Dr. Absalón Gutiérrez Sr., beloved husband, brother, father, grandfather, and physician departed from this life Saturday, July 18th, at 5:03 p.m.

Dr. Absalón Gutiérrez Sr.’s spirit of grace and good works are continued by his loving spouse Digna Gutiérrez, with whom he shared 44 years of prosperous marriage, and siblings Dr. Guillermo Gutiérrez, Dr. Mauricio Gutiérrez, and Maria Mercedes Gutiérrez.

Dr Absalon Gutierrez

Dr. Absalon Gutierrez

Likewise, Dr. Absalón Gutiérrez Sr.’s legacy continues in the hearts and minds of his children Dr. Absalón Dennis Gutiérrez Jr. and spouse Jennifer Marie Gutiérrez, Dr. Fatima De Los Angeles Gutiérrez-Maspons and spouse Dr. Aldo René Maspons, and Dr. Linda Marie Gutiérrez-Miller and spouse Dr. Jonathan Daniel Miller; and his four grandchildren Alessandro René Maspóns, Vivian Marie Gutiérrez, Soraya Victoria Maspóns, and Absalón Mateo Gutiérrez.

Dr. Absalón Gutiérrez Sr.’s departure is preceded by his parents Dr. Absalón Gutiérrez Escorcia and Berta Paiz Vanegas, and grandparents Sofia Gutiérrez Santos, Miguel Escorcia, Berta Vanegas, and Nicolas Paiz.

Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr. was born in Leon, Nicaragua, on June 9th, 1947. His passion for medicine was evident from an early age. Dr. Absalón Gutiérrez Sr. earned top marks at La Salle Preparatory. He completed his undergraduate and primary medical education in Nicaragua. Due to Dr. Gutiérrez’s outstanding qualities as a physician and unprecedented merit as a student, he was selected to attend a competitive residency in General Surgery in the United States in New York City, working primarily in Harlem Hospital, Lenox Hill, and Atlantic City Medical Center (NJ).

Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr. always had it in his heart to return to his home of Leon, Nicaragua, following the completion of his medical training. Although political unrest in Nicaragua ultimately prevented him from completing this dream, Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr. never tired in his efforts to support his homeland, and did so via frequent visits involving medical presentations and philanthropic initiatives in the country of his birth.

Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr.’s dedication to community was no more evident than through his work as a general surgeon at Socorro General Hospital, faculty mentor at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, and medical director for Alamo Navajo Health Center. Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr. always strived to learn more about his patients and his craft so he could better serve his community.

Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr.’s dedication to God, spouse, and family is no more evident than through the impact he made as a Catholic, husband, brother, father, and grandfather. Dr. Absalón Gutiérrez Sr. was known for his words of kindness. His favorite expression was that of a smile, and his gentleness was most evident in his hands and his eyes.

Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr., we miss you so very much. The world is dimmer because of your absence, but so much brighter because of your legacy, a legacy you created through your wisdom. You now leave this legacy in our hands to cherish and to grow.

Dr. Absalon Gutiérrez Sr., husband, brother, father, grandfather, physician, and friend; as we mourn your passing we thank you for your glorious example of a life filled with love and service.