socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

These items were taken from officer reports at the Socorro Police Department

Dec. 9

A man in the 400 block of Terry told officers he returned home after having been gone for over a week to find that an A/C unit had been removed from the window and several items missing in the home. The victim showed the officer the area from which the A/C was removed, and said he was missing $100 worth of food and a TV from another room. The victim said when he arrived home he noticed the window open and heard someone inside his house. He entered the home and saw the male suspect run into a bathroom and lock the door. He heard the bathroom window breaking and thought the suspect was jumping out the window so he went outside and saw a backpack being thrown out of the window. The suspect then exited the bathroom and ran out the front door. The officers checked the area and did not locate the suspect. The officers did recover the backpack and completed an inventory. The suspect was contacted by an officer previously with the same backpack. Charges are pending.

An officer was patrolling the area of Franklin and Medley and stopped a male on a bike carrying a backpack. The officer connected the make with a break-in that occurred earlier that morning. The male’s identifiers were run through dispatch and he had active warrants for his arrest. He was arrested, and upon a search the officer located two controlled substances in his possession along with burglary tools. The suspect was booked at Socorro County Detention center on his warrants and new charges.

Dec. 10

A woman in the 300 block of Fisher reported that someone broke into a locked storage shed and stole several soccer goals and other items related to soccer. She said it must have happened between Nov. 26 and Dec. 7. The officer noticed the door had been pried open. The caller provided the officer with a list of the stolen items, which included 30 home and 30 away uniforms, 50 Adidas backpacks, 30 Adidas embroidered jackets, 80 pairs of white socks, 80 pairs of blue socks, 30 practice balls, 5 match balls, and 40 shin guards. Other items included storage tubs, ball bags, a medical bag, goalie gloves, embroidered captain’s bands, and a pop-up tent. At this time there are no suspects.

Dec. 12

An officer was dispatched to the 1100 block of Chaparral where a tree fell on a residence. The officer met with a male who showed the officer the tree on his home and said it knocked out his electricity. The officer made a report on the incident.

Dec. 14

An officer was requested to the 600 block of Bagley in reference to a stolen vehicle report. The owner of the vehicle said the last time she saw her car was at 9 p.m. last night. She had left her car unlocked with the keys inside of it. The officer checked the VIN and plate number L through NCIC. The victim signed a theft decoration and it was entered into NCIC as a stolen vehicle The officer also issued a BOLO (be on the lookout) for the vehicle. Distinguishing features on the Chevrolet Sonic included no tinted windows, hood paint damage, and yellow paint on the driver’s side rear. There is no other information on the vehicle at this time.

Dec. 16

A man in the 1300 block of Lopezville Road reported that he heard noises outside and looked out to see several kids knocking over trash cans. He confronted the suspect, who then left in an older model four-door passenger car. He said a short time later the suspects returned and ran over his mailbox. The suspects were not located.

A caller reported that her son was in class when the teacher threw a pen in his direction, nearly striking him. The caller said she contacted the school principal and was told the teacher was trying to get the victim’s attention during class and threw the pen. The principal assured the caller the teacher apologized for the incident. The caller asked that the incident be documented

Officers responded to an apartment complex in the 1200 block of El Camino Real for a female who was screaming and throwing objects. The officers met with a male at who said he heard glass breaking before officers arrived. Officers located the apartment with the door open and noticed three broken windows and holes in the walls. The apartment manager stated the damage was over $500 and asked that the incident be documented. The incident was a civil issue between the apartment complex and the tenant of the damaged apartment.

Dec. 18

A man in the 900 block of Padilla Street reported that he found an illegal connection to his electric meter. The officers followed an extension cord from the meter to the suspect’s home. The suspect was advised he was being charged with falsely obtaining services and tampering with the meter. Charges were filed on the suspect.

An officer was dispatched to a report of breaking and entering at a home in the 300 block of Sixth Street. The officer walked through the residence and noticed signs of entry through a window. A syringe was found in the residence by the officer. The victim told the officer nothing was missing. The suspect is not known.

An officer was requested to remove a male from a residence in the 200 block of School of Mines. The owner of the property was notified by a caretaker that the male suspect was staying in the vacant home without permission. The victim said he did tell the suspect several years ago he could stay in the home, but that was no longer the case. The officer went to the home and the suspect claimed he was allowed to be in the home. He said he was told three years ago he could stay. The suspect was advised that the offer was no longer valid and was told to leave the home. Charges were filed on the suspect.

Dec. 19

A caller reported that an unknown suspect smashed a window at Cottonwood Valley Charter School with a rock. The officer was shown the damage and was advised the school had security cameras. The officer was waiting for the video of the incident.

An officer was dispatched to Valero gas station in reference to a break-in. The reporting party stated that someone broke into their outside storage shed sometime last night. The suspect gained entry through the shed window, which showed damage. The reporting party said disposable masks were taken from the shed. No clear suspects at this time.

Dec. 20

An officer was dispatched to Molina Hill on the report of a crash. The officer arrived and noticed a Jeep on its side, but did not find anyone in the vehicle. A short time later the driver of the vehicle showed up showing signs of intoxication. The driver admitted to having alcohol in her system. After field sobriety tests were conducted probable cause was determined and the female was arrested. She gave breath samples with results of .12 and .12. She was incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

Dec. 21

A caller in the 800 block of Bursum reported he was checking on property that was under construction and noticed that a shed door was open and damaged. The officer was shown the shed and damage to the door. The caller was unsure if any items were missing. The damage to the door was estimated at $100.

Dec. 22

A man in the 700 block of Liles reported that an aggressive dog was loose. Officers met with the suspect who admitted he does let his dog run loose. He was advised the dog could not be loose and must be on a leash or in a fenced yard.

A woman in the 100 block of Grant Street called police about the female suspect gaining access to her Green Dot bank card and using it to make purchases without permission. The victim estimated the amount between $3,600 and $4,000. The victim was waiting on paperwork for the transactions.

An officer was called to a home in the 1100 block of Chaparral for an unspecified reason. When the officer arrived a male juvenile was outside and arguing was coming from inside the home. The officer entered where two females were arguing, one being the suspect who was holding a child. The other female said she found the suspect in the bathroom smoking heroin from a foil while holding the child. The suspect claimed she and the other woman often smoke heroin together. The juvenile male turned over two foils with heroin residue that were on the bed. The juvenile male stated the suspect was the one smoking heroin. The suspect was arrested, and the child was left with the witness, who turned the children over to the grandmother who has power of attorney over the children. The suspect was taken to the Police Department for processing and later booked into the SCDC.

Dec 23

A man came to the police department to report a female harassing him, sending text messages, and making calls to him. He provided emails showing the text messages from her, along with his messages sent to her. The female contacted police on the following day and reported the male victim was harassing her after she told him she became pregnant from him, but did not want to move in with him at this time. The suspect denied sending any messages to another woman,- the female victim – saying she had several calls from both of them to her phone. The suspect did provide copies of phone calls from an unknown number along with calls from a family member of the female victim. At this time no charges were filed.

An officer on patrol on Chaparral Drive spotted a woman on a cell phone and was aware of a report having been filed on her. The officer completed a stop on the suspect and information was obtained for an NCIC check which came back with several warrants for her arrest. The suspect was placed under arrest and gave consent to search the vehicle. The officer located a zippered case in the center console containing syringes and pieces of cotton saturated with a brown residue. The items were collected as evidence. A field test was completed on the pieces of cotton and showed positive for heroin. The suspect was processed and booked SCDC on her warrants and charges.

Dec. 23

Police were called about copper wiring being stolen from the former Smith’s building. The officer was aware of other wire thefts from the vacant building. The officer was shown the area the wire was taken from during the latest incident. Evidence from the scene was collected including cigarette butts and beverage containers. The caller also located a saw that was used to cut the wire. The saw was turned over to the police. The items were logged as evidence until the items could be sent to the crime lab for testing.

Dec. 26

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 100 block of Grant for harassment. The officer met with a male who complained that his neighbors were pointing their cameras towards his apartment. The officer met with the neighbor who told the officer she did not have cameras in her residence, and that she stayed to herself.

Dec. 27

An officer dispatched to a residence on Ivy on a runaway report. The officer met with a female who said her juvenile son came home, took off his ankle monitor, and gave it to her. He then left in a black vehicle. The juvenile was entered into NCIC as a missing or runaway juvenile.

A woman in the 400 block of Harold Drive reported that a female went to her granddaughter’s home next door and was banging on the doors. She told the suspect the granddaughter was not home and to leave. She said the suspect said the woman’s granddaughter owed her money and she was going to burn down the house and the cars if the granddaughter did not pay the suspect. The suspect left in an orange car. The suspect was not identified at this time.

Dec. 28

A caller reported that his children notified him of a male in a green Chevy truck taking pictures of them. He said the children pointed out a truck. He stopped the vehicle but did not believe he stopped the correct truck. The officer met with the children who stated a male with a grey beard and driving a green truck stopped and took a picture of them, telling them they were on camera. The children confirmed he was in a green Chevy truck. The officer checked the area for the green Chevy truck but could not locate the truck.

A female victim reported that a male was in Walmart and was upset over the mask mandate.  She said the suspect spit towards her and then spit on the counter and the register. The officer met with the suspect who denied that he spit on the woman. He refused to provide his information and was informed by the officer that he had to provide his information due to a criminal investigation. The suspect provided his information and again denied spitting on the victim. The victim was again contacted and asked if there was a video for the incident.She said the cameras were down and no video was available. The victim stated she did not want charges filed at this time. The incident was documented.

Dec. 29

An officer responded to the 100 block of Neel Street on a report of a stolen bumper. The caller said an unknown suspect took the back bump from a Chevy truck parked in the NRCS parking lot. The victim said the vehicle was last seen on Dec. 24 with the bumper attached. The bolts holding the bumper had been removed to take the bumper off the truck. The bumper also held the license plate. At this time there are no suspects.

A man on Stallion Circle reported that he had woken up to a noise. He checked the home and found a broken window on the back door, but did not locate anyone inside. The officer checked the backyard and looked over a brick wall and saw a subject walking away from the home. The male had on black sweats and a maroon shirt and was carrying a black backpack. The officers searched the area but the male was not located. The officer was contacted the following day and told that papers and the carpet were lit on fire in a shed behind the home. At this time the suspect is not known.