caitie-ihrig-in-focus-column-socorro-el-defensor-chieftainIn the second episode of season one of Ted Lasso, he calls one of his players, Sam Obisanya, to the sidelines as Obisanya is being picked on by another player on the team.

Lasso then gives Obisanya a piece of advice:

You know what the happiest animal on earth is? It’s a goldfish. You know why? It’s got a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish.”

At first, Obisanya did not understand what Lasso was saying. As I watched that scene, I also did not know what Ted meant by that. How does one be a goldfish?

Lasso was telling Obisanya to forget about what just happened, move on, and to think about what is going on in the next 10 seconds instead of dwelling on the past.

In the final episode of the season where the team is relegated, Obisanya tells the team to “be a goldfish” after the devastating loss.

The team understood what Obisanya was saying and recognized how far they had come that season along with remembering that they are still all together.

The theme of being a goldfish carried over to season two as players were explaining to a new player on the team what it meant and how it is a motto that the team always tries to follow.

The scene in the second episode really resonated with me as I need to remember more often to “be a goldfish.”

It is advice that can be taken into many scenarios, especially when something goes wrong or doesn’t go your way.

There are times when you just need to forget about what just happened and being a goldfish is a great way to do so.

Things are going to go wrong all the time and you can either think about it all day long or you can move on from it and continue to have a good or better day.

I tend to dwell on things and remembering to “be a goldfish” can be very helpful for me. There are days when a little minor thing is on my brain all day whereas I would be a lot happier if I forgot about it and moved on.

There are so many things that shouldn’t take up as much space in my head as they do.

Since watching that scene, and rewatching it a few times, I’ve tried to make an effort every day to remember that one line and to implement it into my life.

Besides that one scene, there are many others where Lasso reminds his players or coworkers to think positively and to have a positive mindset.

No matter what Lasso is going through, he tries to stay positive and think about how that situation is making him a better person.

Throughout the first season, Lasso goes through a divorce, loses his best player to a different team and the owner tells him that he was only hired because she was hoping he would fail in order for the club to fail.

When Lasso first takes over as coach, he is incredibly positive even though his players are mean and very negative towards him because they don’t have faith in his ability to coach a soccer team.

Lasso never saw how they treated him as a negative, but as a challenge and something he knew he could positively overcome. He used his positivity to show the players how they should be. Lasso would do small positive things around the team and they came around to him very early in the season and started being more positive people and changing their mindset.

No matter what was thrown at Lasso, he faced it head-on with a positive mindset. People could learn a thing or two from watching Ted Lasso and everyone would be a better person.