socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Departments

July 6

An officer was dispatched at 6:42 p.m. to the 1200 block of El Camino Real in reference to a domestic disturbance. The victim told the officer the suspect broke into her apartment by kicking down the door. The victim said the suspect is her ex-girlfriend. She said the suspect punched her in the face and grabbed $40 from the counter and left. The victim had bruising on the left side of her face but stated she did not need medical attention. The officer was unable to locate the suspect at this time.

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 700 block of Texas Ave. for a battery. The female victim said she was battered by her boyfriend, who was high and intoxicated. The officer noticed signs of battery on her. She said her male friend was also battered by her boyfriend. The male victim said the suspect took his money from him and then hit him in the face with a rock. EMTs were called to check on both the male and female. Both refused medical attention. The officer attempted to locate the suspect with no success at the time of this report.

An officer made contact with the reporting party by telephone at 9:07 p.m. The reporting party stated he was unable to meet with officers because he was out of town at the moment. He said he was at Wal-Mart earlier in the day and a male who he has been having problems with damaged his vehicle by punching it. The incident took place on the north side of the parking lot. The officer observed the video from the store but it did not show anyone damaging the car at the store.

July 7

Officers were called at 7:10 a.m. to Fairgrounds Road for a welfare check on occupants sleeping in a vehicle. The officer arrived and made contact with two adults and a child who were all sleeping. The male suspect and female were woken up. During the contact, the officers saw in plain view a foil with drug residue on the driver’s side dashboard. The suspect was asked about the foil and he turned it over to the officer. The foil was collected as evidence. When the suspect was asked to exit the car, the officer saw that he had been sitting on a syringe. The syringe had a clear liquid in the syringe. The suspect was given a field sobriety test. The female passenger tried to move the syringe and she was detained by an assisting officer. The officers recovered the syringe. The suspect and female were asked about the items. The female began claiming the items were hers, but the officers pointed out that the foil was on the suspect’s side of the car and that he had been sitting on the syringe. The two were advised of their rights and the suspect was searched incident to arrest. The officers found a clear baggie with crystal substance and a vial with nine blue pills marked M 30. The suspect was taken to the police department and the female and child were released. A field test on the substance in the syringe and the baggie came back positive for methamphetamine. The pills were identified as Oxycodone but could be counterfeit for Fentanyl. The foil did not test positive for heroin. The items were logged as evidence. The suspect was booked into SCDC.

A caller reported a male victim was dropped off at their home on Calle De Lago by three unknown male persons. The three males told the caller the victim fell off his bike and was confused. The victim said he did not know what happened and did not know the men who dropped him off. An ambulance was requested and the victim was taken to Socorro General Hospital and then transferred to a hospital in Albuquerque.

Officers were called to Center Street for two males beating up another male. Officers arrived and met with the victim, who had visible injuries to his face and mouth. He stated that a juvenile male was trying to fight with him over pictures he was said to have of the suspect’s younger sister. The juvenile suspect began striking the victim in the face with a fist and took him to the ground. While on the ground, an adult suspect also began hitting and kicking him. A witness said the two stopped when she confronted them and told the two suspects the police were called. The victim was taken to Socorro General Hospital for medical treatment. The officers were advised of another juvenile who recorded the incident on a phone and the officer was allowed to check the phone. No images of the fight were located on the phone. Charges are pending in the case.

A victim reported at 3:45 p.m. she received mail at a home she has up for sale from New Mexico Workforce Solutions, but the person it was addressed to does not live there. She reported the incident to NM Workforce Solutions and was advised other reports were made with people sending out fraudulent mail trying to obtain benefits, using homes that were for sale. At this time there are no suspects.

July 8

A victim in the 200 block of Second Street reported a confrontation over his property boundary. The victim said the suspect stood face to face with him and was yelling obscenities at him. He said the argument has been an ongoing incident over property boundaries. The victim asked that the incident be documented. The officers attempted to contact the suspect at his residence, but the suspect would not answer the door. No charges were filed at this time.

Officers were called at 10:14 a.m. to a fight at McDonald’s but when they arrived no fight was going on. The officer met with staff and learned that a male was upset about his order and was asked to pull around to the other side of the building. The male refused. The staff member fixed the order but the suspect was still upset, saying he was missing a drink. The male suspect then threw a drink at the victim and drove off in a gray vehicle. The victim did not know the suspect. The suspect is not known at this time.

A caller reported at 1:22 p.m. of being contacted about a male renter damaging property in the 300 block of School of Mines. The caller was asked to check on the apartment and found couches torn and flipped, along with a table thrown over. The caller said while checking the apartment, he noticed the bathroom door was ripped from the hinges and was now in the backyard. The officer was shown the damaged property and door. Several holes were also located in the walls. The caller stated the renter was in the hospital and a friend of the renter was going to come by and clean up the apartment.

A caller in the 500 block of Bullock Avenue reported at 2:24 p.m. that a female took a computer belonging to her. She said the female was staying with her other son and was left alone in the home, but then left the apartment with the computer and other items. The victim described his computer as a Chromebook with a sticker of Rick and Morty on the cover. The victim said the computer was in his brother’s apartment and once the suspect left the computer was gone. The caller said a surround sound was also taken from another brother. The brother was contacted and said he did not want charges filed for his missing items. The brother said the suspect asked to stay with him since she did not have a place to stay. The suspect arrived with no items but left carrying items in bags. The officer was advised of possible locations for the suspect. The officer checked the locations but could not find the suspect for questioning. The caller later provided a phone number the suspect was texting from. The caller told the officer the suspect was denying that she took the property and was making threats. The officer attempted to call the suspect at the number, but the suspect did not answer.

A person who was being seen at Socorro General Hospital at 9 a.m. began yelling at the staff and other patients causing a disturbance. The suspect was arrested and booked SCDC.

July 9

Officers were called at 2:50 p.m. about a shoplifter at Wal-Mart and leaving in a red Ford truck. The officers were able to locate the truck and contact the female suspect, who was sitting in the passenger seat. She was known to the officer to already be trespassed from the store, and she admitted the shoplifting. She was cited into court and the shirt, pants and drink that she stole were returned to the store.

An officer was dispatched at 9:18 a.m. to a residence on J.O. Gallegos Road for a report of larceny, involving a horse trailer and a saddle. The victim said a grandson had access to the horse trailer and suspected the grandson was involved along with another male. The officer was provided with a phone number and contacted the grandson who explained he was at the home and was unloading corral panels with another male. He said the other male asked to look over the horse trailer because he was interested in buying it. The grandson said the male was seen driving out of the yard and he suspected he took the saddle when he left. The officer was not able to locate the male at this time.

July 10

Officers were dispatched 8:36 p.m. to a report of underage drinking at Bubble Machine car wash. Officer arrived and while speaking with a juvenile, a beer can fell out of the vehicle the juvenile was driving. An officer detained the juvenile and was allowed to search the juvenile’s vehicle. Alcohol was retrieved and disposed of.

Officers were called at 7:18 a.m. to the animal shelter for someone taking a dog. The officer met with a staff member at the shelter who said she told the suspect the cost of housing the dog and pig. The suspect declined to pay the fee and asked to see the dog. The suspect was escorted to the kennel the dog was housed in. The suspect removed the dog and felt the dog was not being cared for. She was asked to put the dog back in the kennel but she didn’t and left with the dog. The officers located the suspect who said she recovered her dog from the shelter because she found the dog was not being taken care of. She had been told by the staff she had to pay $88 for her dog and her pig to be released. The officer told her the fee would have to be paid for the release of the animals. The suspect began to raise her voice. The officer contacted the animal shelter director who stated that she had to return the dog or pay the fee. The suspect said she could not pay the fee. The dog was returned to the shelter. The officer noted the dog had food and water, as well as a bed, in the kennel. The incident was documented.

A victim reported at 11:22 a.m. that the suspect was at his home on Blue Canyon Road two days ago and took his wallet after he gave the suspect a different wallet. The victim said the suspect has been showing other people a motorcycle title that was in the wallet. The victim stated his ID, military ID, EBT card, Nusenda card, Social Security card and $15 were in the wallet. He said the suspect does not have a permanent home and stays with other people. The suspect has not been located at time of report.

July 11

An officer was called to the Socorro Police Department to speak with a male about fraud. The victim told the officer he was trying to get general assistance but was told their records showed that he was already getting unemployment. He said he has never received any unemployment and was advised he needed to make a report. Officer advised a report would be made on the incident.

An officer was dispatched at 12:21 p.m. to speak with a female on Sunset Drive about a stolen dog. She told the officer someone had opened the back gate to her residence and now her dog, a white Shih Tzu, was missing. She was told officers would attempt to locate the dog, and during the night shift, an officer located a dog matching the description and took the dog to the animal shelter. The victim was called and advised that a dog that resembled her dog was there.

An officer was dispatched at 4:47 a.m. to a residence on Ivy Street for a welfare check on a female who was thought to be wanting to harm herself. The officer arrived and made contact with a female who stated she was not wanting to harm herself. The officer noticed a small amount of blood on the floor and questioned her about it. The female said she had informed her boyfriend she no longer wanted to date him, and he grabbed a knife and cut his own forearm. The officer went to the male’s residence to check on him but no one answered the door.

July 12

An officer was dispatched at 6:06 p.m. to a residence in the 1200 block of Calle De Lago to remove a female. The officer met with a male who said his wife was acting strangely and he wanted her removed. The officer spoke with her and she agreed to leave the residence.

An officer was dispatched at 9:22 a.m. to the animal shelter for a female who was being disorderly and was refusing to pay for the costs to house her animals. A short time later officer was called back for a civil stand-by, and she proceeded to be aggressive towards the officer. The officer waited for her to take possession of her animals.

A woman reported at 12:44 p.m. that she was notified by the Human Resources Department of Presbyterian Medical Group that her identity had been stolen by an unknown person. The victim did not have any other information at this time.

Officers were called at 9:15 p.m. to a home in the 500 block of Manzanares where the victim said the suspect was threatening him with a large steel pipe. He said his son was in the home and wanted officers to check on the child. The officer went to the home and met with the suspect and asked to check on the child. At first, the suspect declined to let officers in the home, but then they were able to enter but did not find the child. When the officer attempted to arrest him for assaulting the victim, the suspect resisted. Once outside, the suspect took an aggressive stance and leaned against a patrol car, breaking a light cover on the vehicle. The officers were able to get the suspect in the car and he was taken to the police department for processing and then booked into SCDC. The metal bar used in the assault was logged as evidence. The officer spoke with the mother of the child, who said she had arrived home and found the three men drinking together and decided to take her child to Albuquerque.

July 13

Police responded at 7:44 p.m. to a call from Wal-Mart about a suspect leaving the store without paying for merchandise. The officer was provided with a receipt for several items totaling $477. A photo of the vehicle and license plate was provided but the image was blurry and the plate was not able to be read correctly. The suspect has his face covered and could not be identified.

A caller in the 800 block of Spring Street reported at 6:18 p.m. that the family dog bit one of the children, breaking the skin on the child. The caller said she no longer wanted the dog and turned the dog over to the police The dog was taken to the shelter as a surrendered pet.

Officers were called to the 500 block of Bullock for a drug overdose. The officer met with EMS staff and was provided with a container that was found on the suspect containing a white pill. The suspect was alert and taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Officers witnessed a male subject leaving the vacant Sands Motel. The suspect was contacted at California and Abeyta and a check with NICIC showed him to have two valid arrest warrants. He was arrested and searched and found to be in possession of methamphetamine and a blue pill identified as fentanyl. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC. The evidence was logged at the police department.

A caller reported at 11:20 a.m. that he was traveling on the roadway with his pet in the passenger seat. A second vehicle, traveling the opposite direction, swerved into his lane which caused him to swerve to the shoulder and slam on the brakes. This caused his dog to hit the dashboard and he thought the dog may be injured. He provided a license plate for the other vehicle and where it stopped. The officer met with the other driver, who said she did not remember any incident on the roadway. The officer obtained the driver’s information.

At 3 p.m. a male victim on Grant Street reported possible fraud. He explained that he paid his gas bill with his bank card, and knew he still had money on the card. He said his girlfriend went to the store and was unable to make a purchase due to the card being declined for insufficient funds. The officer asked the victim to provide bank information so the officer could follow up. The victim asked for the officer’s information and then turned around and closed the door. At this time there are no suspects.