecated on a bench at Plaza Park. The officer did observe fecal matter on the bench and under the bench. The officer was directed to the area the male suspect left walking. The male was located and asked if he was the one who defecated in the Plaza. The male admitted he did because he had to use the bathroom and there were none around. He was advised not to defecate in public again and charges were filed.

Oct. 30

Officers were called to Socorro General Hospital at 1:38 a.m. where a female was assaulting staff. The officer met with the victim, who said the female was being disruptive and was refusing to stay in her room. The security guard was trying to keep the suspect in her room, and when the victim tried assisting the suspect struck him. The victim said he wanted charges filed. The suspect was arrested and an NCIC check showed she had two valid arrest warrants. She was arrested and booked into SCDC.

An officer was dispatched to an apartment in the 1100 block of El Camino Real for a juvenile who ran away. The mother said she confronted her daughter about things on her cell phone. A short time later she ran out of the house with a bag and was seen getting into a black car. The mother tried to contact her to no avail. Officer contacted the phone provider and pinged her cell phone. The following day the officer was called to the home of the juvenile’s uncle where the juvenile was staying. The uncle said the juvenile called him, saying that she was going to run away if he did not pick her up, so that’s what he did. The juvenile told the officer she did not want to return home due to the mother talking down to her. The juvenile was advised she would have to return home. She was taken home and returned to the mother, and her name was removed from NCIC as missing.

Oct. 31

A victim staying at Day’s Inn reported at 4:06 p.m. that someone entered their unlocked vehicle and took money from the vehicle. The officer checked the security camera video from the motel which shows the suspect checking the vehicle and finding it unlocked. The male enters the vehicle and takes the items then leaves. The suspect had a hood covering his head and face and was not able to be identified.

Nov. 1

An officer was called to the Socorro Police Department to take a report of a stolen debit card. The victim said she parked her vehicle on Medley Street and left it unlocked. When she got into her car this morning her debit card was missing. No suspects at this time.

An officer in a patrol car heard a vehicle at a high rate of speed at 12:22 a.m. The vehicle turned onto a street where the officer was parked. When the officer pulled behind the vehicle the driver accelerated and ran a stop sign. The officer activated emergency equipment but the vehicle still did not stop. The vehicle finally came to a stop on the side of a road, and the officer noticed a juvenile a short distance away hiding in some bushes. The juvenile was taken to the Socorro Police Department where his probation officer was called. The officer was advised to release the juvenile to his parents. Charges were sent to JPPO.

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 200 block of Sixth Street where a male reported that his car had been rummaged through. The officer was told a tote was missing. No other items were taken from the vehicle.

An officer stopped a vehicle at Highway 60 and Lawndale for a speeding violation. The driver jumped out, saying the passenger was dying. The officer noticed a male who appeared to have overdosed. The male was given Narcan and placed on a flat surface. The officer gave him another dose of Narcan and he was transported to Socorro General Hospital by police car.

Nov. 2

An officer was dispatched at 8:07 a.m. to a residence in the 700 block of Liles Street where a female wanted to report a theft. The female said her vehicle had been rummaged through sometime overnight. She said the only thing missing was her registration. No suspects at this time.

Officers were dispatched at 9:25 p.m. to a residence on Tamarack Street on a report that juveniles were scared of their father. The officer met with the father of the two juveniles who was possibly under the influence of drugs. The father said he was yelling at his children for being disrespectful and not coming home when they are supposed to. He also admitted to getting a hammer and hitting the table with it. The officer then spoke with the juveniles who were at the neighbor’s residence with no shoes. The juveniles said their father was telling them he was going to kill them and take them to hell. They said he grabbed one of them and choked him and then threw him to the floor. The officer called for the grandmother to take possession of the children. The father was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

An officer met with a juvenile at 1:39 p.m. for not attending school. The juvenile said his father did not want him to get coronavirus and he has been getting homeschooled.

Nov. 3

An officer received a CPS report of a child not attending school. The officer contacted the mother and was able to meet with the mother and child at the residence on School of Mines Road. The mother said the child was on quarantine from school due to possible COVID-19 exposure. The mother stated the child was not feeling well and had missed more days. The mother added that the school was notified. The child was safe and with the mother.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on West Place for a larceny report. The officer met with a male who said a female took his cell phone from his pocket and ran off with it. The male said he wanted to pursue charges. The officer was able to make contact with the female suspect who admitted to taking the cell phone. She was advised charges were filed.

A victim in the 300 block of Lincoln Street reported at 11:34 a.m. someone entered their vehicle overnight and took a driver’s license and phone holder from the car. The victim said no forced entry was seen. The victim was not aware of any possible suspects in the area. At this time no suspects are listed

A victim in the 300 block of Lincoln Street reported at 7:44 p.m. that someone had entered their unlocked vehicle and stole a Glock 43 9mm handgun from the glove box. The victim did not have a serial number at the time of the report. At this time there are no suspects.

Nov. 4

An officer met with a victim on Alta Vista at 6:14 p.m. who said someone had entered her home through the bathroom window while she was not there and took a stash box, a grinder, and $80 in cash. The victim said she had already fixed the window, so the officer was not able to see the forced entry. No suspect at this time.

Officers were called to Parkview Elementary School for narcotics found on school property. The officer met with the caller who handed over a small baggie of marijuana. The marijuana was not found on any person. At this time there are no suspects. The marijuana was logged at the police department for destruction.

Nov. 5

An officer was dispatched at 5:20 p.m. to a residence in the 500 block of Sixth Street for a theft. The officer met with a male who said someone had taken his motorcycle from a residence where the motorcycle was left. He filled out a theft declaration and the motorcycle was entered into NCIC as stolen.

Nov. 6

An officer was dispatched to Spring and Center streets at 11:52 p.m. for a vehicle hitting a fence. The officer spoke with a witness who said the male suspect was running down the street. The officer located the intoxicated male running and stumbling. He had blood on his nose and a white bag of powder on his person. Standard sobriety field tests were given after probable cause was determined and the male was arrested. He gave a breath sample with the results of .31 and .32. He was incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

An officer was dispatched at 8:42 a.m. for a reported abandoned vehicle in the Walmart parking lot. The officer looked in the window and noticed a male laying in the back and knocked on the window several times. The officer opened the door and noticed a gunshot wound on the male. EMTs were called and after no sign of life was found OMI was called. OMI arrived and Daniel’s funeral home took possession of the body. The officer located a rifle and a handwritten note. All items were logged into evidence at Socorro Police Department.

Nov. 7

An officer was dispatched at 12:13 p.m. to a townhouse apartment for larceny. The officer was shown where someone had tried to steal the victim’s vehicle. The ignition had been damaged and the vehicle was unable to be started. The officer was also advised of a laptop computer that was taken from the inside of the vehicle. No cameras were working at the time of the incident.

An officer was dispatched at 5:44 p.m. to a residence in the 200 block of Mesquite Street for larceny. The officer met with the female victim who said her medication had been stolen. She was waiting for her medication to come through the mail and called the mail carrier and was advised someone had signed for the medication already. She said she was going to get a copy of the signature used to get the medication. The officer followed up with the victim, who advised the medications were located.

Nov. 8

An officer on patrol spotted a female on Reservoir Road known to have a warrant for her arrest. The suspect started running away but the officer caught up with her and took her to the ground. She kept resisting so the officer put her back to the ground to place her in handcuffs. The suspect gave a false date of birth, but the officer was able to look up her correct information and confirm she had a no bond warrant for her arrest. The suspect was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. When the suspect was cleared she was incarcerated at the SCDC.

An officer met with a complainant at Bagley and Central at 5 p.m. who reported that her two juvenile sons were walking to the dollar store. A male in a red Chevy pickup approached the kids and offered to sell them marijuana. When the kids said “no,” the male demanded money from the kids. They had $2. They handed the money over and went and told their mother. The officer met with the male who was down the road in a red Chevy pickup and he did admit to trying to sell the two boys marijuana. He also had the two one-dollar bills he took from the two boys in his wallet. The suspect was detained and the on-call DA was called and advised of the case. The officer was advised to release the suspect as there were not enough charges to be filed.

An officer initiated a traffic stop at 11:46 p.m. for a violation on Sean Avenue. The driver of the vehicle did not stop and gestured with his hand out of the window. He finally came to a stop and the officer asked him to step out of the vehicle. The driver refused but the officer was able to place him in handcuffs. A tow inventory was conducted on the vehicle and a large amount of marijuana was found. The driver was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

Nov. 10

An officer was called at 5:46 p.m. to the vicinity of Cassity and Walkway in reference to a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed. On arrival, the officer located a vehicle that appeared to be broken down and abandoned in the middle of the road. Witnesses told the officer the female driver had walked away shortly before the officer arrived. The vehicle was towed and a short time later the officer was informed by a Socorro County Sheriff’s deputy that the vehicle had been entered as a stolen vehicle out of the Albuquerque Police Department.

A victim reported at 10:51 a.m. the suspect struck the victim in the parking lot of Circle K after the victim tried to calm the suspect down. The victim suffered minor injuries during the assault. A witness confirmed the suspect struck the victim without being provoked. The suspect has not been located at time of report. Charges were filed on the suspect.

A victim in the 500 block of Western reported that someone had gotten into her vehicle and took several items, including keys, money and a backpack. The victim said the vehicle may have been left unlocked as no forced entry was seen. The suspect is not known at this time.

A caller from Walmart reported that a male crawled behind the jewelry counter and broke into the jewelry case taking $7,657 in jewelry from the case. A security camera video shows the suspect crawling back out from behind the counter into a clothing area and then leaving the store with the merchandise. The suspect was wearing a face covering and was not able to be identified.

An officer on patrol in the 500 block of Bagley noticed the front door to a home open. The officer was aware of previous break-ins at the home and cleared the home but no one was found. The victim was notified and noticed a pellet stove was taken from the home. The victim named her son as the main suspect in the theft. The son has not been located for questioning at time of report.

A caller reported an incident where the victim exited the bus at El Camino Real and Bullock Avenue when four subjects in a white car shot at the victim with a BB gun, then drove off. The victim was struck twice on the forearms. The suspects were all wearing bandanas over their faces. None of the suspects were identified.

Nov. 12

A victim reported being away from home since October 25, 2021, and upon returning found his vehicle had been gone through. A .22 caliber handgun was stolen along with an expandable baton and several tools. No forced entry was seen into the vehicle. No serial number was provided for the handgun.

A vehicle was reported stolen from a residence in the 600 block of School of Mines Road. The victim said it was parked outside the home and the keys may have been left in it. The officer was provided with the vehicle’s information and obtained a theft declaration. It was entered into NCIC as stolen.

An officer pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation on Manzanares Avenue and during the stop noticed a red bag with a crystal substance that appeared to be a narcotic. The officer asked the driver about the bag and the driver told the officer he did not know what he was talking about. When the suspect was asked to exit the vehicle, he reached for the bag and threw the contents on the ground, scattering the substance. The suspect was placed under arrest and officers collected the crystal substance. The suspect was also found in possession of a small digital scale on his person. Baggies used for packaging were also found in the vehicle. The substance was field tested and showed positive for methamphetamine. The suspect was booked into the SCDC.

An officer was dispatched at 5:56 p.m. to a local gas station for a report. The victim, who had signs of being battered, said someone had tried to steal his vehicle. There was no video of the incident. The officer questioned the male again and he changed his story.

Nov. 14

An officer was dispatched at 9:25 p.m. to a residence in the 500 block of Bullock Avenue for a report. A female said two males were banging on her door and were asking her for a male who lived at the residence. The suspects tried unsuccessfully to push the door open. When the male victim in the residence opened the door he was attacked by both males. The officer did see signs of battery on the victim.