First American Uranium, of Vancouver, Canada, has redrafted and updated a project plan for the Red Basin Uranium/Vanadium Project in Catron County. According to their press release on Sept. 13, the project consists of 26 optioned lode claims totaling 537 acres. The updated exploration plan includes existing access to the Red Basin Project area from the intersection of Hwy 60 and Davenport Canyon Road, about nine miles west of Datil and 12 miles east of Pie Town.

According to their website, First American Uranium’s mission is to become a leading producer of uranium and are poised for growth and well positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for uranium for nuclear power.

Jenna Padilla, Forest Geologist of the Cibola National Forest, is the project lead for First American Uranium’s Red Basin revised plan of operations.

Padilla said they are at the beginning of the process. Cibola National Forest has reviewed the plan of operations; however, it was found incomplete, which means they are unable move forward with the environmental analysis. FAU will need to revise and resubmit an updated version to them. Once it is determined the plan of operations is complete, they will move forward with the environmental analysis in accordance with the National Environment Policy Act, NEPA.

According to Padilla, the purpose of the environmental analysis is to assess the nature and importance of the physical, biological, social and economic impacts of a proposed action.

“The Forest Service recognizes the importance of National Forest System mineral resources to the well-being of the Nation and encourages bona-fide mineral exploration and development. But it also recognizes its responsibility to protect the surface resources of the lands under its care. Thus, the Forest Service is faced with a double task: to make minerals from National Forest lands available to the national economy and, at the same time, to minimize the adverse impacts of mining activities on other resources.” Padilla said.

Padilla clarified that mining was not proposed in this plan of operation, only exploration drilling which she said generally has temporary surface disturbing impacts to non-mineral resources.

Padilla said the Cibola National Forest will consult Indian Tribes, interested parties, and the general public on issues and concerns throughout the proposal and application review process. Interested parties may receive notifications through direct letters, emails, social media, public meetings or press releases.

According to the UFA press release Shawn Balaghi the CEO of the company is quoted saying:
“The redrafted project maps and our updated exploration plan, together with our recently received 43-101 recommendations, are important milestones toward advancing our work program to help define the Red Basin Uranium/Vanadium Project’s resource potential,” said Balaghi “We’re working to create a secure and domestic US-based uranium supply, and we’re fortunate to have New Mexico’s history of significant uranium production and today’s pro-uranium market forces supporting that goal as we move ahead.”

A Red Basin/Uranium Report can be found at:

Jessica Carranza Pino, Editor