Blue Monday Band

Blue Monday

Are we ready to PAR-T-T-Y-Y?

Was that a resounding “YES”? Then listen up: Socorro’s first ever drive-in concert is set for Saturday, Oct. 10 at New Mexico Tech. Featuring two popular local bands – Blue Monday and Flat Note Society – the event will comply with current COVID19 rules with vehicles parked under the new solar-panel array parking area at Macey Center.

Here’s the rub: You must sign up in order to participate in the free event.

Flat Note Society

Flat Note Society

“This is our first experience in a socially distanced outdoor setting. This is an experiment to see how it goes,” said Ronna Kalish, director of Performing Arts Series (PAS). She is organizing the event as part of the Socorro Sessions, a live-stream series begun this summer which highlights local musicians.

She’s calling the drive-in concert Socorro Session Fest as it coincides with the timing of the Socorro Fest which ran for eight years and was centered on the historic plaza. “I’m excited to have this on what was traditionally the second weekend of October. It’s a great time of year for a festival since the weather is still warm and people want to be outdoors.”

For those who cannot or don’t wish to attend in person, the music will be livestreamed as all PAS events this year and is free. But if you are ready to get out and socialize a la 2020 style, now is your chance.

Blue Monday originated as the house band for Manny’s Buckhorn in San Antonio in 2007 with Hot Chef Bobby Olguin, playing hot harmonica and percussion, and reigning over an evolving group of musicians. The Flat Note Society is anything but flat note when they offer their versions of classic and modern rock with a few originals thrown in for good measure. To reserve your spot, email [email protected] or visit their website for more information.

With 40 spaces mapped out for vehicles and another half dozen or more for NMT student pods, attendance is limited. Each car can have up to five people.