Navajo Nation presidential candidates are coming to Alamo.

Dream Warriors Consulting will host a meet and greet with a Q&A portion for presidential candidates on Sunday, July 31 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. at Walter’s Park in Alamo.

One of the 15 candidates, Dr. Buu Nygren, already visited Alamo last week, as he is unable to attend the forum. Six candidates have confirmed their attendance at the upcoming meet and greet: Kevin Cody, Leslie Tsosie, Greg Bigman, Earl Sombrero, Dr. Dolly Manson and Ethel Branch.

Alvino Sandoval said he organized the event because he wants the community to have the opportunity to hear candidates’ platforms., especially elders who may not be able to travel or may not have the luxury of attending zoom forums. This year offers a dynamic group of candidates, he said, including more women, some younger candidates and some candidates that are not as fluent as others in the Diné language.

He also wants candidates to see how distant Alamo is from Window Rock and to understand how rural the community is.

“The needs are very significant, water, roads those types of things. I wanted to make sure that the people make an informed decision and get out to vote and select a leader that will make significant changes and impact our community,” said Sandoval.

There will be four panelists who will ask candidates questions, including a representative from each of the three satellite communities, Alamo, Ramah and To’Hajilee and one youth member. The meet and greet will be before and after the forum.

Primary elections are on Tuesday, August 2. Polls are open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The general election will be Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The 15 candidates for the Navajo Nation presidency:

Earl Sombrero, Dr. Dolly Manson, Dineh Benally, Justin Jones, Dr. Buu Nygren, Emily Ellison, Kevin Cody, Sandra Jeff, Frankie Nelson Davis, incumbent Jonathan Nez, Leslie Tsosie, Ethel Branch, Greg H. Bigman, Frank Dayish and Dr. Rosanna Jumbo-Fitch.

Candidates for Council delegates for the Alamo, Ramah and To’Hajilee Region are incumbent Jamie Henio from Ramah, Jacueline Platero and Norman Begay, both from To’Hajiilee.