It’s that time of the year again, the weather is getting cold, leaves are falling, and books are calling.

It is time to cozy up in blankets with a hot drink and a great book from the Socorro Public Library. If you are looking to re-read a seasonal favorite or want to plunge into newly released fiction, stop by the library today! If you enjoy the paranormal genre the library has two new thrilling stories available to check out. Both of these stories have characters haunted by tragic pasts of loss and overcoming the impact it has on the present, and preventing more damage in the future.

The Big Dark Sky by Dean Koontz

Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t seen in years and then out of the blue they call you? If you’ve had this happen to you or some other weird chain of events that brought you to a certain place in your life, you have encountered synchronicity. The main character in The Big Dark Sky encounters a similar fate of synchronicity taking her on an adventure to Montana with people from all walks of life.

Joanna Chase is in her 30s living out her life as an author in Santa Fe. She is troubled by her past and begins to receive messages for her to go back to Montana. As a young girl, Joanna lived on the Rustling Willows Ranch and enjoyed her Montana ranch life. After losing her mother, she resolved to let the past remain in her deep memory, but the message she receives will not let her forget. “I am in a dark place, Jojo. Please come and help me,” this message will send her on a mission to find the answer. She is not alone in this quest and she soon meets a group of people who discover their lives are intertwined. They all find themselves under Montana’s big dark sky looking for a way to stop the evil that lurks there.

Koontz’s newest release is a combination of paranormal, science fiction, suspense, and a hint of horror. He has a way of mixing genres that keeps every reader type on the edge of their seat.  The Big Dark Sky is a mysterious story with captivating character viewpoints. Main character Joann provides the “good side” viewpoint, Asher Optime is the “bad side,” and there are other characters strewn between. Asher is determined to be the last man on earth by fueling a revolution that will exterminate the human species. This story is binge-worthy and will have readers guessing if Joann and her band of strangers will be able to complete their quest.

Fairy Tale by Stephen King

Main character Charlie Reade is a high school kid with a bright future. He is a great student-athlete and a wonderful son. On the surface, Charlie seems to be the boy next door, but he has a dark past. He lost his mother in a tragic accident when he was only seven years old. His father became an alcoholic in an attempt to mask his grief. Charlie learned at a young age how difficult life can be and took care of the household. Luckily, his father recovers from his addiction and Charlie attributes that success to a deal he made with God.

Charlie finds himself at 17 saving the life of an aging neighbor, Howard Bowditch. Mr. Bowditch is a recluse living with his dog named Radar. Charlie and Radar become quick friends and discover a strange sound coming from the locked shed at the back of the property. Charlie has a strong desire to help Howard with odd jobs around the house to get even with God for helping him years ago. When the aging Howard eventually dies he leaves Charlie a cassette tape telling his unbelievable story. Howard has been keeping a portal to another world a secret and locked in his shed.

This story is about a portal to another world and it definitely sends readers to this world. King has successfully created a pure escapism novel with characters who will stay with me for a long time. Charlie and Radar immediately found their way into my heart and made this story come to life. The relationship between them will prove that love and loyalty are what matter most. Readers of all kinds will escape into Fairy Tale and for a brief time forget the troubles, struggles, and hardships of their daily lives. King is a mastermind at capturing the reader’s attention and making them happy while they spend their precious time cozied up in a great tale. Re King’s Fairy Tale is a must-read book this fall!

Fairy Tale is the current SPL Book Club choice. We meet every Thursday at 3 p.m., Join us!

Chelsea Jones, Socorro Public Library