Items taken from reports at the the Socorro Police Department

June 13

• An officer was called to the Circle K for a male passed out on the side of the building. On arrival, the officer was directed to the location. The male was in the public view asleep on the side of the building. The suspect, in addition to being highly intoxicated, was on conditions of release for other charges. He was placed under arrest and later booked into the SCDC.

• An officer pulled over a driver at California and Baca for traffic violations. During the stop, the driver said he may have a warrant. He was asked to exit the vehicle, and as he was doing so he dropped a glass pipe with drug residue. The suspect also said there would be a handgun and narcotics in the vehicle. The office completed a tow inventory for the vehicle and located heroin, methamphetamine, methadone, mushrooms, and a scale in the vehicle. A passenger in the vehicle denied consent to search his backpack. The officer sealed the vehicle and obtained a search warrant. The second suspect was released and suspect 1 was later booked SCDC. A search warrant was obtained on the vehicle. The officer completed a search and located heroin and methamphetamine in the backpack. Suspect 2 will be charged. The evidence recovered is sent to the lab for testing.

June 14

• An officer was called to a home in the 500 block of Leroy for an argument. The officer met with the suspect who said the victim was upset over the suspect looking through her phone. The suspect said he was simply “tapping” on her pants and she called the police. The officer met with the victim who said the suspect was going through her phone and that he began pulling on her leg and her pants. The victim stated she did not want charges filed and only wanted him out of the home. The officer checked for a valid order of protection. There was no order. The suspect was asked to leave and the incident documented.

• An officer called to the 900 block of Spring St. for loud music, although dispatch said the caller did not want police contact. The officer checked the area and did not hear any loud noise or any music. The officer was asked to call the complainant who asked the officer to exit his car and enter her back yard to hear the music. The officer told the caller he did in fact, drive by her home and the neighbor’s home, and no loud music was heard. The caller then became upset and argumentative and ended the call. The officer met with the other homeowner and was advised of a speaker in the back yard. The officer could hear the music but once he got to the fence that separates the two properties the music could not be heard. The officer documented the incident.

• A woman reported that she was staying with the male suspect at his residence when he entered the room and made sexual advances towards her. The victim said she declined the advances, but then the suspect undressed and then undressed her. She said he sexually assaulted her and forced her face into the floor during the encounter. The officer was shown the home the incident occurred, and the victim went into the home and obtained the blankets and clothing that contained evidence of the assault. The officer was able to make contact with the suspect, but he was not complying and was removed from the home. The officer checked the home and found a baggie with narcotics in the suspect’s wallet. He was arrested and taken to the police department. The suspect was advised of his rights and agreed to talk with the officer. He insisted the sexual intercourse was consensual and also the drugs were not his. He then declined to answer any questions and asked for an attorney. The suspect was processed and later booked SCDC. The case was later staffed with the District Attorney’s office and no charges were accepted.

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