socorro police department

Socorro Police Department


Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Jan. 1
• An officer was on routine duty at 3 p.m. and overheard Socorro dispatch sending Socorro fire trucks to a vehicle fire on Highway 60. Responded to assist the officer found a red 1960 Chevy Impala on fire off the right side of the Highway. The driver and passenger were not injured during the incident. The fire was extinguished but the vehicle ended up being a total loss. The Chevy was towed and both driver and passenger were given a ride to a motel.

Jan. 22
• An officer was dispatched to a residence on Highway 304 in Veguita for a male threatening a female with a machete. The victim stated that her ex-boyfriend showed up to her home and was waving a machete around in a gray car. Her brother said he also saw the ex-boyfriend waving the machete as well. The two stated that the suspect was in the passenger seat of a gray car driven by another male. But he did not get out of the car at the victim’s home. The brother followed the gray car to Highway 47, which was being driven erratically and almost wrecked a few times. On Highway 304, the gray car stopped and the suspect got out, waving his machete, and then got back into the car proceeding north on Highway 304. The officer advised the victim and her brother to call back if the suspect returned to the home.

Jan. 23
• An officer contacted a victim in reference to her neighbor violating his conditions of release. She and the suspect had lived on the same property in separate homes. The suspect had been arrested for an aggravated assault where the caller was the victim. According to her, his conditions of release stated he is not to contact her and is not to go onto the property on Polvadera Road, but that within the last 10 days, he had been going to the property. The victim stated she had not seen him, but his car and some of his property is showing back up. She has also recorded two phone calls from him. In the calls, he is threatening her and telling her she needs to leave the home. The officer told Tamala to call if he showed up again and advised her to speak with El Puente about getting an order of protection against him.

Jan. 24
• An officer was dispatched at 2 a.m. to Interstate 25 at mile marker 163 in reference to a motorist’s windshield being broken. The victim said that he was driving his CMV truck northbound underneath the San Acacia overpass when something was thrown at his windshield breaking it. The semi-truck had a large area on the driver’s side where the windshield had been broken from the outside. He said he did not see anyone and he did not know what was thrown at his windshield. The officer searched the area, including on top of the overpass, for any evidence of a rock that could have been used. The officer was later shown a dashcam video of the incident recorded by the victim. It showed what appeared to be an orange thrown from an area east of the roadway, which appeared to have come from the entrance ramp on the San Acacia bridge but no person or vehicle was captured by the dashcam. No suspects and no other information at this time.

Jan. 25
• An officer was dispatched at 8 p.m. to Aster Road in Lemitar in reference to a stolen car. At the home, the victim said her son took her car four days ago without permission. She has texted him several times but he refuses to bring the white Dodge Durango back. She signed a theft declaration for the vehicle to be entered into NCIC as stolen.
• An officer was dispatched at 8 p.m. to Adobe Road in reference to a burglary that had just occurred. The victim told the officer she had left her camper trailer to go to the store at around 5:30 and when she returned at 8 p.m. she saw a vehicle in the driveway which she recognized as belonging to one of her acquaintances. It pulled out and left the area at a high rate of speed. When she got to her house she saw that the front door was wide open and there were things missing from her house. She said that she locked her door before she left her house earlier. On inspection, it appeared that an object had been wedged in between the food and door frame, causing the locking mechanism to be pried away from the frame. Stolen was her 32-inch flat-screen valued at $108. Two portable USB chargers, a Lakers jersey, a NASCAR brand weather receiver, and a Bluetooth speaker were also missing from her house. The victim gave the name of her acquaintance who lived on Highway 304. The officer went to that address but no one came to the door. The investigation continued at the time of the report.
• A deputy was dispatched at approximately noon to the Veguita Fire Department in reference to a report that the door to the fire station had been damaged. The caller said that no one had been to the station in about four days. He said that when he arrived today there were nails hammered into the deadbolt lock on the door, which was the only access to the fire station. He said he had contacted a locksmith to get the door open. The locksmith arrived at about 2 p.m. the following day and got the door open. Nothing has been taken from inside.

Jan. 27
• A deputy pulled over a silver BMW on California Street at 9 a.m. driven by a woman known to have an arrest warrant out of District Court. The driver was placed in custody and transported to SCDC for incarceration.
• Officers were investigating a possible stolen vehicle in the Box Canyon area at 12:58 p.m. and a male was taken into custody. While in custody his cellphone was continually ringing. A deputy answered it and a male just said he would be “waiting at Box Canyon to pick you up.” The caller said he would be waiting in a black Lincoln Navigator. Officers went back to Box Canyon and parked behind the Lincoln. From behind, the passenger was seen immediately reaching behind the seat as though he were grabbing something. The officer approached the passenger’s side and asked both subjects why they were parked in this particular area at this particular time. The driver said that they were enjoying the view. The passenger was asked to step out of the vehicle and a terry pat-down turned up a silver cylindrical piece of metal with a burnt end that appeared to be used to smoke narcotics. Eventually, the driver of the vehicle admitted that they were there to pick up the other man, but stated they did not know about the stolen vehicle or pursuit. The passenger was issued a non-traffic citation for resisting and released from custody.

Socorro Police Department

Jan. 27
• An officer on patrol on Highway 85 spotted the suspect walking in town after a court-ordered curfew. During the contact, the officer completed a terry pat and located a large kitchen knife in his possession. When asked if he had any other illegal items, the suspect said he had a syringe in a jacket pocket. The officer removed the syringe and asked if there was anything else. The suspect stated he did but did not wish to turn it over. It was a paper with a crystal substance, which tested positive for methamphetamine. It was turned over and the suspect was booked into SCDC.

Jan. 28
• An officer on patrol on Highway 60 pulled over a vehicle with no windshield and no tail light. The suspect was told the reason for the stop. He was asked about a home he was leaving, and the reason he was there. The suspect replied that he was there to purchase narcotics. The suspect was then asked if he had any narcotics. He turned over narcotics and was arrested. The suspect was later booked into SCDC.
• A caller on Ake Ave. reported that someone cut a fence and entered the parking lot of the Senior Center. The caller said no items were taken. The officer asked her to check the vehicles there due to recent thefts of catalytic converters. She called back and said the catalytic converters were missing. The officer met with the Sheriff’s Department who had placed security cameras on the building. Deputies said they checked the cameras and saw a white SUV where the fence was cut. The Sheriff’s Department took over the case, due to an investigation they were working on. A cutting blade was located at the scene.
• Officers obtained information on a suspect who reportedly had narcotics in a home on Spring Street. The officers obtained a search warrant and the suspect and other occupants were detained. The officers completed a search of the home and located a small amount of narcotics. The suspect was checked through NCIC and showed to have a valid arrest warrant. He was arrested for the narcotics and the warrant and booked into SCDC.

Jan. 29
• An officer was dispatched to Circle K in reference to a male suspect sleeping on the sidewalk. The suspect told the officer he needed an ambulance due to stomach pain. He was transported to Socorro General Hospital by EMS. The officer was later dispatched to the hospital for the male suspect being disruptive. He was placed under arrest and to SCDC where he was booked.

Jan. 30
• An officer met with a complainant on Leroy Place who stated his wife was calling him trying to get him in trouble because she has a protection order on him. He said she informed him that his daughter stuck some tweezers in an electrical socket last night and the socket exploded. He wanted to check on his daughter and she was brought outside so he could check on her. He also told officers the other kids in the house were taking care of the kids and they had bed bugs in the house. He said she came to his house and had asked him to go over and be with the children, so he went over and stayed the night. While there he saw the light socket, and the kids told him what had happened. The officer submitted an SCI report on the incident.
• Officers were dispatched to John Brooks for a male refusing to wear his mask. The store manager asked him to put his mask on, the suspect refused and approached the manager in an aggressive manner. He left the business and was not located. The manager told the officer he would get the male’s information.
• An officer was dispatched to the 600 block of Lucero where a female had been calling 911 for the fourth time today with no emergency. She began being disorderly and was arrested. At the Socorro County Detention Center, an officer located what appeared to be a controlled substance on her person. The substance was collected or evidence and sent to the lab for testing.

Jan. 31
• An officer was summoned to 7/11 in reference to a stolen vehicle. The gray Ford was run through dispatch and found to be reported stolen out of Albuquerque. The door was locked and there were no keys, so the officer called for a tow truck and the vehicle was towed to Hick’s Towing. The officer was able to get a hold of the owner of the vehicle and was advised where the vehicle was located. The officer removed the vehicle from NCIC.

Feb. 1
• A woman in the 300 block of Otero reported that her son came to her house to bring her his spare key as he was moving out and collecting his clothes. She said her son was yelling and calling her names, and she thought he was going to hit her but her son walked out. He came back and started banging on the door wanting his clothes, and she allowed her son to get his clothes and give her the key he had. She did not want to pursue charges but wanted the incident documented.
• An officer was dispatched to Comfort Inn where one of the guests damaged a TV. The manager said the damage is around $450. A report was made on the incident.
• An officer was dispatched to a residence on Tornillo Court to pick up a juvenile with a warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody and then transported to Farmington Juvenile Facility where she was incarcerated.
• Officers were called to the 600 block of Lucero on a report of a structure fire. The officers did not see a fire and asked the female caller who was in front of the home where the fire was. She pointed to a trailer in the backyard. When the officer pointed out there was no fire to be seen, the female suspect began to run from the scene. The officer chased her, and as she was being handcuffed, she kicked an officer. The suspect was taken to a police car and an assisting officer met with the resident of the trailer, who confirmed there was no fire but they did use a wood stove to heat the home. The officers were aware of the suspect calling 911 multiple times over the day making false claims. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.