New Year, New you? It’s about time to reevaluate your goals for the new year. Whether you plan to unplug more or even meet new people, the Socorro Public Library is the place for you. If you are envisioning the new year: learning another language, starting a new diet or exercise, or going back to school, there are tools for you. If it’s the year of your upcoming wedding, or exciting travel plans; the public library has a resource for you! Consider these amazing resources your library has to offer and if you need help accessing any of them, give us a call or drop by.

The library offers a variety of resources to meet your health and exercise needs. Free community yoga takes place, Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning yoga class at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. After you get done stretching, explore the many diet books. An effective healthy eating plan is Whole30 by Dallas Hartwig and Melissa Hartwig Urban; easy, healthy, and delicious recipes. Whole30 is a month-long clean eating diet that involves eating whole unprocessed foods and minimizing sugar. The goal is to teach you how to make smart decisions about what food you should eat based on how your body responds.

If you are planning to learn a new language, look no further than Mango Languages. Mango provides access to more than 70 languages. Explore the world of languages and dialects through courses created to teach conversational skills. These self-paced language courses will introduce you to cultural insights and grammatical nuances specific to your language of choice. Each language is offered in native speaker dialogue. Languages such as German, Spanish and Italian will have you in the mood for travel. While you are at it take a look at the Lonely Planet series. The library has travel books available for every interest.

If you have nuptial plans for 2022, the book 1,001 Wedding Ideas: The Ultimate Resource for Creating a Wedding No One Will Ever Forget by Tricia Spencer has wonderful ideas to make your day unique. A great planning tool to make sure your wedding is the most memorable, regardless of your budget. An inspiring idea from this guide is to replace common garnishes from your wedding meal with edible flowers. Ideal for a spring wedding, edible flowers provide an unusual culinary journey for your guests that will set your wedding apart. If you are interested in browsing bridal magazines, your library card provides access to the LibbyApp. Libby offers free electronic book and magazine downloads including but not limited to, The Knot, Bride and Groom, and Brides Today.

Perhaps you are going back to school in 2022. Brainfuse is a free learning resource for all ages. Adult learners have access to test preparation for the High School Equivalency, U.S. Citizenship, Microsoft Office Help and resume building. It also provides k-12 homework help, writing lab assistance, test prep, video lessons and study tools. Available via or

If your goal is to read more or meet new people, the SPL Book Club might just be the commitment for you. The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles is the current book. A gripping story from page one, the book spans just ten days and is told from many points of view. In June, 1954 Emmett Watson is 18 and is just being released from incarceration. After serving over a year for involuntary manslaughter, he was brought home personally by Warden Williams. He comes home to find the family farm has been foreclosed upon by the bank, and he is in charge of his 8-year-old brother. With their father recently deceased and their mother long gone, they set out to a new life in California. However, Emmet discovers two friends from the work farm are hidden in the trunk of the warden’s car. This discovery takes them on a detour to New York City. Towles introduces an incredible group of characters that will make you believe in fresh starts. In one way or another each character is discovering who they are and what place they will have in the world. The next book club meeting is Thursday January 6, 2022. Join us!


Chelsea Jones, Socorro Public Library