Cecelia Torres

Cecelia Torres

Cecilia Torres, 101 years old, passed away peacefully on Sept. 3 in her home, surrounded by her loving family.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Francisco Montoya and Maria Baca; her beloved siblings, Climaco Montoya, Flora Baca, Molly Cordova, Mary Vargas, Eliseo Montoya, Terri Proctor, and Salfa Gutierrez; and her beloved daughter, Mary Ann Lovato.

Cecilia attended Lemitar elementary school and went to Capitan trade school. Cecilia loved her three children, Carmen McIntyre, Lou Chavez, and Marilyn Newhouse. She had nine grandchildren, 13 greatgrandchildren and four great- great-grandchildren.

Cecilia worked for New Mexico Human Services and in social services as a home healthcare provider and retired from the state. Her hobbies where playing the accordion and piano, gardening, landscaping, sewing, weaving, dancing, traveling, cooking, crafts, drawing, socializing, and helping people.

She was a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ as her savior. She had a deep sense of faith. She believed in the power of prayer and always had a strong relationship with God. Through her faith, she was thoughtful, nonjudgmental, forgiving, and kind. In her warm eyes and smile, she gave loving presence to anyone she met. Her compassion and love for everyone will be deeply missed.

Mom’s unwavering strength and faith with kindness always gave me strength. She was resilient and resolute, having encountered many obstacles, but faced life with optimism and hope. She was my best friend; I shall always miss her companionship and warm touch.

In Cecilia’s memory there will be a memorial life celebration to be held in Spring 2021.