The living room still has fluff all over it.

Tigger was very confused on Christmas morning as to why her new treats, stuffed animals and ropes were wrapped and put underneath a tree.

The morning started off with Nate and I on FaceTime with my parents and brother back home. My grandparents called using their Amazon Echo Show. We weren’t able to figure out the group video calling on it, so they just called my parents.

After my parents finished opening their presents and my grandparents opened theirs (I wish I was able to see

Caitie Ihrig

my grandpa’s reaction when he opened up his paintball gun), my grandparents called me.

Earlier that morning, Nate had given Tigger a bully stick which seemed like a great idea at the time. Well, when it was time for us to open our presents, Tigger wanted nothing to do with any of it.

Nate and I opened our presents which included candy, gift cards, socks, video games and Baby Yoda Monopoly.

We tried to get Tigger to open her presents, but she did not understand what she was supposed to be doing. Nate had to take away the bully stick so she would even pay attention to all of the new treats and toys. Tigger then started to notice all of the things for her and forgot about the bully stick for a while.

As usual, there was a lot of chaos on Christmas morning, but this was a different type of chaos. I never knew which screen to look at between FaceTime and the Echo Show as I had to make sure that all of my family saw what was being opened. It was definitely strange showing the presents to a screen instead of just holding it up so all the family (that would usually be gathered) in the living room could see.

I’m used to a big Christmas as most years, it was my parents, brother and grandparents all together. My aunts, uncles and cousins would then come over for Christmas dinner and to exchange more gifts.

This year was definitely different to say the least. After everything was unwrapped, everyone got off of the video calls.

Tigger was very confused as to why she was given so many treats and toys, but her tail was wagging like crazy.

We gave her a four-footlong stuffed animal. That was destroyed in less than 20 minutes. The fluff is all over the place, but she enjoys playing with it.

My parents gave her a rope with a ball at the end, which she loves swinging around and hitting all of the furniture with it as she walks or runs past. We have also been accidently hit with it a few times.

She was given a few elf stuffed animals. Two of them have already been beheaded. She enjoys throwing the elf’s body up in the air and catching it. We also gave her a few ropes, but she doesn’t really understand the concept of tug-of-rope. Nate and I try but Tigger just pulls the rope away from us and then chews on it.

For some reason, Nate and I decided to leave all five bags of dog treats under the tree. For the most part she has been very good with them.

On Saturday night, Tigger decided she wanted a treat. She picked up the bag of rawhides and with her tail wagging, she carried it to Nate.

He gave her one and once she finished it, she picked up the bag and brought it to him again. She wasn’t so lucky that time.

Something similar happened Sunday night as she brought us a bag of her Buffalo strips. Tigger must have really liked those because we put the bag back under the tree after giving her one and now the top of the bag is completely destroyed. She tried to open the bag herself and ended up chewing through part of the bag instead. Those are now in the air-tight container that she can’t get into.

Maybe one day we will clean up the fluff that has consumed the whole living room, but for now it has kept her occupied and not getting into so much trouble. She has also tried to eat and destroy less clothing and shoes since ripping a few stuffed animals to shreds