Socorro striker Faith Lucero watches her header goal leak past the goalkeeper.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain photos

The Lady Warriors soccer team has lots to celebrate after racking up a pair of wins against Monte Del Sol Charter (6-0) and Academy for Technology and The Classics (3-2) to lift Socorro’s district to 2-2-1.

“It’s taken a lot of time, a lot of effort, and it finally clicked today,” coach Amanda Saenz said. “Today’s the day finally for them (after ATC win) and all their hard work paid off. They started to make passes. They got as many shots on goal as possible today. I mean, after that heartbreaking loss (4-3 2OT) to Saint Mike’s. This victory feels good.”

Socorro was aggressive and even being pitted against the wind didn’t stop the Lady Warriors from attempting long shots. ATC defenders didn’t have the luxury of laying back as Socorro rained boots on the goal.

Lady Warrior Ariana
Crespin battles for possession of the ball.

Eighth-grade striker Karol Escalona was a little frustrated early when she miscued an easy shot that barely missed going in the left of the goal. Escalona didn’t get down on herself — she just got more aggressive and minutes later flicked in a goal for a 1-0 lead.

“I felt like I could like shoot it from far out, so I took the opportunity to do that until it turned out,” Escalona said.

While she liked reliving her goal she was more excited about discussing her corner kick that resulted in a loose ball right in front of the goalkeeper She was more anxious to Faith Lucero’s header that made it 2-0.

Escalona “bent it like Beckham” with a slicing kick that curved from right to left with so much momentum the ATC goalie couldn’t hang on and Lucero darted in to head the ball just past her left-hand fingertips.

“Initially I thought she was going to catch it. I wasn’t expecting it, but she (goalkeeper) hit it over and I thought you know closest thing is my head so just hit it and went in. I couldn’t believe I made it,” Lucero said.

Lucero wasn’t the only one surprised at making a goal. Senior midfielder Alana Romero’s 40-yard goal went over the keeper’s head, and Romero had a defender in her face when she rocketed the ball.

“I think our offensive mindset has been a little bit weak lately. So, I think all of us were wanting a goal. So, everybody was starting to take shots and just ripping it from wherever, which benefited us in the end,” Romero said.

Taking lots of shots was Saenz’s goal.

“Oh yeah, we have boots out here. We for sure have boots on some of our girls out here and it’s just progression and repetition. Consistently showing up every day and that’s what paid off today. Buckling down and fighting for it. Because nothing is given to you,” Saenz said. “We struggled at the very beginning to make those connected passes and then we finally were able to put it all together. I mean 92 percent of that second half was our possession. We paced the tempo of the game and played on their side and that’s what we need every single game.”

The Lady Warriors have two games left on their district slate and the good news for their fans is both are at home on Oct. 20 against Ruidoso and Hatch Valley Oct. 22.