Senior softball player Marissa Herrera has been playing since eighth grade.
Cathy Cook | El Defensor Chieftain

Marissa Herrera is a senior softball player for the Socorro Warriors.

How long have you played softball?

Since my eighth grade, so roughly five years.

How have you seen your game change during that time?

Definitely, a lot of hard work going into it. A lot of improvement, just being disciplined has really changed a lot.

Where do you excel?

Probably my offense. I’m pretty disciplined at home plate when I’m going up against a pitcher to bat. I think that’s where I excel.

Have there been any highlights of the season so far?

I actually hit a home run, against East Mountain. That’s my first home run in my softball career.

What did it feel like to get that home run?

Like a reward. Just being disciplined at home plate and just knowing your strike zone and timing, once you make contact it just goes. It was rewarding.

What do you love most about softball?

Definitely the friendships you make. That’s probably the best part about softball, is the bond that you make, like with my seniors that I’ve been growing up with, pretty much since the time I’ve been in Socorro. They’re basically family on and off the field. You help them here; you help them there. It’s definitely friendship and the bonds.

Do you play any other sports?

I play volleyball.

What do you like better, softball or volleyball?

Definitely softball.


I don’t know. I just feel like to me it’s a little bit more competitive and I’m a competitive person, so I just like it more.

Do you know what you’re going to do after you graduate?

I’m going to attend Western New Mexico University in Silver City and get my bachelor’s in Science of Nursing. Then after that, I want to become a traveling trauma nurse.

Why is that what you want to do?

I just like to help people when they’re in desperate need. I want to make people feel comfortable and safe.

What got you into softball?

Actually, my dad played baseball and he found out that they were letting the eighth graders play softball. I had told him I wanted to, and he was very excited, so pretty much my dad.

Does he come to a lot of the games?

Yes. He makes all my home games and some of my away games when he doesn’t have to work.

Has he given you any tips or pointers from his baseball days?

Oh yes. Definitely. He gives me critique, and he criticizes me sometimes, in a good way, to help me develop and improve. He’s definitely my number one.

What would you tell younger players coming into the sport?

I would say show up consistently. Don’t complain, just work hard because these moments, I tell everybody this, but these moments are definitely the best memories you make in high school. Have fun with it. Be kind to others. Help out people. Just be a team member.

Is there anything you want to say to your teammates?

I want to thank them for helping me on and off the field and just being there for me always and the friendships and the memories. It really does mean a lot to me and I’ll always remember them.

Are there any famous athletes you look up to?

I would say Kobe Bryant. He definitely has a lot of impact on everyone and he’s very inspirational to all athletes. Not just basketball athletes. I think it’s just for everyone.