Drizzten Chavis heads the ball as Isaiah Trujillo looks on.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain photos

Coach Daniel Sanchez is starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel after his Warrior soccer team took a 6-0 win against Gallup and played an intense match against No. 8 Goddard on Sept. 15.

“We went into a defensive lockdown because I wanted us to use this game as an opportunity to work on our defense,” Sanchez said. “They (Goddard) are a top-ranked team, and this was a game where we could work on our future.”

Sanchez has been clear that he’s not worried about wins and losses as much as he is finding the chemistry his team needs. That might mean moving around some players to see his team’s potential. Notably was moving striker Isaiah Trujillo to defensive halfback, where he has excelled over the last three games.

Hector Leon (6) offers help to goalkeeper Aiden

“Isaiah has done a great job for us, and he’s not the only player playing in a different spot. The guys have been good about accepting new roles,” Sanchez said.

The 6-0 win against Gallup helped lift the Warriors’ confidence level as Kyle Berger had a hat trick for Socorro.

Adding to Berger’s three goals were Braden Mounyo with two balls netted (one assist), and freshman David Kracke got his first varsity career goal on a penalty kick. While it wasn’t a win, the 5-1 loss to Bernalillo stuck out in Sanchez’s mind as a significant turning point for the Warriors, who didn’t let up when they got behind 1-0.

“One of the things that we have struggled with is getting down emotionally when we are behind,” Sanchez said. “We didn’t do that against Bernalillo even though we did end up losing the match. Mounyo popped in the goal off an assist from Watkins.”

Sanchez cited Mounyo and Trujillo for their play against Goddard and goalkeeper Aiden Masterson who was in the double digits for saves.

“We got in some great work on defense, and we are going to see how it pays off when we play against Hot Springs and Hatch to open district play,” Sanchez said.

Russell Huffman, El Defensor Chieftain Asst. Editor