Seniors Alex Peralta and Marissa Herrera were battling at the net all night against the Spartans offense.
Greg Byrd | El Defensor Chieftain photos


The Lady Warriors were coming off two tough games in one day on the road during the Sandia Prep Sundevils tournament on September 25. The Robertson Lady Cardinals defeated Socorro in straight sets, becoming the only team in the season to beat the Lady Warriors, and it was the second time in less than a month. Socorro did walk away with a close 3-2 set afternoon victory down 0-2 against the hosting Lady Sundevils to take home third place.

Coming home hungry, the Lady Warriors were poised to take down whatever opponent was coming into its house. Despite a second set scare, Socorro took care of business against the Bernalillo Lady Spartans in a straight-set sweep 3-0 on September 28.

The tough JV squad having fun together before the game. Pictured; Tamra Fowler, Jaylin Gonzales, Kayee Hall, Kayana Acosta, Davaeh Murrietta. The squad won in straight sets against the Bernalillo JV team.

The “C” team was off for this game. The Junior Varsity came out first prior to the 5 p.m. showdown rocking blue jerseys as they hit practice shots around the gym. The Lady Spartans served first, but Socorro scored first off a big strike by sophomore Tamra Fowler at the net.

A seemingly endless streak with the Lady Warriors always finding a way to get the ball over the net led to a streak in which it seemed like Fowler would never have to switch positions as she served up ball after ball before the Lady Warriors took the first set 25-10. At that point, the varsity team knew this was over without even needing to see the second set as they headed to the locker room. 24-13 in the second set to close it out for Socorro.

The white jerseys were ready to go as the varsity girls hit the floor. “C” team star Jeanette Otera was on hand to sing the national anthem. Senior Jazlynn Armijo walked to the net with head coach JB Mauldin to meet the opponents before the ball was served up.

“This was definitely going to be a tough matchup,” Armijo said. “(Coach) JB is great with keeping us focused. The pass isn’t always perfect which is something we have to get used to. That is why we practice together. That said, it felt great to come home and get a win at home.”

Lady Warriors “C” Team player Jeanette Otera singing the
national anthem.

Similar to the JV game, the Lady Warriors had trouble getting the ball over the net. It did not make a difference as the Lady Warriors continued to find a way to attack the Lady Spartans defense, highlighted by a big hit from senior Marissa Herrera, with the team scoring the first four.

Bernalillo junior Sarahi Albo found hardwood for the first time in the game, but a time out by head coach Nathan Jopek at the 8-2 mark set the tone for the inevitable. Similar to the JV game, a huge run-off of serves had Bernalillo on the ropes early. Senior Taelene Fowler was finding spots and when she didn’t, the Lady Warriors’ defense at the net was all over it. Senior Marissa Herrera and junior Analyz Alderete were playing possessed at the net during several of Socorro’s runs.

The second set did present problems as the Lady Spartans refused to go away. A 21-21 tie in the second forced coach Mauldin to call time out. Whatever was said did the trick. A strike with authority by Armijo got the crowd on their feet. The match was over before the third set had even started with the Lady Warriors closing things out 25-14.

“Just being here again feels great,” coach Mauldin said. “We had a lot of great support from this crowd tonight. Our girls responded well after this past weekend. We knew this team tonight can get really scrappy. Our girls really passed the ball around well. Anytime we can get a win like this, they’re a bigger school, It’s definitely a positive. But right now our only goal is one game at a time as we go into practice this week.”

As of press time, the Lady Warriors have a home game against Mescalero Apache on October 5 at 6 p.m. October 9 will have them on the road facing off against the Clovis Lady Wildcats.

Class 3A Standings:

  1. Robertson; 13-0
  2. Socorro; 12-2
  3. St. Michael’s; 10-2