socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at Socorro Police Department

Sep. 6

A victim on Mt. Carmel reported at 10:48 p.m. the suspect confronted her at Circle K, accusing her of having an affair with the suspect’s boyfriend. She said the suspect attempted to fight her but she refused to fight and drove home. The victim said the suspect followed her home and tried to fight her again. The victim said she did not want charges filed but wanted the suspect to stay away from the victim. The suspect was not located.

An officer was patrolling on Mariposa and spotted a female who was known to have an arrest order. The female was then seen getting into the trunk of a vehicle. The officer opened the trunk and told her she had a warrant for her arrest. A check with NCIC confirmed the order and she was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

Sep. 7

A caller from Adobe Plaza on California Street reported someone attempting to force entry into the building. The officer was shown the damage to the door. A video shows the male suspect attempting to enter the building and breaking the camera with a pole. The suspect then is seen entering a parked vehicle near the door and tampering with the vehicle ignition to try and steal it. The vehicle was damaged but not taken. The officer recovered a water bottle that was left at the scene. The video was shown to officers; the suspect has not been identified.

A caller from Cottonwood Valley Charter School reported that someone had broken windows at the school. The officer checked the windows and doors and noticed grass clippings with small rocks. The officer advised the caller that whoever was cutting the grass damaged the windows. The officer documented the incident.

A caller at Sarracino Middle School reported at 11:57 a.m. that a student had walked off the school campus. The caller said the student’s mother had already been notified. While the officer was looking for the student the mother located the child. The mother stated the child was being taken to a counselor for an appointment.

An officer contacted two females known to have arrest warrants in the Circle K parking lot at 11 p.m. One suspect provided the correct information but the second female gave a false name and then tried to walk away and was stopped. She also tried to pull away from the officer. Both suspects were booked at the SCDC on the warrants with added charges of concealing identity and resisting/evading for the second female.

An officer contacted a suspect on Spring Street at 4:48 a.m.for having a valid warrant. The suspect was arrested and a search of his person turned up a loaded syringe in his back pocket. At the police department, the substance was field tested and showed positive for methamphetamine. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

An officer was called to assist in locating a dog that ran off. The officer met with the caller at the Police Department and she said her boyfriend’s dog ran off and he told her if the dog was not located by the time he arrived home she would be in trouble. The victim stated that the suspect has hit her in the past and made threats to her. She showed the officer the messages from the suspect which were threatening. The officer was provided with images of the home and property damaged by the victim. She said the damage was caused by the suspect when he came home from work. The victim informed the officer she told the suspect the relationship was over and he needed to move out. The suspect has not been contacted at time of report. Charges are pending.

Officers were called to Blake’s Lotaburger on the report of a burglary. The officers met with the caller who stated he arrived for work and found the back door forced open and the alarm going off. The caller said he closed last night and secured the building. The caller said the alarm was set off at 11:43 p.m. The officers were shown the video of the incident. A male in all black enters the building and goes directly to the safe. The suspect breaches the safe and takes the money, totaling $3298.95. The officer was provided with a copy of the video and showed other officers. The officers noted the suspect in the video resembled the caller’s build and walked similarly. The officer had the caller come in for an interview. During the interview, the caller admitted to being the person who broke into the building and described how the incident took place. The suspect provided a written statement on the events. The caller took the officers to his home where the money was recovered from a diaper bag. The clothes the caller was wearing when the break-in occurred were also turned over to police.

A victim reported that the suspect is coming to her hotel room and harassing her and her family. The victim said the suspect has made verbal threats causing her to be in fear of the suspect. She said the suspect came to the hotel room with a set of nunchucks around his neck while making threats to the victim. The victim said she has told the suspect to leave her alone but he continues to harass her. The victim requested charges be filed on the suspect.

A caller from Smoker’s Discount reported that two female suspects drove up to the drive-thru window, and attempted to purchase E-cigarettes. The caller obtained an ID for the suspect, and told the suspect she was too young. The two female suspects in the car began yelling and cursing at the victim, and the passenger made a comment about shooting the victim. The victim closed the window and walked back from the window until the two suspects left. The two suspects were not identified at this time.

Sep. 8

Officers were called at 2:31 a.m. to an alarm going off at Seven Point Farms on Manzanares Avenue. The officers arrived and found broken glass on the door and items from the business strewn outside. The manager met with the officers who were shown where the suspect entered the business, which was through an air duct in an adjacent office. The manager said the suspects attempted to enter a safe but were not able to do so but were able to take merchandise from a refrigerator that was on top of the safe. The value was estimated at $10,000 in edible cannabis products. The officers collected evidence from the building and recovered a jacket from the entry point on the roof of the building. The items were logged as evidence.

A caller reported at 11:07 a.m. an unknown suspect broke a window to their apartment. A female witness said she heard glass break behind the victim’s apartment and came out and saw a male walking out from behind the apartments. The male was identified by the witness. The witness said she did not see the male break the window but saw him walking from the back of the apartment. The male has not been located.

A caller at Dollar General reported at 1:44 p.m. being contacted by phone by a male claiming to work for FedEx. He said a delivery was scheduled for the store and the payment still needed to be paid. The male gave the caller directions on how to send the money and the caller believed the suspect was legitimate and completed the transaction. The shipment never arrived. The caller notified police and a report was filed. The caller provided paperwork to the location the money was sent in Mexico and provided a phone number the suspect was calling from. The officer attempted to call the number, but no one answered. The total value sent to the suspect was $2,800.

Sep. 9

A caller reported at 11 a.m. arriving for work at Second Hand Rose Thrift Shop and finding the cash register open and empty. The caller looked at the security camera video and saw a male suspect in the store after hours. The male enters the building and walks to the register, removing the money. The officer was provided with a copy of the video. The officers were able to see the suspect enter the building through the front door, take money from the register, then exit the front door. The male has not been positively identified.

An officer pulled over a suspect on a motorcycle known to have a suspended and revoked driver’s license at Abeyta and California. The suspect was asked to provide a driver’s license and refused. The officer asked the suspect to get off the motorcycle and he refused. When the officer attempted to grab a hold of the suspect’s hand he got off the motorcycle. The officer was able to gain control of the suspect and place him in handcuffs. A check with NCIC showed the suspect to have a suspended revoked license with arrest pursuant. The suspect was also not able to provide valid registration or insurance. He was arrested and booked into SCDC.

A victim reported at 10:03 a.m. arriving for work at Helynn Mane Beauty Salon on California Street to find a rock was thrown through a window on the door to the building. The officer did find a rock where the window was broken. At this time there are no suspects.

A victim in the 500 block of Neel reported at 10:29 a.m. an unknown suspect entered the victim’s garage and took a BMX bicycle valued at $300. No other items were taken and no damage was done. At this time there are no suspects.

Sep. 10

A victim on Reservoir Road reported at 2:35 p.m. that while driving, the male and female suspects were following him and his 1-year-old child. He said the male driver tried to strike his vehicle with the other vehicle. He sped away with the male and female suspects following and continuing to try and ram the male victim’s vehicle. The male victim said as he was fleeing, the male suspect pulled alongside and tried to strike the side of his vehicle again. He said he was able to get to California Street and the suspects turned around. The officers were not able to locate the suspects. Charges were approved by the District Attorney.

An officer was called at 10:25 a.m. to a home on Giles Lane to meet with CYFD staff over allegations of child abuse. The officer was advised on the allegations that the guardian was seen in a video posted to social media. The guardian denied giving the children narcotics. The guardian and children agreed to be taken for a drug screen. The tests were completed and all three were positive for a narcotic. The children denied receiving any drugs from the grandmother and claimed the drugs were obtained at a party. The biological father arrived and was allowed to take custody of the children. The incident was documented.

An officer was dispatched at 6:53 p.m. to Socorro High School for an unruly male. The officer met with the principal who advised the officer of a male who was yelling at the coaching staff and students. The officer located the male by an entrance gate and advised him he was not wanted on the property. The male told the officer that the coaching staff had killed multiple presidents. The suspect tried to walk away, pushing and kicking the officer. He was also trying to fight with another officer and was tased in the back. The suspect was placed in handcuffs. An ambulance was called for the suspect who sustained a laceration on his head. He was transported to Socorro General Hospital for medical attention.

Sep. 11

A victim reported being struck by the suspect as the victim was removing a child from the back seat of the victim’s vehicle. The victim advised the two had an argument in the days prior and the suspect made the threat to beat up the victim when the victim was alone. The victim did have signs of battery. The officer filed charges on the suspect.

An officer was called to Wal-Mart for a shoplifter. The officer met with the caller who told the officer the suspect had merchandise in a backpack that was not paid for. The suspect was asked to remove the items that totaled $39.64. The suspect was cited and trespassed from the store. The merchandise was returned to the store.

An officer was notified by dispatch of an erratic driver. The officer stopped a vehicle on Granada matching the description of the vehicle. The female driver was run through NCIC which showed she had a suspended and revoked driver’s license. She was placed in handcuffs. The officer was given consent to search the vehicle and found a crystal-like substance and drug paraphernalia. The crystal-like substance was field tested and showed a positive reaction for methamphetamines. The female was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center.

Sep. 12

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1500 block of Fatima for a trespasser. A female told the officer she was watching her brother’s residence and a male who was not to be on the property pushed her and was told he was not wanted on the property. The officer gave the male a non-traffic citation for battery.

A victim reported at 3:05 p.m. an unknown suspect entered a rental home in the 300 block of Mt. Carmel through a window. The victim located mail in the home belonging to a male subject. The victim advised no items were damaged and the window was only moved off the track. The victim also said a suspect tried to enter a back house through a bathroom window. At this time the suspects are not known.

An officer was dispatched at 7:44 p.m. to a residence in the 900 block of Walkway to speak with a female. She told the officer she was in a verbal argument with a male, who had broken her car windows in the past. She wanted a report on the argument.

An officer was dispatched at 2:08 a.m. to a residence in the 500 block of Park Street for a male who was trespassing. The officer met with the victim who said his brother was released from prison and was on an ankle bracelet. The officer noticed the suspect asleep on the floor and walked him out of the residence. An odor of alcohol was noticed on the suspect, who was told not to return to the residence. The officer was not able to obtain the suspect’s probation officer’s name or number at time of report.

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 1100 block of El Camino Real for a female wanting to make a report of people looking into her residence. The officer met with her who said several people had been peeking through her window. Officer was unable to look at the video due to the victim having locked herself out of her account.

A victim reported losing her wallet a few weeks prior. She said that when a female returned the wallet to her, she checked her bank account and found that someone was depositing checks into her account and withdrawing the money. The transactions were done through a mobile application. The victim was not able to identify the female who returned the wallet. At this time the suspect is not known.

A victim reported at 8:06 p.m. that she was receiving threatening calls and messages from the suspect. She said the suspect made threats to harm her children, and she did not feel safe at home with her children. She had a family member pick up the children and was in the process of obtaining a protection order against the suspect.