Two construction workers dig up a water main on Bullock Ave. last week. The rest of the projects includes repaving the road, landscaping, lighting and drainage.
John Larson | El Defensor Chieftain

During the upcoming city council meeting, the councilors will be discussing the landscaping plans for Bullock Avenue.
The project will be the whole length of Bullock Avenue, from California Street to Leroy Place.

“An approach to our university, which is our main economic engine,” Mayor Ravi Bhasker said. “A clean up and we’ll have a nice road to go on. It’ll be landscaped and nice. That is really the idea.”

The landscaping will include different types of plants. There will be catenary lighting going across the road, pole lights down the road and in-ground lights on the sidewalk. Along the road will be a sidewalk, gravel mulch and drivepads where the entrances to parking lots are.

Bhasker said the project will include digging up all of the pavement and redoing it along with lighting, landscaping and drainage as long as there is enough money. The city has $4 million for the project and is waiting to see how much the bids come in at.

According to Bhasker, the plans will be available on the city’s website so people have a chance to view them before the city council meeting on Monday, Feb. 1. He said he will have time for public comment if community members wish to voice their opinions on the project.