Items taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Aug. 29

A deputy was contacted at 8:30 p.m. was contacted by the Socorro Police Department in regards to an animal bite that had occurred in Polvadera. The victim stated that her dog was acting strangely for about three or four days. That morning the dog was having seizures and bit her. She was worried the dog had rabies and she had a small puncture wound on her right-hand index finger. She said she shot the dog on her property and brought it down to Socorro. The animal control officer took the dog to the Socorro Animal Shelter until it could be transported for testing.

Aug. 31

A deputy received a call from dispatch at 12:10 a.m. for a delayed breaking-and-entering on Ramon Lopez Road in Veguita. At the scene, the victim said she would not find anything broken or missing, only that a window was left open. She noticed it because both the top and bottom panels of the window were pushed to the center and she didn’t even know it could open that way. She also said a snake had gotten into the house and she didn’t know what to do with it. The officer took her information and then removed the snake from the home.

Sept. 2

A deputy was sent at 3:45 p.m. to check on a couple who were hanging out in front of a residence. While en route the deputy was informed that the two were now hanging out behind a gas station on California Street. On arrival, the officer noticed a male and a female running from the gas station into the McDonalds parking lot. The female was stopped in the Best Western parking lot and told not to return to the residence. An assisting officer located the male behind the Best Western. He was known to have an outstanding warrant out of Magistrate Court. He was placed under arrest and transported to SCDC for incarceration after medical clearance.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Highway 304 for a suspicious person at the residence. The reporting party stated that a man wearing a Cowboys jersey and pants knocked on his door, along with a female. A third person was also there, he said. They were demanding where some kids were and the reporting party did not know what they were talking about. He stated they left and went northbound in a small silver car with no license plate. The officer drove north to look for a matching vehicle. No match. The victim and his wife stated it could be a female living in a single wide mobile home on Highway 304. The deputy went to the residence and spoke to a female and her husband. They both denied contact. A silver compact car with no plates was parked in the yard. The mother advised she never let anyone use her car that night. No suspects were discovered. The next morning the victim found his windshield damaged by a blunt object and he thought it was possibly done by the suspects from the night before. A report was done for criminal damage.

Sept. 3

An officer was called at 3 p.m. to a residence in San Acacia for a suicide attempt. The victim was transported to Socorro General Hospital by EMTs.

An officer was patrolling on Highway 304 at 7:30 p.m. when a maroon car passed that did not display a license plate. The deputy turned around and to catch up with the vehicle. The car turned onto a dirt road with the deputy in pursuit, following the dust trails. Turning south onto another road, the dust trails dissipated and the deputy spotted the maroon vehicle parked. The tail lights were on and the drivers door had been closed but not latched. The driver was nowhere to be seen and a search of the immediate area proved futile. A tow truck was called and an inventory of the vehicle pursuant to the town turned up a meth pipe with residue in the cup holder. Also found was the driver’s wallet with his Social Security card and residence ID.

Sept. 5

An officer was requested at noon by a victim who said his sister’s vacant home on Abeyta Street had been broken into. Two Samsung televisions, a coffee machine, car cleaning supplies, and some CDs had been stolen. Also found was a green bag that did not belong to the homeowner. The victim stated that the window to a bathroom and the back door were open and he believed that someone had been living in the home. In the green bag, the officer found a sheet of paper with an email address and unemployment account username and password. There were also multiple credit cards and checks in the bag, which were linked to the robbery of a business. The suspect was already a suspect in that robbery. The bag also contained multiple receipts from local banks and stores. Two of the receipts were from the John Brooks store. The officer viewed the security camera video on the date listed on the receipt and identified the suspect. He was arrested and charged with burglary, breaking and entering, and larceny.

A deputy was dispatched at 6 p.m. to the Socorro County Detention Center in reference to an inmate assault that occurred sometime that same afternoon. The inmate stated that around 3 p.m. another inmate came into his cell and kicked him three to four times in the head. The inmate said the other inmate was motivated to kick him in the head because he had been on the pod phone for a long time which made his attacker upset. He also stated he was moved from his cell in F-pod to a single-man cell in A-pod. He said he did not want to press charges, but wanted a report made for the record. He stated he was just a little sore after the battery.

Sept. 14

A deputy was dispatched by state police at 9:30 a.m. to the Fort Craig rest area on Interstate 25 in reference to an employee calling to report that the rest area had been damaged. He said that the signs for the men’s restroom had been bent and damaged and that inside the restrooms the soap dispensers had been damaged and stolen. Also, all of the tissue inside the restroom had been thrown all over the floor. He said he was not sure who would have damaged the items but his employer told him to call and make a report. A report was filed.

Deputies were requested at 1:30 p.m. to Troy Avenue in reference to a domestic in progress. When the officer knocked on the door a male and female known to the officer exited. The female was holding a small male child who appeared to be about one year old. The officer had been to the home on numerous occasions for domestic disturbance calls and was aware that the female recently stabbed the male. On each call, the officer noted the home to be very dirty and on occasion noted drug paraphernalia and other objects that may endanger a child. While on the scene today, the female was very boisterous and using extremely vulgar language. At one point she said that she wanted to stab the male. A decision was made to separate the parties and because of the threats, she was told to leave the residence. However, the male offered to leave because he had to go to work in a few hours. Inside the home the officer noted it to be filthy in every room. There was rotting food and garbage on the floor and on counters. The dishes in the home did not appear to have been cleaned in some time. Opening the refrigerator door the officer noted it to be extremely filthy with molded and rotting food. None of the food seen appeared edible and the conditions in the home were very bad. The couple was told that they needed to clean the house and that an officer would be back to see that the house had been cleaned. On leaving the home, a neighbor down the street told the officer that on at least three occasions his family has found the couple’s young child roaming in the street unattended. The neighbor said that there is constant yelling coming from the home and the female appears to initiate it.

Another officer was dispatched at 5:56 p.m. to the same residence in reference to a child abuse report. The officer had been informed the mother and father were separated and the mother was told to clean the house because it was not suitable for a child to be living in. A CYFD case worker was requested due to the circumstances. The officer saw that the child was dirty and his feet were black on the bottom and was walking around on dirty bare feet. The CYFD caseworker arrived and began her investigation. After the investigation, the caseworker placed the child with an aunt and allowed the mother to stay with them as the child is being breastfed. Photos of the home were documented. The caseworker for CYFD told the mother she has to work on her home and get food in the residence and a safety plan for the child put in place.

Sept. 15

A deputy was requested at La Promesa Elementary in Veguita in reference to a female who was followed to work. The victim stated that she left her home in Belen this morning and as she turned onto Highway 116 she noticed a faded baby blue car, possibly a Pontiac Sunfire, in a dirt lot at the intersection of S. Main and Highway 116. The car got behind her and began following her and that whatever maneuver she made the car continued behind her. She said the car followed her on to Highway 304 and to the turn at Leo Trujillo Rd. where she pulled into the parking lot at the school. At that point, the car then turned around and drove away. She said that the driver appeared to be male with either facial hair or long hair along his cheeks. She did not know of any issues involving her or any of her family that may cause a person to follow her. The victim was given some precautions to take and told to contact the sheriff’s office if she saw the car again or had further incidents. The officer went to Belen to check surveillance cameras at Curbside Towing that point in the direction of the intersection of S. Main and Highway 116, but the footage was too grainy to identify any vehicles.

Sept. 16

An officer was looking for a female subject after being told by the woman’s daughter she had planned to harm herself, and that she had not been taking her depression medication. An assisting deputy had conducted a welfare check on her at 8 a.m. at Escondida Lake and she said that she did not want to hurt herself and was just driving. Approximately two hours later dispatch informed the officers that the woman texted her daughter again and said she wanted to kill herself. Deputies searched the Escondida area to no avail. Her phone was pinged and it showed her to be on Bosquecito Road. An assisting deputy found the vehicle and needed emergency assistance because the woman was trying to stab the officer. At the scene, the woman was screaming in Spanish to kill her and shoot her, while moving back and forth in front of her vehicle with the neck of a broken bottle in her hand. A deputy asked her what was going on and she advanced toward the deputy with the broken bottle. She was told to stop and when she did not, the deputy deployed a Taser. Another officer quickly gained control and was able to handcuff her. On the ground were multiple empty narcotic prescription bottles and a broken tequila bottle. The prongs were removed and she was taken to a patrol vehicle and placed inside. An ambulance arrived and she was transported to Socorro General Hospital for a mental evaluation.

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