At Socorro General Hospital (SGH), we recently hosted our Garden Party, which raised funds for new occupational therapy equipment to help serve our community.

It was one of many examples of our community’s strong support of SGH — thank you to everyone who participated and to all who have supported our team in many other ways. Philanthropy is a critical part of how we provide health care for our community here at SGH.

Supporters turned out for the Garden Party at Socorro General Hospital.
Cathy Cook | El Defensor Chieftain

We now are embarking on an exciting project to renovate our Healing Garden, with incredible support from Cathy Martin, a local business leader, educator and SGH Community Relations and Development Committee member. We are adding beautiful water features, new planting, shaded areas and even places where patients and staff can enjoy the sunrise.

It is thanks to this kind of generosity that our staff and our patients can have a welcoming and peaceful spot to heal at our hospital.

As a community hospital, we appreciate the support of the many people we serve, who in turn help us improve the care we offer our community.

Here are a few other recent updates we’d like to share:

  • We recently purchased a new ultrasound machine for our outpatient radiology department, where we provide screenings like MRIs, CAT scans and echocardiograms. These are critical services that help the people of Socorro County remain close to home for diagnostic services.
  • Other recent equipment additions include an infant warmer used for our tiniest patients, new scopes used to accurately view patients in our operating room and a new video tower used during minimally invasive surgeries.

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Veronica Pound, hospital chief executive, Socorro General Hospital