Senior Elise Madril was joined by her parents and Warriors Athletic Director Damien Ocampo there to support her as she takes the next step.
Greg Byrd | El Defensor Chieftain


Senior Elise Madril officially signed the contract to become the newest member of the New Mexico State Lady Aggies on Nov. 10.

“This is exciting and also surreal.” Madril said. “Having a dream of mine finally come true, going to New Mexico State, this is unbelievable.”

Madril began playing soccer in the fourth grade and since then the sport has been her passion. The young baller spoke with several schools that offered a full ride scholarship potential since her junior year. When the call came from NMSU it was a done deal before signing for Madril.

“I got offered a full ride to play at Eastern (New Mexico). Adam State offered me the same thing. I considered both of those schools, but every other option went out the window once State called.”

Madril’s parents, Carlos and Cherokee attended the SHS gymnasium ceremony, which included several classmates and now former teammates. Both parents attended graduate school at NMSU. Mrs. Madril was enthused about her daughters’ choice after the signing.

“I am so excited for her,” she said. “This girl has worked so hard and traveling all over has been a journey. As a parent, seeing her grow up and blossom through athletics has been a great thing. She was a girl that was so shy that she would not step off my leg. But the minute she stepped on that field it was a life changing thing for her. Soccer is the one thing that brings her out of her shell and gives her confidence because she is a great player. From here I just want to enjoy every moment going forward.”

Madril joins the numerous former Warriors athletes to become NMSU students after graduating. Current athletic director and former star player Damien Ocampo was in attendance, wearing his NMSU alumni letterman jacket in support.

“I’m just happy for her,” he said. “I know how much fun she’s gonna have. That university has a small town feel but it’s still big enough where you don’t always know everybody walking around. There should always be a sense of pride for any kids coming out of a small town like Socorro being able to make it in the Division 1 level. This girl is a New Mexico kid and that’s important. You need to have New Mexico kids playing for these big schools. I know she’s gonna do great.”

Elise’s now former teammates were briefly let out of class to support her on the way to the next phase of her playing career. One reason Madril chose NMSU was that they also offered the major she wishes to pursue, nursing.

“Seeing the campus in early August was such a great experience,” she said. “Getting to see some of my future teammates and having them show me what I need to do in order to succeed at the next level was big. Managing your social life with play time and school. It was very inviting. Socorro has given me so much and I could not have achieved this without this community. Now I’m ready to make a difference at the next level and make the starting lineup as an Aggie.”

Madril’s statistics across the board trounced the national averages in 3A women’s soccer with a high of 88 points during the 2021 season.

NMSU has things to prove after a tough round one loss in the WAC tournament 1-0 to Lamar in November.