Socorroans gath­ered for danc­ing, live music, shaved ice, waterslides and of course fireworks at the annual 4th of July celebration Monday at the Socorro Rodeo Grounds.

The Socorro Fire Department hosted its first cornhole tournament during the all-day celebra­tion. Firefighter Humberto Lucero organized the tour­nament and had signed up 41 singles and 29 teams in the double’s competition before noon.

The firefighters were raising money for a disas­ter relief fund, so if some­one has a house fire, the department can help out with food or a hotel room.

Over $2,000 had been collected from registra­tion fees, with 70 percent going to cash prizes for competition winners and 30 percent going to the new relief fund.

“It’s fun, so every­body has a good time,” said Lucero.