As Sunday afternoon went on, it looked like Tom Brady was going to advance to the Super Bowl… again.

I guess the question people have been wondering about for years has been answered this year — would the New England Patriots be as good as they are without Brady? In a season where the Patriots could hardly muster up a win, it definitely showed that they only made it to and won multiple Super Bowls because of Brady.

I was incredibly happy last year when the New England Patriots didn’t make it to the championship game. It was even better when news began circulating that Brady was traded to Tampa, which was a team that was kinda just there.

Then the 2021 football season came along and Tampa Bay had two Patriot superstars on their team.

Brady and Tampa Bay started to get talked about more and more.

They beat the Green Bay Packers, a game that should have gone to the Packers if not for a few mistakes at the end of the game and doing absolutely nothing with two interceptions.

The Packers should have 100 percent tried for a touchdown with only a few minutes left and down by eight points. Kicking the field goal basically handed the game to Tampa Bay.

Being a life-long Packers fan, Nate was nervous the whole game, but the fourth quarter was a different type of nervousness. I don’t think he turned his eyes away from the TV for a second. After a heartbreaking loss, for Nate, the Buffalo Bills vs. KansasCity Chiefs game was put on.

I really didn’t want to see Patrick Mahomes make it to the Super Bowl again this year. It would be nice to see two lesser-known teams compete for the trophy.

Also, being from Rochester, New York, even though I’m a Miami Dolphin fan, I wanted to see the Bills make it and possibly win a championship. Everyone back home always talks about how the Bills made it to the Super Bowl four years in a row and lost all of them. It would be nice to see them win it.

The past few weeks, my Facebook feed was filled with nothing but posts supporting the Bills and what crazy outfits people had planned. There were lots of videos of people jumping on outdoor tables.

Rooting for the Bills is also supporting my brother, Tyler, who is a huge Bills fan.

Normally during football season we are texting back-and-forth during Dolphins/Bills games and debating who is going to win.

Tyler always enjoys telling me how bad my Dolphins have been the past few years and how they tried to tank last season for a better draft pick.

One team that everyone in my family follows is the Colorado Avalanche.

There are very high expectations for the season and I’ve been nothing but nervous during each game this season. There has only been six games so far out of a 56-game season and the Avs are 3-3-0.

I try to watch every game and I’ve only missed one so far, which was on Sunday.

Nate and I were playing Dominos with his family so I followed along online and checked the score every once in a while.

I was nervous each time I checked the score as the Avs were down 2–0 going into the third.
They ended up losing 3–1.