The Socorro County Sheriff’s office is located inside the county court house.
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The following items were taken from the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Apr. 8

A deputy was called at 2 p.m. to a residence on Highway 1 in Luis Lopez in reference to a delayed breaking and entering report. The homeowner told the officer that someone has been trying to break into his house about four times in the last two weeks. He thought that they may have walked to his house from the interstate but is not sure who may want to break into his house. The door appeared to be damaged and there were pry marks on the door. The estimated cost of the door is approximately $8,000. No suspects at this time.

Apr. 9

A male complainant came to the Sheriff’s office at 1:30 p.m. and reported that he was being harassed. He said he was in line at the NAPA store at around 10 a.m. when he saw a male acquaintance in the store. He said the other male had been harassing him for several years, so when he saw the other man, he stood aside and stared at him. The other male said, “What the [expletive deleted] are you looking at?” and walked toward the complainant. The two squared off against each other until a NAPA employee told them to stop. The complainant was advised to leave via the back door with his purchase, which he did. The officer viewed the surveillance camera video, which shows the complainant at the counter becoming aware of the other male in line, then standing to the side and looking at the other male. The two men square off until the employee intervenes. There is no audio on the recording. The officer asked the employee nearest to the incident if he had a sense of which of the men was the aggressor, or if they were yelling at one another. The employee said that he thought the two men were joking around with one another.

Apr. 10

A woman came to the Sheriff’s office at 3 p.m. asking for help in getting custody of her two minor children from their father. She produced a 2019 court order giving the parents joint custody, with a stipulation that she was to have custody from 5 p.m. on Fridays until 5 p.m. on Sundays. She told the officer she was currently homeless because her house in Magdalena recently burned down but that she had rented a motel room for the weekend. She said that the father would not give her weekend custody because she was no longer living in Magdalena. After speaking with the father, the officer learned that her house had not burned down, but that her mother kicked her out of the house for drug use. He admitted that the mother hadn’t had the children on the weekend since November 2020, and the last time she saw the children was Easter when they met at a Narcotics Anonymous function. He said he believed the mother to be high on meth at the time. A witness told the officer she believed the mother to be high on Easter, and that she witnessed her buying methamphetamine. The officer told the father that since he and the mother had not been following the court order, and that there was no reason to believe the children were in any danger in their current situation, the children could stay where they were. He was advised to take the matter up in court as soon as possible. The officer told the mother the same thing, to take the matter up with the court, and that since they had not been exchanging the children for several months, and that it appeared the children were safe and secure where they were. Further, the mother did not seem to guarantee that she could provide a safe and appropriate place for the children at the time as she was homeless.

Apr. 11

A deputy was informed by dispatch at 1:40 p.m. that a blue Ford Fusion, with Colorado license plates, had been in several vehicle pursuits throughout the day and was possibly headed towards Socorro County from Carrizozo. The officer spotted the car headed north on Interstate 25 near milepost 157 and turned around to give chase. With a second Sheriff’s officer in pursuit with emergency lights functioning the vehicle proceeded north on Interstate 25 for approximately five to six miles at speeds around 70 miles per hour. The vehicle then turned on its hazard lights and pulled over. The driver was placed in handcuffs and escorted to the Sheriff’s office. Dispatch stated that New Mexico Border Patrol was coming from Alamogordo to pick the suspect up.

An officer was dispatched at 3:35 p.m. to Luis Lopez in reference to shots fired. Upon arrival, the officer learned that the two subjects had gotten into a fight over the treatment of a third male. The officer met with Male 1, who said after arguing, Male 2 got in his car and went to leave, but then pulled a gun out of the window. Male 1 then got his gun and shot out Male 2’s rear window. He said Male 2 kept driving down the road a ways and shot one more time in the direction of the home. The officer learned that Male 2 had been drinking too much and was trying to pick a fight with Male 1, Male 1 said he felt like his life was threatened, which is why he shot. Male 1 said they didn’t want charges filed at the time, that they just wanted to be left alone. The officer then met with Male 2, who gave his story of the fight. The officer noticed the back window of his vehicle was broken out, but Male 2 said he did not want to press charges; he just wanted his window fixed. Male 2 also denied shooting at Male 1’s residence. The officer asked Male 1 if he was willing to pay for the window, and Male 1 agreed and handed the officer $200 which was taken to Male 2. No further information at this time.

Apr. 16

At approximately 12:30 a.m. a deputy was dispatched to go to the Dollar General store in Veguita in reference to a suspect trespassing on the property. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the reporting party who said that the male was in the store prior to the officer’s arrival and that he was told not to be on the property. The officer found the suspect on a ditch bank behind the store. He was cited for criminal trespass and warned not to return to the store.

socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Apr. 30

An officer was called to the Chevron on Highway 85 for a suspect pulling up and nearly striking another vehicle before parking at a gas pump. The caller advised the suspect appeared intoxicated. The officer arrived and spoke with the caller who identified the male. The male suspect was walking out of the store but when he saw the office he entered the men’s room. The officer waited and once the suspect exited he was escorted outside and given the Miranda warning. He had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person. The suspect agreed to talk with the officer and admitted to driving to the business within the last 10 minutes. He was asked to perform field sobriety tests and initially refused testing, but then agreed. The officer began the tests but had to stop for the suspect’s safety. He was arrested and put in a patrol car while the officer attempted to read the NM implied consent warning to him, but he was yelling at the officer and not listening. He then attempted to exit the patrol car and was placed back in the car. After the officer was able to read the implied consent warning to him, the suspect agreed to be tested. A tow inventory was completed on the vehicle which turned up a bottle of vodka with the majority of the contents removed. At the police department, the suspect provided three breath samples with the results being .22,.19,.20. The suspect was taken to the hospital where the suspect kept arguing with the officer and staff, saying he did not want to see a doctor. The suspect was taken to the SCDC and booked on his charges.

May 1

A vehicle was pulled over at 5 p.m. for a traffic infraction at Fifth and Abeyta streets. The officer was able to identify both the suspect and the passenger. The suspect was known to be on probation and parole, so the officer contacted the probation officer and advised the probation officer of the contact and that several items of drug paraphernalia were located in the vehicle. The probation officers issued an arrest order. The vehicle was not registered and the officer had the vehicle towed. Officers field-tested a substance that was on a foil. The suspect was booked into SCDC on the arrest warrant.

An officer at 11:26 p.m. met with a male in the 800 block of Spring Street who had a valid warrant for his arrest. The suspect was asked to empty everything out of his pockets which included several items of drug paraphernalia, and a brown substance. The officer also located a receipt with a crystal-like substance. While at Socorro Police Department both items located on male were tested and were positive for narcotics. The male was incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

An officer responded at 11 a.m. to a residence on Harold Drive where an air conditioner was reported stolen. Victim 1 said the suspect took the unit from the home without permission. The victim said the suspect also withdrew money from his bank account using a cash app without permission and provided documentation about the withdrawal. A witness told the officer the suspect came to the home and picked up the A/C unit, saying he had permission from the victim. The victim stated he did not. The officer was able to locate the suspect and recover the A/C unit. The suspect was arrested on a warrant and gained consent to search his vehicle. Victims 2 and 3 identified flooring that was in the truck as theirs and the stolen items were released to the victims along with the car. The suspect was taken to the police department and later booked into the SCDC.

A caller in the 500 block of Carmen reported his pitbull dog went missing the previous day. The officers advised the caller they were called to the area for a pit bull dog running at large with a lead chain. The dog matched the description of the caller’s dog. The dog was not located by officers and the caller was advised to check the animal shelter on Monday.

An officer was dispatched at 2:23 p.m. to John Brooks for a male who was exposing himself to customers. The male had left the area, but the officer located the male a short time later. A check with NCIC showed he had three valid warrants for his arrest. The male was arrested and taken back to the business where they wanted him trespassed. He was then incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

An officer was dispatched at 3:18 p.m. to a residence in the 700 block of Grant for a break-in. The complainant showed the officer a shed on the property which was broken into. The officer noticed signs of forced entry into the Shed. The victim said he did not know if anything was missing and would have to check with his brother when he gets back.

An officer was dispatched to the Socorro Police Department to take a report from a female who said her son had taken a money order from her purse. Officer was advised by another officer that the male suspect was located. The suspect did not have the money order on him. The officer spoke with another male who was with the female who also denied taking the money order.