socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Feb. 9
• A deputy was asked at 3 p.m. to respond to Box Canyon in reference to the sheriff locating two stolen vehicles, a Coachman camper trailer and an F-250 pickup. On arrival, the deputy spoke with a captain in the Sheriff’s Department who said a BLM Ranger had asked the officers to join him in a welfare check on the Coachman because of the smell coming from it. The welfare check was conducted but the camper trailer was not occupied. A check with NCIC showed that both the F-250 and the camper-trailer were reported stolen. There were many items outside the vehicle so the officers loaded them inside the Coachmen, and bother were towed from Box Canyon.

Feb. 12
• A deputy was dispatched at 2 p.m. to Kimball Place where a breaking and entering had been reported. The victim told the officer that his neighbor from two houses down had come to his house, forced open his front door open, and threatened him. The subject made several obscenity-laden threats, saying, “I’m going to kill you if you do it again.” The victim gave the officer the neighbor’s name and address. The officer spoke with the neighbor, who said that he did, in fact, go to the property, but claimed he did not force his way into the house. The officer noticed that tire tracks on the property matched the tire pattern on the neighbor’s truck. Pictures were taken of the front door where the forced entry occurred and pictures of the tire tracks were also taken.
• An officer was dispatched to Highway 304 in reference to a suspicious vehicle and upon arrival to the area observed a male individual on the shoulder of the road walking into the road, and when the male saw the patrol vehicle he began to run northbound. The subject, who was joined by a female subject was stopped by the officer. The male was observed to be very irate, telling the officer he and the female had been fighting, but it was only verbal, not physical. The male was getting more irate and began to leave the scene on foot, ignoring commands to stop. The suspect repeatedly refused to follow commands and was tased. As the officer was handcuffing him, the suspect broke away with one cuff on, saying, “you can’t even phase me,” and was brought to the ground by the officer. The suspect was attempting to break away again and was tased again, but then came at the officer using the one cuff as brass knuckles. At that time a passerby asked the officer if he could help, and the passerby assisted in completely handcuffing the suspect. Other officers arrived and the suspect was searched for weapons. A search of the ground around the area turned up a plastic bag with a crystal-like substance and another plastic bag with blue pills. Marijuana was also found, also in a plastic bag. The suspect’s probation officer was contacted and said a warrant for his arrest would be issued shortly. An ambulance was called due to the suspect being tased twice. After being checked out he was medically cleared for incarceration and booked into Socorro County Detention Center.

Feb. 13
• An officer was dispatched at noon in reference to a suicidal male. The victim had stated that he had called because the suspect was driving carelessly through his property. He said the suspect does not like his family’s cows and drives around looking for them, and has run over several cows. He stated that on the previous night the suspect was at a watering hole where his cows get water, looking to run them over, but did not find any cows that time. The victim stated the suspect has told neighbors he has firearms. At the suspect’s house, officers parked a few hundred yards away and saw him saw him standing outside on his porch holding something that could not be identified at that distance. He then got into his vehicle and drove through the trees in front of his home toward the officers at a high rate of speed. The officer drew out an AR15 in case he shot at or tried to run over the officers. The suspect then stopped his truck about 40 yards away and waved for the officers to come to him. After a few seconds, he drove back to his home. The officer was advised by a sheriff’s detective to back off because the suspect had not committed a crime worth anyone getting injured over. Meeting with the victim and his parents again, the officer was shown tire marks near his windmill from the suspect looking for cows. The tailgate to the suspect’s truck was also found on the property. The detective stated that he spoke with the suspect’s lawyer who said he would go speak to the suspect and calm him down and fix things with the victim.

Feb. 14
• An officer was dispatched at 9 p.m. to Bosquecito Road in reference to a criminal damage report. Upon arrival, the male victim said he was coming back from the store in Socorro and stopped at the stop sign at Pueblitos Road and Bosquecito Road when he got a phone call. It was from his ex-girlfriend of several years telling him that she was going to kill him. At that moment he felt a car hit him from behind. When he turned around and looked and it was the ex-girlfriend in a Chevy Cruze that had rear-ended him. The officer noticed damage to the back of his SUV. The officer began searching for the Chevy Cruze but did not find it at the time.

Feb. 13
• An officer was parked at Tractor Supply at 9:45 p.m. and heard a loud screeching noise coming from Jess’s Car Wash. It was a white Chevy pickup truck cutting doughnuts in the parking lot. The vehicle spun around three times and then pulled into one of the car washing stalls. There were several other people standing in the vicinity and several vehicles parked in the parking lot. When the officer arrived and pulled in front of the white truck all the other vehicles left the scene. The juvenile driver admitted to throwing doughnuts in the parking lot and provided a valid driver’s license, insurance and registration paperwork. The passenger in the vehicle admitted to having a gun in the truck and turned over a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum revolver pistol with four spent cartridge casings, and two loaded cartridges in the cylinder. The passenger admitted that he had been drinking and that was why the juvenile was driving his truck. Standardized Field Sobriety tests were conducted on the juvenile, who was not found to be intoxicated. The juvenile was cited for reckless driving. The officer informed the passenger that since he had been drinking that night the .357 Magnum could be picked up at the sheriff’s office the next morning. The pistol was logged into evidence for safekeeping.
• A deputy was patrolling the south end of California at 3:30 p.m. and noticed a purple hatchback vehicle parked in the vacuum bay at Jess’s Car Wash. Dispatch was notified of the Texas license plate and informed the officer that the plate actually belonged to a Pontiac four-door stolen out of Bernalillo. In the meantime, the vehicle had backed up out of the vacuum bay and left. When the vehicle was leaving the officer recognized the driver and was aware of the vicinity she lived in. Looking for the vehicle on Blue Canyon Road, the deputy spotted it parked at a residence on the corner of Blue Canyon and Arro. An individual at the property told the officer she could be found in a camper trailer. She exited the camper trailer and was placed under arrest. The owner of the property said she had come into the camper trailer with two jackets, a pair of boots and a purse with an EBT card with her name on it. In the purse, an assisting officer found a pink plastic container that contained methamphetamine, which was placed into evidence to be sent to the lab for testing. The vehicle was towed, and the suspect was booked into SCDC.

Socorro Police Department

Feb. 17
• A man came to the police station to report that someone used his bank card to make unauthorized transactions in Socorro. The victim provided the officer with a copy of the bank record showing the unauthorized transactions. The officer completed a report and is looking into the transactions to identify a suspect.

Feb. 18
• An officer was dispatched to the 100 block of Neel Street in reference to a stolen vehicle. The victim said he had let the suspect use his vehicle to go to Lemitar. He said the suspect came to his house in the middle of the night without his truck telling him the vehicle had run out of transmission fluid and he was going to get some and bring his vehicle back. The victim said he got a ride with a friend to Lemitar to locate his vehicle but it was not where the suspect told him it would be. He wanted to report his vehicle stolen and signed a theft declaration, which was entered into NCIC.
• A caller reported that a male driver was entering the road construction zone at the north exit of Interstate 25 at a high rate of speed. The caller stated he was motioning for the male driver to slow down when the driver came to an abrupt stop. The driver asked what was an acceptable speed. When the caller told him what the acceptable speed is, the driver told him to put up a sign showing the speed. The male cursed the caller and said he would be coming back through later in the day. The caller was able to describe the car as a white 90’s model BMW with a partial license plate. The officer checked the police database for the vehicle using the partial plate. The car was not in the database.

Feb. 19
• An officer met with the reporting party who said he had last used the truck the day before and the vehicle was fine. When he went to use the vehicle today, he noticed it was running loud and on checking saw that someone had cut out the catalytic converter. He found a saw blade near the front tire. There is no video of the area where the vehicle was parked. The estimated cost of repair is $2,000. No suspects at the time of the report.

Feb. 20
• An officer was called for a male who was trespassing at a business. The officer met with the subject who was advised not to return to a business. The supervisor of the business also spoke with him and told him not to return to business. The supervisor did not want to pursue charges at this time.
• Officers were called to the 1100 block of Chaparral to remove a male from the residence. On the way to the scene, a truck passed the officer, who recognized the driver. At the residence the complaining party told the officer the suspect left in the truck officer had just passed. The officer was told that the suspect had walked into her house and when he starting shooting up she told him to get out. An assisting officer was leaving the area when he saw the male who drove the truck running behind some houses. When the male saw the officer he started running back to his own house but the officer was able to catch up and detain him. A check with NCIC showed a Suspended/Revoked driver’s license with arrest pursuant. The suspect’s mother showed up and asked for the keys to her vehicle, explaining that she had told her son not to drive. The officer asked for consent to search her vehicle and located paraphernalia and a weapon inside the vehicle. The weapon did not have a serial number and was secured as possible evidence The suspect was brought to the SPD and was given a field sobriety test. He was read the New Mexico Implied Consent Act and waited the 20 minute deprivation period. The suspect submitted two breath samples into the IR8000 with results being .20 and .21 BRAC. He was asked if he wanted an additional test and the suspect did not answer, which the officer took as a no and proceeded with the paperwork. The suspect was processed and taken to the SCDC.

Feb. 22
• An officer took a report of a stolen bicycle on Lopezville Road. A description of the bike and its serial number were entered into NCIC as a stolen bicycle.
• An officer was dispatched to a residence on Giles Lane for a juvenile knocking on a door. The officer realized that the juvenile had special needs, and was unable to give any information. In the meantime, another office was called to another residence on a missing juvenile call, and the juvenile was driven back to his home. The mother said she had gone to the store and left the child with her boyfriend, and the boyfriend thought the mother took the child to the store with her. After the juvenile was deemed safe the officer left the area.

Feb. 23
• A woman in the 100 block of El Camino Real reported that someone threw milk on the hood of her car. The victim added this was not the first time this has occurred. The victim asked that it be documented.

Feb. 24
• A woman in the 300 block of Otero reported that someone was coming into her home and stealing her clothes and driving her car at night while she was either away or asleep. The victim believes someone has a spare set of keys to the home since there are no signs of forced entry. She stated she has contacted her landlord and had the locks changed but believed someone is still entering the home. She was advised to install a camera to identify any suspects.
• An officer was dispatched to Red Roof Inn in reference to a juvenile who was listed as missing on NCIC. The reporting party said she had allowed the female juvenile to come to her room and take a shower, and that the juvenile told her she had been sleeping under a bridge. She said the juvenile told her about some physical and verbal abuse when she is with her father. The caller said she is afraid that if the juvenile goes back to her father, he is going to hit her. The officer brought the juvenile to the police department where he requested a caseworker. After meeting with the caseworker the juvenile was released to her father. The juvenile was removed from NCIC.
• An officer met with a complainant in the 500 block of Sixth Street who reported that someone had jumped his fence and defecated near a car that belonged to his mother. The car had been broken into and the officer found a jacket that was left inside the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle told the officer there had been a Herkimer diamond valued at $200 inside the vehicle as well as other miscellaneous jewelry totaling an additional $200.
• Officer was dispatched to Manzanares Avenue in reference to a verbal argument. The victim told the officer she was arguing with her spouse and he was telling her she was stupid and did not know what to do. The complainant was asked if she had somewhere she was able to go to calm down and she replied she was going to El Puente. The following day El Puente personnel called police to say she was on the phone with the complainant and heard the victim’s spouse yelling at her and calling her names, and at some point, heard both the complainant and her spouse push and kick one another. The officer checked service call logs for the previous day which showed officers being dispatched four times to that residence. It is a concern to officers of the well-being of the couple three-year-old child who has been present during multiple verbal altercations and possible physical altercations between the two parents. It is known to officers that she takes medical marijuana and can possibly be using it in the presence of the three-year-old. Officers have been present when the complainant begins to act out in a violent, unpredictable manner if she runs out of medical marijuana. An SCI report was filed on these cases in the interest of the child.