Jeff Witte, NM Department of Agriculture Secretary

Every five years, members of the agriculture community are called upon to document their operation as part of the nation’s agriculture census. The information provided by each of us is used to tell an accurate story about the impacts of agriculture in our local communities, state and nation. Without accurate data, we simply cannot tell our story, and policymakers will make decisions with only partial information.

As of April 21, the New Mexico response rate to the 2022 Census of Agriculture was just 38.6%. We encourage each producer, large and small, to complete this critical survey as part of the agriculture census. All individual information is protected from disclosure. If you have received your census questionnaire, please complete and return it as directed by the USDA. If you received a postcard with a control number, use that to submit the information online at the website on the card. If you did not receive either, or are new to agriculture, please call the USDA Customer Service Center at 1-888-424-7878 Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. MDT. New agriculture operations also have the option of signing up at

The time is now! We need your participation and responses to ensure all of New Mexico agriculture is counted and properly represented.

Thank you in advance for your dedication to New Mexico agriculture and commitment to telling our complete story.

Jeff M. Witte

New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture

Jeff M. Witte, New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture