Items taken from officer reports at the Socorro Police Department

Oct. 2

A caller in the 1600 block of El Camino Real called police about a dog running across the street and trying to bite him. He pointed out the dog, which was now restrained on a leash, to the officer. The officer met with the owner of the dog who said he let his dog out and it ran across the street. He did restrain his dog immediately after. The owner was asked for current vaccination records but he did not have them at this time. The officer completed the report on the incident and referred the case to animal control.

A driver who was involved in a crash on California Street was contacted for a follow up on the investigation. The officer obtained the suspect’s information and completed an NCIC check. The suspect was shown to have several valid warrants for his arrest. The suspect was arrested and booked on the arrest warrants.

An officer was called to a home in the 700 block of Lucero for a woman being on the property and throwing trash in the victim’s yard. The officer arrived and located the suspect walking away from the area and attempted to speak with her. The suspect confronted the officer and began yelling, and when she refused commands to step back she was placed in handcuffs. The suspect kept resisting and was placed in a patrol car to be taken back to the scene of the incident. The suspect began kicking the windows on the patrol car and was told to stop it. The officer arrived on the scene and again advised the suspect to stop kicking the patrol car windows. The suspect continued so the officer opened the rear door and used O/C spray on the suspect. An ambulance was called to treat the suspect. The officer met with the victim/homeowner. The victim said the suspect entered her property and began yelling and throwing trash around the yard. The victim did not want charges filed but just wanted the suspect removed from the property. The suspect was taken to SGH for medical treatment and released from custody. Charges are pending.

Oct. 3

A caller at a business in the 700 block of South Highway 85 found a bicycle in a trash can, along with a syringe. The officer took possession of the syringe and disposed of it, and the bicycle was logged for safekeeping at the police department.

Police were called about a shoplifting at Walmart. The officer was shown the security camera video and was able to identify one female the suspect as a known associate of the second female. The females both left in a gray car and the license plate was provided. The caller said the amount of merchandise taken was over $100, but less than $250. The officer was able to locate the suspect’s vehicle and meet with the driver. The driver provided the suspect’s name, who was identified as being the associate of the female seen leaving the store. The driver claimed she did not know the suspect was going to shoplift when she picked her up at the store and turned over flowers and transmission fluid to the officers. The officers attempted to locate the suspect at her home. The suspect was not home. Charges were filed on the suspect

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Padilla for a complaint. The officer met with the reporting party who said her neighbor was banging on the fence scaring her children. The officer attempted to make contact with the suspect, but she shut the door on the officer. Officer was not able to make contact with the suspect again.

Oct. 4

An officer was called to the 800 block of Padillaon a complaint of loud music and fireworks. The officer checked the area and did not find any fireworks or loud music. The caller asked that the call be documented, due to the neighbors calling on the caller.

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1700 block of El Camino Real for a complaint involving a drone. The reporting person told the officer a drone had been seeing flying over his property. He said he did not want his property recorded. The officer tried to make contact with the suspect and no one was home. The officer has not yet spoken with the suspect at the time of the report.

Oct. 5

Police took a report of damage at the Socorro Sports Complex. The officer was shown the damage to a gate at the location. The gate was damaged beyond repair. The estimated cost to replace the gate was $2,000. The caller said he did hear a vehicle in the area the night before but could not provide a description of the vehicle.

Police were contacted about someone smashing a window on a pickup in the 600 block of Ivy. The victim showed the officer the damaged vehicle window. The officer did see where an object was used to strike the window. The victim said nothing was missing but it is unknown who did it.

A caller from 7-Eleven reported two female suspects entering the store and walking out without paying for items. The suspect left in a black car with no license plate. The officer was able to watch the security camera video of the incident. The females were seen concealing merchandise and leaving. The two suspects were not identified or located.

A woman reported that she found that someone was using her deceased mother’s Social Security number to obtain cell phone service through Verizon wireless and there were outstanding charges owed on the account. She provided several phone numbers linked to the account. She has tried calling the numbers and gets a message the numbers have been changed. At this time there are no suspects.

An officer was called to the Walmart parking lot for an accident. The officer met with the suspect who claimed that that the victim hit her and the victim was now chasing her. The officer met with the victim, who said as she was passing by the suspect, the suspect made a derogatory comment about her. The victim confronted the suspect over the comment and struck the suspect several times. The suspect said she needed medical attention and wanted the victim arrested for hitting her. The officer advised the suspect the incident was a misdemeanor and an arrest could not be made but charges could be filed. The suspect’s mother arrived on the scene and commented that the victim would be “dead.” On the following day, the victim contacted police to provide another statement. The victim said she was walking past the suspect when the comment was made and turned around to confront the suspect. The suspect then entered her car and drove forward threatening to hit her. The suspect then drove forward striking the victim on the legs. The victim said that was why she went after the suspect, striking her with her hands. The officer was able to obtain a video showing the incident and the suspect driving at and striking the victim. The case was staffed with an ADA and charges approved on the suspect.