Items taken from officer reports at the Sheriff’s office

Oct. 7 •

An officer was dispatched to Monterey Road in Veguita in reference to a child being shot in the face with a BB gun. The parent told the officer that her child was playing in the yard and he came back inside with what looked like a cut on his face which he said was from falling on some barbed wire. She took him to the hospital where hospital staff removed a BB pellet from his face that required stitches. The boy admitted that he had been shot in the face with a BB gun by the neighbor’s kids. After gathering all pertinent information the officer went to speak with the next-door neighbors. The father gave the officer permission to speak to his two children with the father present. Both juveniles admitted that they had shot the neighbor boy with the BB gun because he was throwing rocks at them and they wanted to scare him away so they shot the BB gun toward him but didn’t intend to hit him with it. The officer explained to the father that a report on the matter would be forwarded to JPPO to determine if criminal charges would be filed. The father promised that his children would not have access to the BB gun anymore.

Oct. 8

• An officer was dispatched at approximately 8 p.m. to a residence on State Road in San Antonio about a stolen firearm. The victim said he and his wife were out of town for the whole day and when they returned he noticed that his truck’s passenger side window was broken. Checking his security camera video he saw his daughter knock on the front door around 11 a.m. She returned at 1:09 p.m. her vehicle is on camera backing out of the driveway. The victim explained that he believed she had broken into his truck and taken the gun out because she knew it was there inside his vehicle and she knows when they are gone and where the cameras can and can’t see. The officer saw that the window to the truck had been broken from the outside inward. The victim said his rifle was sitting on the passenger side of the vehicle and it was gone now. A large pair of vice-grip pliers had been used to break the glass on the truck. The rifle was described as a Marlin brand .22 long rifle, all black with a synthetic stock. After gathering all the information, the officer left to try to speak with her at the house she was staying at, however, no one answered the door. The case is ongoing at time of report.

Oct. 10

• A deputy was dispatched at 9:57 p.m. to the area of Camino Sierra Ladrone west of Bernardo in reference to an agency EMS assist. Upon arrival, the officer found two male subjects walking down the road westbound. The two men had hunter gear and the victim was covering his nose with a cloth covered in blood. The victim said a friend had punched him in the face and left them on the road. The officer saw what appeared to be a large laceration on the right side of his nose, but the victim insisted the other man did not use a weapon or knife and had only punched him. He stated he wanted to press charges but was unable or unwilling to give any of the suspect’s information. He was checked out by EMS and left the area with no further incident. Later that evening the officer was contacted by the Isleta Police Department in reference to the same victim requesting EMS service again. He was being transported to UNM Hospital to be treated for wounds that appeared to be done by a weapon and not from a simple punch. The Isleta officer Martin was able to provide the suspect’s information, adding that he was an individual that he commonly got calls for in Isleta.

Oct. 16

• An officer answered a call at 9 a.m. at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Office from a woman in Abeytas. She stated that the window to a vehicle was broken out overnight. She also stated that the day before her tire was possibly slashed. She had borrowed another car while her tire was being fixed and this morning she woke up to find the front passenger side window on that vehicle was broken out. She believed a brother who lives nearby was the suspect because they did not get along. She did not have any proof as no cameras were showing who broke the window.

Oct. 19

• An officer was dispatched at 12:30 a.m. to a residence in Veguita in reference to an unresponsive female, and learned an ambulance was en route. Socorro EMTs checked for a pulse on the female but were unable to find one, they also said her eyes were dilated, an indication she had passed away. OMI arrived and took her body.

• Deputies were dispatched at 12:58 a.m. to Veguita in reference to a Child Protective Services report and welfare check on two juveniles. Upon arrival at the residence, the officers made contact first with the oldest son after knocking on the door for approximately 10 minutes. He was asked if his parents were home and if he could get them. Once the mother was awakened she came to the door and appeared to be intoxicated or impaired, as she was having trouble speaking clearly. The officers were given permission to enter the home which appeared to be in disrepair with broken windows, holes in the drywall and the front doorknob was hanging off the door. The house was dirty and covered with piles of trash, clothing, and empty liquor bottles. Both kids told deputies they felt safe in the home. A check with NCIC showed the mother had two outstanding warrants. A CYFD Statewide Central Intake (SCI) report was made on the situation.

Oct. 20

• An officer received a call at 7:06 p.m. from a resident in San Pedro about a neighbor shooting a gun. On arrival, the suspect refused to follow officers’ commands and was taken to the ground using only the force necessary. The suspect’s mother told officers the only reason her son was shooting a gun was that there were dogs fighting. The suspect argued that he could have a gun even though he was a convicted felon because the officers were not the “feds.” He was taken to Socorro General for medical clearance and then booked into SCDC.

• A deputy received a dispatch at 7:30 p.m. for a trespassing in progress on Polvadera Road. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with a group of people outside the residence. A male victim stated they had been outside drinking beer when the neighbors began to drive by in a pickup truck and started cutting donuts in the dirt and spinning tires in the driveway. He said the last time they came around someone yelled for them to knock it off. A male yelled from the vehicle, “What are you going to do about it?” and jumped out and started to swing at him. A fight ensued and the victim was taken to the hospital for damage to his mouth and teeth. A second male victim said he thought he might have broken a finger but refused to be seen by EMS. The officer went to the suspects’ residence where they admitted to cruising around in the pickup truck, and when they passed the victim’s residence someone yelled at them, so two of the males jumped out, yelling back. They claimed the other guy swung first. The suspects were officially trespassed from the victim’s residence.

• Officers were dispatched at approximately 2 p.m. to the Road Runner Travel Center about a male who called and stated that his friend’s truck had been stolen and he thinks he may have found it. After further investigation, it was determined that it was the wrong vehicle. The truck’s owner was contacted. She said her debit card was in the truck when it was stolen. Someone attempted to use the card at Road Runner two days prior. It was for $1 and the transaction had been canceled. She then called the credit union to cancel the card. The manager at Road Runner confirmed the card was used at a gas pump rather than inside the store.

Oct. 23 •

A man came to the sheriff’s office at approximately 1:30 p.m. to pick up keys to his car that had been towed by the Socorro Police Department. As he was chatting with the sheriff he was reminded that he had an active arrest warrant. He was handcuffed and searched, and his car keys and other belongings were put into a bag for safekeeping. He then started complaining about chest pains. After he was medically cleared for incarceration he was transported to the Socorro County Detention Center.

Oct. 24

• An officer was dispatched at approximately 9:30 a.m. to Polvadera Road about loose dogs killing goats. The victim said there were some dogs early in the morning that had killed two of his goats. Upon looking in the field the officer saw two goats that were dead. There was one goat that was badly bitten and would have to be put down. Two other goats were injured. The victim said four dogs had attacked the goats. He said he shot at the dogs, but was not able to hit them. The dogs then ran south along the ditch bank, but he said he did not know to whom the dogs belonged. The goats were estimated to be worth $180 each. The officer searched for loose dogs but was not able to locate any in the area. No further information at this time.

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