socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Mar. 19

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Leroy for violation of an order of protection. A female told the officer her ex-husband was at her residence wanting half of her income tax. She provided the order of protection against him. The officer looked around the area and did not locate the male. Charges were filed.

An officer was dispatched at 8:22 p.m. for a male who was lying in the street at Blue Canyon and Peralta. He told the officer he did not know where he was. An ambulance was called. He was asked if he had consumed alcohol and the man admitted to driving his vehicle after consuming alcohol. He was given field sobriety tests and failed. After probable cause was determined the driver was arrested and taken to Socorro Police Department, where he gave two breath samples with results of .21 and .20. He was incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

Mar. 20

Officers met with a person at the Police Department at 9:26 p.m. who wanted to talk to the police about being followed by the suspect. The officer located the suspect and completed a traffic stop on her car. The suspect explained she wanted to talk to the victim about a particular incident. The suspect said she followed the victim to the Police Department to let the police know what was going on. The officer met with the victim, who said she was stopped at a traffic sign when the suspect pulled alongside and began yelling and cursing at her. The suspect then got out to approach her, and she was in fear of her and left the scene. She said the suspect then followed her and tried to hit her car and run her off the road and she was in fear of being crashed into during the incident. The case was staffed with the District Attorney’s office. Charges were approved against the suspect.

An officer was called at 12:24 a.m. to Giles Lane for an argument that turned into a physical fight. Meeting with the guardian of the victim, the officer learned that a male suspect and female suspects came to the home trying to fight with the male victim. The guardian said she stood between the male suspect and the victim, but he pushed the guardian out of the way and began fighting with the victim. The fight ended and the suspect left in a white car with an adult female driver. The officer was then told of an incident at the Circle K prior to the fight, where a female victim asked the female suspect to check for a phone in the bathroom since the suspects were going in. The female suspect began arguing with the female victim. The female victim was able to retrieve her phone and leave the store, but the suspects followed her to her car and then followed the victims to their home. On the way, the adult driver tried hitting the victim’s car. The victim and guardian did not want charges filed and only wanted the suspects to stay away from them.

An officer was dispatched at 12:28 p.m. to a residence on Santa Fe Lane for a female who was possibly suicidal. The officer met with the female who was acting strange towards her son and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. The female said she did not want to harm herself or anyone else. A report was sent to her probation officer.

Mar. 21

Police were contacted at 1:19 p.m. by a victim on Bagley who reported that an unknown suspect took the license plate off their vehicle sometime during the night. The victim provided the officer with the vehicle information. A theft declaration for the license plate was signed and it was entered into NCIC as stolen.

An officer met with a female subject at 4:13 p.m. who said she was putting up a fence on her property on Avenida de Pajarito and her sister came and began pulling up the fence. The suspect and sister share the property in two separate homes. The sister said she has had a yard sale for the last couple of days and her sister was upset about it and began putting up a fence. The fence was blocking the victim’s vehicle in, and she took down the fencing. The sister told the officer the suspect attacked her with a plastic spike. The officer was shown the plastic spike with a metal tip. A witness saw the suspect lunge at the victim with the spike, and stopped the suspect, and disarmed her. The officer placed the suspect under arrest. A child who was at the suspect’s residence was left in the care of the sister until the guardian could arrive from Albuquerque. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

An officer was called at 7:27 p.m. to a larceny of items at a residence on Tierra Bonita. The officer was being told what was stolen and shown some panels which were broken on the fence. While speaking to the victim a female and a young child came through the broken fence, yelling at the victim. The officer advised the suspect she was going to be detained and placed her in the patrol vehicle. The victim said she had no idea who the woman was and wanted to press charges. The officer met with the suspect who explained she was at the residence taking things because “these people” stole from her dad in Las Cruces. She was placed under arrest and an assisting officer took the child to a family member’s house. While the suspect was being transported she spit on the officer’s neck and uniform. The unit was stopped and a spit mask was put on her. Upon arrival at the Police Department, the suspect told the officer she had drunk shots and was asked to perform a field sobriety test. She refused the test and then said she now wanted a blood test. The suspect was given a blood test at the hospital and cleared for incarceration. After the booking, her daughter told the officer she was with her mom while she was robbing the residence and taking the items to her house on Lucero Street. The officer was able to retrieve all items stolen and returned them to the victim.

The Socorro County Sheriff’s Department is inside the county courthouse.

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Apr. 4

An officer was dispatched at 12:15 a.m. to Troy Street for a domestic disturbance where a male was armed with a machete. On arrival, the officer found that the suspect had left the house. The victim said that her boyfriend had been drinking and the two had been fighting about it since earlier in the day. At one point he picked up a machete sword and put it to her neck and threatened to kill her with it. She said she was tired of him doing that, so she told him to do it already if he’s going to do it. He put the weapon down and she called 911. While she was on the phone with the 911 operator he went outside and attempted to start his Moped scooter so he could leave. However, he could not get it going, so he fled the area on foot. The officer could see no cuts or scratches on the victim’s neck. She told the officer that this is not the first time that had happened but previous times went unreported to the police. She asked the officer to take the machete so that he could not threaten anyone with it anymore. The officer took that weapon and gathered all the necessary information. Two children were in the home at the time and a CYFD SCI report was made on the matter. Charges were filed against the boyfriend.

An officer was dispatched at 8:30 p.m. to a civil dispute in Veguita. A male at the scene told the officer that he wanted to go to his own house and get his vehicle but his ex-girlfriend would not give it back to him. He said the vehicle was registered to him but he did not want to fight with her over it. The officer took him to the house located on Mora Drive but a check with NCIC showed that the male had a warrant for his arrest. He was placed in handcuffs behind his back and transported to the sheriff’s office and then to the SCDC on the warrant.

Apr. 6

A deputy went to assist the Socorro Police Department on a dog at large call in the 300 block of School of Mines at 10 a.m. The officer met with a male who said that the dog of his neighbor had run into his yard and he told the owner that he needed to get the dog off his property. He then walked to his truck and pulled out a handgun. He said that he’s been having trouble with the dog coming onto his property. He also said that he has a surveillance camera and he will be emailing copies of the videos to the deputy. In a separate interview, the neighbor told the officer that his dog did run out of his apartment and across the street to the male’s property. He said he intended to go to the property only to retrieve his dog. While he was there they had a verbal argument. He was told not to return to the property or he would get charged with criminal trespass.

An officer was dispatched at 10:11 p.m. to the 400 block of Ash Street in Magdalena where a male tried to break into the tire shop. The reporting person told the officer that the suspect was not wearing a shirt and had run toward Family Dollar. At the Family Dollar store, employees said he was seen running south on Cedar Street. The officer went down Cedar and saw a man wearing no shirt who appeared to be yelling. When the man saw the police lights he sprawled out on the ground before being commanded to do so. He was handcuffed and placed in the patrol vehicle. At the Family Dollar store, the officer learned that the suspect had turned off the power to the store by manually flipping the switch on the power box outside the building. The officer was also told that he had placed a rock in the doorway to the building apparently trying to keep the door open. Family dollar employees stated that he had thrown shopping baskets while yelling and screaming at himself. The suspect told the officer that someone had loosened the bolts on a tire of a vehicle he was riding in. He said he was mad that people were stealing things from others in Magdalena and said that he went out that night intending to commit crimes. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and public nuisance.

An officer took a call from a female victim who wanted to make a report of her vehicle being burglarized on Interstate 25. She said her Nissan Maxima broke down on April 2 at around 5 p.m. She was picked up by a family member and left to get a trailer to tow the car. When she returned to tow her car a couple of hours later she noticed the driver’s side window was busted out. She had left a phone charger and medication inside the vehicle and now they were gone. The vehicle was towed to El Paso where she lives.

Apr. 7

An officer on routine duty in the area of Lemitar and Polvadera at 3:15 p.m. noted a small car ahead that kept crossing over the centerline. The vehicle did this several times within a short distance. The vehicle was pulled over and the driver was told the reason for the stop. The male driver, who seemed to be lethargic, said he had not been drinking, but did not have a driver’s license. He was asked to step out of his vehicle. As the door was opened the officer noticed a blue straw on the floorboard between the door jam and the seat. The officer was familiar with straws that were cut in that manner in order to smoke heroin. Being that the straw was in plain view the straw was retrieved. The officer noticed a brown substance in the straw which usually indicated that this piece of straw is being used to inhale heroin. The officer also saw in plain view a glass pipe in the center console and now had reason to obtain a search warrant. The suspect gave consent to search the vehicle. Found in the car were a small ziplock baggie of methamphetamine, articles of drug paraphernalia including burnt foils and another glass pipe. The suspect was arrested and incarcerated at the SCDC. A female passenger was allowed to take the vehicle.

Apr. 8

A male contacted the Sheriff’s office about a forged check. He showed the officer a copy of a check for $168 that had been deposited to a home and garden business in Las Vegas, Nevada. The check was not signed by the victim or his wife but was stamped “This draft authorized by your depositor. No Signature Required.” The back of the check was endorsed with a stamp of the company. He stated he had not written a check to this company and he had reported it to his bank. The front of the check did show his name but with a different address. The victim stated his checks do not look anything like the check which was cashed. However, the account and routing numbers on the bottom of the check were to his account. There are no suspects at this time.