Colleen Grayson enjoys living in Magdalena for the same reason she enjoys being the gatekeeper at the basketball
games, the people.
Cathy Cook | El Defensor Chieftain


Colleen Grayson is the gatekeeper for Magdalena athletic events and a long time Magdalena resident.

How long have you lived in Magdalena?

Sixty years, 55 probably.

What do you do for a living?

I’m retired.

What do you do for fun in Magdalena?

We do a lot of outdoor stuff, a lot of hiking and just driving out in the country, camping.

What’s your favorite hiking spot?

Probably Bear Trap. The beauty, nature, animals, it’s pretty.

Are you volunteering here tonight?

I work for the athletic department as a gatekeeper.

How do you like that?

I love it. You get to see people.

What is it like to be the gatekeeper at all the games?

It’s fun. You get to see everybody. We worked out in the public for years, so it’s nice to see people.

What did you do prior to this?

My husband and I owned the Golden Spur Lounge for 20 years and my husband worked out at the VLA. I was on the school board for 12 or 14 years.

Are you originally from Magdalena?

I’m originally from Reserve, Apache Creek, nearby, but we’ve been here for nearly forever. My mom owned the Western Motel for years and my sister owned Trail’s End Market, so I’ve been around.

What’s the best part of living in Magdalena?

The people and being away from the city stuff. I lived in Albuquerque for a while. It’s nice. It’s quiet. Good people and lots of time out and away. It’s mostly the people.

If there’s anything you could change about Socorro County, what would it be?

We probably need more county services. Rural services for roads. We have a hard time getting extra help at our senior center. Just different things here, we kind of get left out sometimes.