socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

Socorro Police Department

May 10

A man reported that he lost his wallet somewhere in the 1000 block of California Street. He said he had attempted to backtrack his steps but was unable to locate it. He said it contained his bank card, SS card, and some money. The victim was advised to cancel the bank cards. And a report would be completed.

A victim on Sean Avenue reported a possible scam after being contacted via email. The suspect emailed the victim saying she purchased an iPhone, but the victim did not purchase an iPhone. The suspect asked the victim to provide her bank account information so he could refund her money, and the victim provided her account information. The suspect then deposited over $8,000 and asked that the victim buy gift cards with the extra money and provide the suspect with the card information. The victim believed the suspect was involved in a scam and did not purchase any cards and called the police. The victim was advised to call her bank and close the account.

An officer was dispatched at 10:47 a.m. to a residence on Hope Farms Road for a larceny. The officer met with the male victim who said someone took tools from the back of his vehicle. He said he would make a list of all items taken and their value. The officer was still waiting for the list of tools taken at time of report.

A victim in the 500 block of Sixth Street reported at 4:50 p.m. of having problems with the neighbors over them leaving their yard at an accelerated pace and throwing rocks into his yard. The victim said he spoke with the neighbor who advised him to respect his elders and then called his wife a derogatory name referring to her ethnic background. The victim’s wife was not present during the incident. The officer advised the victim to notify police of any other encounters. The officer would check the area for erratic driving.

An officer on patrol at 7:08 p.m. witnessed a female traveling at a high rate of speed next to a second vehicle. The officer completed a traffic stop on the vehicle at Spring Street and Highway 85 and while the officer was speaking with the female suspect, a male arrived and approached the officer. He was advised to stay with his vehicle, and he replied he didn’t have to. The male was again advised that he was hindering the investigation and needed to leave or an arrest would be made. He still refused to leave and an assisting officer arrived and the male was arrested. The officer arrested the female officer as well. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

May 11

An officer pulled over a vehicle in the 800 block of California St. at 7:20 p.m. for no license plate. During the stop, the driver could not provide a license or documents for the vehicle. The officer cited the suspect and had the vehicle towed.

A suspect was stopped on McCutcheon for having valid warrants. The NCIC check confirmed the valid warrants and the suspect was arrested and booked SCDC.

An officer met with a victim at the police station who said someone had opened up an unemployment claim under his name but that in reality he was retired and did not need any unemployment money. The officer was shown an account number and a letter saying he would get $461 weekly. The victim said someone stole his identity and wants the incident documented. He told the officer he had tried to get ahold of New Mexico Workforce Solutions but no one was getting back to him. There are no suspects at this time.

A victim reported at 2:32 p.m. of receiving a phone call and getting a recording of a person claiming to be from the Social Security office. The victim said the number was called back and it was registered to a male in TorC. The victim advised she never provided any personal information but asked that the incident be documented.

A caller from Socorro High School reported at 2:09 p.m. that someone struck their vehicle while it was parked at the school staff property. The caller said she spoke with a person that was parked next to her car, and that person denied hitting the caller’s vehicle. The caller said the incident was reported to the school office, and that the school said they would pay for the damages since the incident occurred at the school. The officer documented the incident.

An officer patrolling in the vicinity of Meek and Highway 85 conducted a traffic stop at 8:40 p.m. for an equipment violation. During the stop and in contact with the suspect, the officer noticed a foil with drug residue and a torch commonly used to ignite narcotics. The officer had the suspects exit the vehicle and the female suspect told the officer she did have some pills that could be fentanyl or oxycodone. Officers obtained consent from the driver to search the vehicle and located 23 blue pills that were marked M30 and a baggie with a crystal substance. The male and female suspects were arrested and advised of their rights. The female suspect claimed ownership of the pills and the male claimed ownership of the crystal substance. The officers checked a backpack and found several uncapped syringes. At the police department, an inventory of the backpack included a container with a brown substance that tested positive for heroin. The suspects were processed and booked SCDC.

May 12

Officers were called at 12:16 a.m. to a residence on S. California Street for criminal damage to property. The officer met with the victim, who said the male suspect came home intoxicated and damaged the front door, threw items around the home, and turned over the trash can outside. The officer was shown the damage to the door and was advised the door was not closing as it should. The victim said her husband removed the suspect from the home. The officers located the suspect at Circle K, sitting in a vehicle with his father. The suspect was yelling and was asked to exit the vehicle. The suspect continued to yell and began pointing a finger at the officer. The officer advised the suspect to quiet down and not point at the officer, but he continued yelling and pointing a finger at the officer. The suspect was placed under arrest and on the way to the police department, he started hitting his head on the partition of the patrol car and being very loud. The suspect was processed, medically cleared at the hospital, and taken to the SCDC.

Officers were called at 6 p.m. to Mt. Carmel Ave. on the report of a female walking around nude in public view. The officers arrived and located the female suspect, who was walking around with only a towel covering her body. The suspect appeared to be under the influence of a drug and she began to walk off and into traffic. The suspect was determined to not be safe and was taken to Socorro General Hospital for a medical checkup. While at the hospital the female suspect continued to try and show her nude body to others in the hospital. She was cleared by the hospital and was placed under arrest, and booked into the SCDC.

An officer was asked at 3:53 p.m. to do a welfare check on a male subject who was at the Burger King. The subject told the officer he was asked to help some friend deliver a car from El Paso, Texas, to another location. The male said his friends dropped off a package and were given money and he believed the drug cartels were involved because his friends left him in the desert. He said he was picked up by deputies and brought to Socorro. The officer was able to get hold of the male’s sister who said she would be on her way to pick him up. The male was taken to the police department, where he said he did not trust the police and believed the police were affiliated with the drug cartel. He then announced he was not staying at the office and left walking.

The Socorro County Sheriff’s Department is located inside the courthouse.

Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Apr. 17

An officer received information from a subject that a juvenile male was selling narcotics and was advertising them on Snapchat. The officer was provided with a couple of videos linked to the Snapchat account and link the profile to the juvenile suspect’s Facebook page. The videos showed that the juvenile was advertising cocaine, pills and marijuana, along with their prices. A second subject contacted the officer a few days later that they too had seen the Snapchats sent by the juvenile and that these Snapchats were being viewed by numerous other juveniles. The officer was told where the juvenile lived and that he was selling narcotics out of this home. A few days after that the officer was told by the same subject that he was once again advertising narcotics on Snapchat from the same location. At the time that this subject gave the officer this information, the Snapchat was several hours old. This investigation is ongoing.

Apr. 25

An officer on patrol heard the Socorro Police Department get dispatched to Second Street in reference to a female who had been hit in the head. The officer went to the scene to assist the PD units where a female was bleeding from her eye and had swelling on her face. The female, who was known to the officer, was speaking extremely quickly and was fidgeting in a manner as if she was under the influence of drugs. She explained that she had been attacked by a person who offered her a ride. Her injuries were treated by EMS at the scene and then transported to the hospital. The Socorro police department took the necessary information and handled the case. Later that night, the woman called the Sheriff’s office requesting that an officer go to her ex-husband’s house and do a welfare check on her children. The officer had knowledge that there was a valid Order of Protection in place against her, protecting her ex-husband and her children, and explained to her on the phone that there was no reason to do a welfare check on her children because of the time of night, there were no allegations of abuse, and no reason to believe that they were in danger at the time. The officer explained to her that she was not supposed to contact her ex-husband or her children because of the order of protection. Two days later, the ex-husband called the officer to ask about what had happened on the previous Sunday. He said that she had attempted to call him several times that night, and she had sent photographs of her injuries to her children as well. He told the officer that he wanted to press charges against her for violating her order of protection that night. He said he saved the messages and calls he received that night.

Beginning in early 2021 an officer began receiving information that a male subject was selling several different illegal narcotics in the county. The officer had previous knowledge of the subject’s involvement in narcotics in the past and knew his family was concerned about the depth of his involvement and feared for his safety. Throughout the investigation, more than one confidential source informed the officer that they could purchase narcotics from him. Each source stated that his preferred method of sale was to meet at a local business and preferably at a car wash. The officer began conducting surveillance on the subject and for some time would watch him meeting with people at the car washes and other local businesses. The meetings were often very short. many times the vehicles he would meet with would be parked in car wash bays, vacuum cleaner bays, and parking lots. The meetings appeared pre-planned as either he would wait for the vehicle to arrive or the vehicle would wait for him to arrive in his vehicle.  Each time one of these meetings occurred, he was driving the same vehicle. The subject was also seen in the company of other known narcotics traffickers who were also currently under investigation as part of Operating New Day, an active narcotics investigation targeting dealers in the Socorro area. Between early March and late April 2021, the officer made several narcotic purchases from him. As part of an affidavit, three specific narcotic purchases were made in order to protect the identity of the sources. In each of the purchases in March and April, confidential sources were used to purchase oxycodone hydrochloride laced with fentanyl directly from the subject. The ongoing investigation establishes that the male subject is actively selling narcotics, specifically counterfeit fentanyl-laced pills and that he is using his vehicle as a means of selling narcotics.

May 1

An officer served a valid arrest warrant on a woman who was currently incarcerated in Socorro Detention center on another charge.

An officer patrolling in the area of California and Bullock streets at 11:46 p.m. noticed a Ford pickup stopped at the traffic light. The pickup had a green light but was not moving and the officer noticed that the male sitting in the driver’s seat looked as though he was falling asleep and not paying attention to the traffic signals around him. The officer made a safe U-turn and got behind the vehicle and saw that the vehicle was still not moving. Once the officer activated the unit’s emergency lights, the driver was seen to lean out the window and turn around to see who was behind him, and then drove through the intersection and stopped partially in the roadway in front of Domino’s Pizza. The officer made contact with the driver of the vehicle, who looked confused and did not immediately respond to the contact. He had trouble understanding what was being said to him and he had red bloodshot watery eyes. He was slurring his speech and looked unusually sweaty as it was not that hot out at the time, so a field sobriety test was administered. As the driver got out of his truck, he grabbed the door and used it to keep his balance while walking, and kept placing his hands on his vehicle while he was walking in a staggering gait toward the front end of the patrol car. The suspect admitted to drinking four beers before driving and an odor of an alcoholic beverage was coming from him. He failed to complete the tests and was arrested. At the Socorro County Sheriff’s office, he blew a breath sample above .16 which makes it an aggravated offense. A check with NCIC showed him to have a valid warrant for his arrest. After attaining a medical clearance from Socorro General Hospital, the suspect was booked into the SCDC for the above-listed charge.

An officer was patrolling in the area of Middle Road at 9 p.m. and pulled a car over for not displaying a license plate. On approaching the car the officer could finally see a temporary dealership tag in the back window which was not readily visible because the window was tinted dark. The driver could not produce a registration or proof of insurance. A check with NCIC showed he had a valid warrant for his arrest. The driver was arrested and issued two traffic citations and booked into the SCDC on the warrant.

A deputy was dispatched at 12:30 p.m. to the Trading Post in Veguita where a female was fighting with her boyfriend. At the scene, the female said they were sitting in a vehicle fighting over money that he put in her bank account. She stated that the boyfriend began to get violent with her and threatening to kill her. She then went into the store, telling the workers to call 911. The boyfriend left before officers arrived.