socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Aug. 31

Officers were called to the scene on Sixth Street for a fight involving weapons. The officer arrived and met with the male victim who said he saw a man holding up a sign at Wal-Mart and he told him to get a job. He parked and waited in his vehicle while his girlfriend went inside the store. The victim advised he saw the man with the sign walking toward him with a knife in his hand. He said he told the suspect to stop and that he was armed with a firearm. The man told the victim, “what’s keeping me from killing you?” while holding the knife. The victim said he advised the suspect to drop the knife or he would shoot him. The suspect dropped the knife and walked away. The officer collected the knife as evidence. The suspect was contacted and placed under arrest. The suspect was processed and booked SCDC.

An officer conducted a traffic stop at 11:28 p.m. on a driver on Spring Street. The officer was advised the license plate came back to a different make and model of vehicle. The officer checked the VIN and the numbers did not match. The driver claimed her license plate was stolen while parked in Albuquerque, so she placed another license plate on her car. The officer seized the plate and released the suspect.

Sep. 1

A caller in the 1100 block of Main Street reported that the suspect was removing pamphlets from their church and disposing of them around the city. The caller said the suspect has done this several times and wanted that person trespassed from the property. The officers located the suspect and cautioned her that she was not wanted on the property and she was now legally trespassed.

An officer was called at 1:18 p.m. to Luna Tires for a male who returned to the property after being trespassed. The victim said the suspect returned and pushed the victim, so the victim pushed the suspect back, and the suspect left. The officers located the suspect, who claimed when he returned to the property he was hit by the victim. The suspect was reminded he was just told to stay away from the property but he went back anyway. He was cited into court and released.

A caller in the 700 block of Bagley reported that her daughter had left the home and was not supposed to leave because the child was only a year old. As the officer was speaking with the caller, the child came out of a neighbor’s yard wearing a diaper and no shoes or shirt. The caller picked up the child and said they had purchased toys from the neighbor over the weekend. The caller said the screen door does not lock properly, and this was the way the child exited the home. The child was returned to the caller. The report was forwarded to CYFD.

Officers were called at noon to Plaza Park for a male who had parked his motorcycle in a prohibited area and was causing problems. The officer noted that the man had parked his motorcycle inside the park and not on the roadway. He was advised to move the motorcycle. He commented that a city worker was harassing him and pointed out that scooters were being parked in the plaza. The male was reminded that he was not on a scooter, but a motorcycle. The suspect was advised of other complaints against him and if more complaints were received he would be trespassed from the park.

A victim in the 200 block of S. California called police about harassment. She said she broke up with the suspect but he has continued to call her and show up at her home without being invited. The victim said the suspect has followed her around Socorro, as well as Truth or Consequences, and the contact is unwanted. Charges are pending.

Officers were called to Landers Enterprises for forged checks. The officer met with callers who stated the male suspect brought in two checks and asked to cash the checks. The victim cashed the checks for the suspect, but when the victim attempted to deposit the checks into his account he was told the checks were forged and no good. The suspect was identified by staff members. The suspect is also listed as a suspect in the theft of the checks from a family member and cashing the checks at local banks.

A man reported that he was walking out of Magistrate Court when the suspect commented that she was going to talk to her boyfriend about him. The victim perceived this to be a threat and asked that the incident be documented. No contact was made with the suspect.

Officers were called at 5:07 p.m. to a residence on Gibson Circle for a child outside the home crying. The officers arrived and found the child sitting on the porch of the home. The officers knocked on the door and a female exited the home. The female spoke Spanish, saying that she thought the child was with his mother and the mother thought the child was with the grandmother. The mother arrived at the home and stated she left the child with the grandmother so she could pick up her older children. The child stayed on the porch of the home and was not in danger.

Officers located the suspect at 11:14 p.m. in the parking lot of Dollar Tree. The suspect was seen throwing an item as officers were about to make contact. He was asked what was thrown and he said it was a narcotics pipe with methamphetamine. The officers were able to pick up the pipe, but it was broken. The suspect was asked if he had any other narcotics, and he said he had a marijuana pipe, adding that he had more methamphetamine. The baggie with methamphetamine was placed on the hood of the patrol car. The suspect was arrested and during processing, the officers located two pills marked M30 in the suspect’s wallet. The pills were known to be fentanyl. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

Sep. 2

An officer was contacted at 8:23 p.m. about a purse found at the southside Chevron and turned in. The officer notified the owner of the wallet being found. The wallet was logged at the Socorro Police Department until the victim could come in and pick it up. The victim arrived later in the day and the wallet was returned.

A caller reported at 8 a.m. that an unknown suspect broke a window at the Chevron station. The officer was shown the window which appeared to be broken with a brick or blunt object. The caller said a male was on the property the night before and appeared to be under the influence of drugs and may have been involved in breaking the window. The cameras on the building were not working at the time of the incident.

A female reported at 2:45 p.m. that the suspect used her name and DOB when the suspect was arrested. The victim advised the suspect has used her name and DOB in other incidents as well as in other counties. The victim advised the incident where the suspect used the victim’s information with the Socorro Police Department. The suspect was identified and the correct information was added to the report and the suspect was charged for using the victim’s information. The victim filed reports with the other agencies where the victim’s information was used.

An officer on patrol at 4:30 p.m. made contact with a female victim near Park Street and the railroad tracks. The officer noted the victim appeared to have been beaten up and had visible injuries. She said her ex-boyfriend beat her up while the two were under the bridge near Clarke Field. She said the suspect would not allow her to leave and made her get undressed. During the incident, The suspect bit her and the officer noticed bite marks on her ears and eye. The victim said he forced her into sexual intercourse but stopped once she complained of pain. She was taken to Socorro General Hospital for medical treatment. The officer located the suspect a few days later and he denied harming the victim. The case was sent to the District Attorney for review.

Officers were called at 8:24 p.m. for an argument at a residence in the 700 block of Blue Canyon Road. The victim stated he came to pick up his belongings from the home and move out. He said he was walking into the home when the homeowner grabbed him by the neck, not allowing him to enter. The caller said he was living at the home for a month and a half. The officer met with the homeowner who said he wanted the caller out of the home. The homeowner was advised that the caller had established residency and he would have to be formally evicted. The caller was allowed to get his property and left. The homeowner said he wanted to file charges on the caller for making threats, but did not say what the threats were.

Sep. 3

An officer completed an NCIC check on a vehicle during a traffic stop in the 900 block of Highway 85, which showed the vehicle was stolen from Los Lunas. The driver and the passenger were advised of their rights and they agreed to speak with the officers. The passenger said he was not aware of the car being stolen. The driver claimed he borrowed the vehicle from the owner, with whom the suspect was staying. The officer contacted the owner, who said he did not give permission for the suspect to take the vehicle. The suspect was arrested and the passenger was released. The officers completed a tow inventory and located a bag containing narcotics and paraphernalia. The narcotics were taken as evidence and were field-tested positive for narcotics. The suspect was processed and booked into the SCDC. The victim arrived later in the shift and retrieved his vehicle.

A woman reported that she was being harassed by the suspect through Facebook. She said the suspect has created several Facebook profiles in order to make contact with her. The victim said she was afraid of the suspect because he was making threats to fight her boyfriend. The victim was advised to obtain a protection order and was given information on where to obtain a protection order.

A victim in the 1200 block of El Camino Real reported at 10:10 p.m that her vehicle was taken without her permission. The victim was not located at the scene, and the officers were advised she was walking to Second Street to check an address to see if the car was there. The officers located the car and the victim was contacted and informed that she would have to come and pick up the vehicle. The victim stated she was not able to pick it up, so the officers had the vehicle towed to a secure tow yard so she could pick it up later.

A victim in the 1600 block of El Camino Real reported at 10:02 a.m. that the rear window on their vehicle was damaged. The victim said the vehicle was parked in the front of the home and was being moved to the rear of the property when the damage was found. The officer did not see what caused the damage to the window. At this time there are no suspects listed.

A victim reported at 1:50 p.m. that the male suspect asked her to cash checks using her bank account. The victim cashed four checks from Aug. 28 to August 31. The officer met with the female victim, who said she did not use that checking account anymore. She said the account was closed and she did not allow the suspect to use the checks. The officer subpoenaed the ATM and bank for video and documents and was provided with the information. The officer contacted the suspect who declined to answer any questions. The case was forwarded to the District Attorney; charges of fraud and forgery were filed.

Sep. 4

An officer was informed at 6:12 p.m. of a female on Dolores Road who was requesting a call on an incident. The officer called the female who said her soon-to-be ex-husband and his family were harassing her on social media. She told the officer the incident occurred after their son did not want to go with her soon-to-be ex-husband. The officer told her a report would be made on the incident.

A victim reported at 10:35 a.m. that the suspect was sending harassing messages through the Facebook app. The caller said there was a court order that restricted the suspect from harassing the victim. The officer was shown the messages and filed charges on the suspect.

An officer on patrol on Reservoir Road completed a traffic stop at 2:40 p.m. on a vehicle for an expired license plate. The driver provided his information and admitted to having a suspended driver’s license. A check with NCIC showed the suspect to have a suspended license and a valid arrest warrant. A search incident to the arrest was completed and the suspect was found to be in possession of a small baggie of a crystal substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. The suspect was booked into the SCDC. The meth was logged as evidence and the vehicle was released to the front seat passenger.

Sep. 5

An officer was dispatched at 4 a.m. to a residence in the 400 block of Manzanares Avenue for a larceny. Officer met with the victim who told the officer someone stole his generator. The victim did not know the brand or the serial number of the generator but said it was valued at $500. Officer did see drag marks onto the street. No suspects at this time.

An officer was dispatched at 12:05 a.m. to Fatima Road for a possible suicide. The officer arrived and was led to a back room where a male was on the floor. The officer called for EMTs who confirmed the male was deceased. OMI arrived and the officer was advised that the male committed suicide. A handgun was removed from the residence and the body was taken by Daniel’s funeral home.

An officer was dispatched to speak with a male on Memory Lane who reported his small dog was attacked by several other dogs running loose in the area. The officer was advised the dog needed medical attention by a veterinarian. The officer patrolled around the area for any loose dogs and did not find any.

An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at Park and SW Baca streets for no license plate. The driver’s identifiers were run through NCIC which showed he had a suspended/revoked driver’s license with an arrest clause. The suspect was asked several times to place his hands behind his back but he resisted and failed to comply with the officer’s lawful orders. The suspect was eventually handcuffed and secured in the back seat of the patrol unit. A tow truck was requested and during the tow inventory, the officer located a baggie containing a crystal-like substance in the center console. The crystal-like substance was collected for evidence and field-tested positive for methamphetamines. The male was transported and booked at SCDC.

Sep. 6

A woman on Lucero reported that when she realized her electric bill was higher than normal she checked her meter box. The victim said she had placed locks on the meter box, but now the locks were cut off and an extension cord was on the ground. The cord ran to another home occupied by the suspect. The victim said the suspect has made an illegal connection to the victim’s meter box before. The officer removed the cord from the ground and turned it over to the victim. The officer attempted to contact the suspect at the home. The suspect did not answer at this time.