The Socorro County Commissioners certified the Socorro County election results from the Nov. 8 General Election during their Nov. 15 meeting.

There were no provisional ballots this election because voters were able to use same-day registration, said County Clerk Betty Saavedra. In early voting, the county processed almost 40 same-day registration voters. On election day, that number went up to over 170 same-day registration voters.

During public comment before the election canvass, a Socorro County resident requested that the Commissioners decline to certify election results until they reviewed them further because she believed there were anomalies.

The commissioners certified the results after Saavedra informed them that everything had been properly executed, there were no discrepancies, irregularities or omissions, and after a discussion with Commissioner Glen Duggins on how transparency works in the election process.

“Through the grapevine, somebody told me that there’s only one party being represented as watchdogs,” said Duggins.

“There were challengers in every precinct from both parties,” Saavedra told Duggins. “The chair affiliates did assign challengers on all affiliate sites, so there were some during early voting, there were some on election day and there were some on the absentee board on election night.”

There is a written record of who showed up and when to act as a challenger, said Saavedra.

Saavedra also answered Duggins’ questions on where the information collected from ballots is stored. When tabulators, the machines that ballots go into, are certified, spectators witness where two sim cards are placed in the machines. Both sim cards are locked. On the night of the election, one sim card is taken to the County Clerk’s office, while the other stays in the machine. If there are any recounts, the two sim cards can be matched.

“Betty, I’ve never known of a problem here in Socorro County,” said Duggins. “I’m just asking these questions of my own mind and that other people ask me. Obviously, I think we have some problems throughout our country here and there.”

Saavedra said her office is very transparent with the election process and works with all concerned parties to ensure transparency. The public is invited to watch the process of certifying tabulators before an election.

“Our office runs our elections with the utmost integrity,” said Saavedra.

Commissioner Manuel Anaya complimented Saavedra on her office’s hard work.

“I would just like to say thank you to you and your crew,” said Anaya. “Those are some hard hours, and it gets a little crazy sometimes.”