The Lady Warriors varsity squad came out of the locker room ready to show that they are still the best team in the state, defeating the Deming Lady Wildcats in straight sets.
Greg Byrd | El Defensor Chieftain photos

The score that defined the Lady Warriors was 3-0. It was a sweep in three straight sets during its September 14 matchup against the Deming Lady Wildcats. And in the third set the Lady Warriors survived clean with a fast 3-0 scoring finish which lead to a 25-15 victory in the final round. Three was the lucky number for Socorro.

“We’re just getting better and playing together in the right way every game,” head coach JB Mauldin said. “Getting into a rhythm is what we have shown is our strength. Passing is what we want to work on which is what I saw. But our offense, especially our serves, are up to our standards of play. I’m happy with what our team did but we have to keep moving forward and improving.”

The number three was also the only game the Lady Warriors squad was able to win during the evening showdown. Things did not look well for Socorro with both the freshman and junior varsity teams losing in straight sets to Deming. The young “C” team struggled when it came to returns at the net. Freshman’s Jeanette Otero and Serina Garcia were among the players showing flashes of how good the Lady Warriors can be in the future. Their efforts did not stand up against the Lady Wildcats, losing 25-7 in the second and final set.

“They’re a young group,” Mauldin said. “We just want these ladies to be ready for the future here. I saw effort on every serve with them.”

Senior Taelene Fowler was a big part of the Lady Warriors offense as the team dominated at the net.

The JV team did not have success against Deming either. The Lady Wildcats came out with a fury as they were up 11-4 in the first set. Deming’s Chloe Gomez-Gray was playing out of her mind with multiple digs on the court which Socorro did not have an answer for. The Lady Warriors made it a game, but in the final set Deming scratched out a win 25-21. The Lady Wildcats JV team never trailed on the scoreboard.

Then the third game happened, and Socorro’s varsity team took care of business. Coming out of the locker-room tunnel, it was clear this matchup meant business for the home team. Senior Jazlynn Armijo, junior Analyz Alderete, and senior Tamra Fowler were on a mission defensively, particularly at the net. The Lady Warriors took off with Tamra Fowler showing up tall with multiple stops.

“I’m really proud of my girls today,” Fowler said. “I just think we need to keep our heads up and work as hard as we can. As long as we stay focused we will be good because I believe in us as a team. I will give Sandia Prep as the team who has had our number, but we do not look over any opponent. But we are coming for them.”

Serving up volleyballs to his team pregame, Coach Mauldin was not concerned about this group going forward.

“We didn’t lose a game other than the state championship last year,” he said. “This team knows how to win. This is not a complacent team.”

The Lady Warriors varsity group were down on just 39 possessions during the match to Deming. On the opposite side of the game, Socorro won 102 possessions with nine aces recorded off of serves.

Good things continued during the week as the Lady Warriors won again at home against the Quemado Eagles in straight sets with a dominating 25-9 victory in the third set.

Coming up next is the Sandia Prep Tournament beginning on September 24. This will arguably be Socorro’s toughest regular season test for the varsity group.

3-A 3 District Standing:

  1. Socorro; 9-1
  2. Hot Springs; 8-4
  3. Cobre; 4-5