socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Oct. 12

Officers were called to a home in the 1100 block of Chaparral for a resident obtaining water illegally. The officers were advised the resident may have an illegal water connection at the home but city crews were not able to access the meter to check the connection. The officer met with the homeowner and asked the homeowner to move the debris around the meter. The homeowner refused to move the debris. The officer met with the city employee and was provided with a work order bill, for $3,117 for previous repairs. The officer asked for a breakdown of the bill to show the labor and materials used.

A caller in the 700 block of Park Street reported at 5:59 p.m. that a neighbor was poisoning stray cats in the area. The caller said she had training in veterinary medicine and determined the cats were poisoned from the look on their face during death. She requested the deceased cats be sent for an exam to confirm the cause of death. The officer told her the report would be forwarded to the animal control supervisor.

Officers were called to a home on Blue Canyon Road for a male not breathing. The officers met with the caller along with EMS and found the victim was deceased. The caller said the male had been on a breathing machine and was not feeling well. The officer was told another male was at the home but left as soon as EMS was called. Officers were advised there was possible use of narcotics, and a syringe was found in the victim’s wallet. The victim was taken to the funeral home until an autopsy could be completed.

Officers were called to the 100 block of Arroyo Drive for a male taking tools and a wheelbarrow from the victim’s yard. The suspect was located walking in the area with the wheelbarrow and the tools. He denied taking the tools but then stated he was going to return them once he was done using them. He was arrested and booked into the SCDC.

A victim in the 600 block of Blue Canyon Road called police at 8:59 p.m. reporting that her husband struck her several times. The officer did see injuries to the victim, who said the suspect has been accusing her of cheating. The officer met with the suspect who appeared to be under the influence. A child was in the home but the victim said the child did not witness the incident. The suspect was placed under arrest.

Oct. 13

A victim in the 200 block of Second Street reported at 10:20 .am. that the suspect was yelling obscenities at her and her children. The victim provided the officer with a video of the incident. The officer was able to contact the suspect who said he was not yelling at the victim but rather at his goats. The suspect was advised that he was seen on video by the officer. Charges of harassment and disorderly conduct were filed.

Oct. 15

A caller in the 600 block of Blue Canyon Road reported at 4 p.m. that someone took a check meant for his deceased wife. He was not sure if it was cashed and the officer advised him to contact the issuing government agency to see if it was cashed and to obtain a copy.

Oct. 16

An officer contacted a driver at 2:40 p.m. who was parked too close to the intersection of Otero and Sixth streets and blocking traffic. A check with NCIC showed he had a suspended/revoked driver’s license with arrest pursuant. He admitted to knowing this, as well as needing an interlock device. He was arrested and booked into SCDC.

Oct. 17

An officer pulled over a driver at 2:24 a.m. for a traffic infraction on Leroy Avenue. The driver had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and after struggling with the officer was handcuffed and taken to the sheriff’s office to complete field sobriety tests. He refused and bragged to the officer he could rush him and the officer could not stop him. As the handcuffs were being removed the suspect began bumping his shoulder against the officer and being aggressive. He struck the officer’s face and was taken to the ground. The suspect did not complete the field sobriety tests. He was taken to the hospital for a blood draw and to be medically clear for incarceration.

A caller in the 700 block of Mariposa reported at 1:55 p.m that a neighbor’s children shot her dog. The dog did have a wound on the left side from being shot. The victim said they did speak with the adult male at the neighbor’s home who said the children admitted shooting the dog as it was going through their trash. The adult male told the officer he was inside when the children came in and told him one of them had shot the dog. He conceded he was responsible for the children and responsible for the dog.

Oct. 18

A victim in the 500 block of Dolores reported at 6:26 p.m. that when his ex-wife came to his home for a custody exchange, he asked her to leave because the exchange was to be done in a public place. He told the officer that the daughter of the ex-wife then called him and the ex-wife’s mutual daughter and said the ex-wife’s ex-husband was going to come to Socorro and shoot him, and that she was going to personally beat up his girlfriend’s daughter at school. The victim requested the incident be documented.

Oct. 19

A driver involved in a traffic crash at the intersection of Newberry and El Camino Real was shown to have a suspended/revoked driver’s license with arrest pursuant. The suspect was complaining of pain and was taken to Socorro General Hospital for medical treatment.

An officer was called to the vicinity of San Miguel and California streets where a man was in the street attempting to grab onto passing vehicles. He was given commands to stop several times but he refused and resisted. Officers succeeded in handcuffing him and he was placed in the patrol car where he began kicking and in the process kicked an officer in the face. He was taken to the police department for processing and then incarcerated in the SCDC on several charges.

Oct. 20

An officer patrolling on Lemitar Lane at 1:21 a.m. spotted a car in a ditch and called for it to be towed. The driver showed up and told the officer he did not see the ditch and accidentally drove into it. The tow truck arrived and pulled it out and it was released back to the driver.

Oct. 21

A caller reported at 5 a.m. that on arrival for work at the Exxon on N. California found that the glass front door had been smashed by a rock. The officer was shown a security camera video of the suspect throwing a rock at the door, but no entry was made.

An officer was dispatched at 7:15 p.m. to a fight in progress in the 700 block of Caine Street. While en route the officer noticed a male walking from the scene. The suspect was non-compliant and was handcuffed. The victim, who showed signs of battery, said the suspect was having a bad day. The suspect was arrested and incarcerated.

A victim at Circle K reported at 7:22 p.m. she walked behind the building and saw a male suspect with his pants down and touching himself. The victim identified the male but she did not want charges filed. The incident was documented.

Oct. 22

Officers were called at 4:40 p.m. to a home in the 1100 block of Main Street where the homeowner was holding the suspect at gunpoint. The suspect was picked up walking away from the property and claimed he was just looking for yard work. He began making comments about the homeowner worshipping Satan and making estrogen. At the residence, the victim said he was on her porch and had opened the front screen door. The male confronted a witness and lifted his shirt saying he had a gun. The witness had a firearm and gave the suspect commands. The suspect then walked away. The victim requested charges to be filed.

Oct. 23

An officer was dispatched at 10:09 p.m. to several local businesses for windows that had been broken. Security cameras captured a video of a vehicle driving by just as a window was broken. The officer located the vehicle and met with the driver, who said she did not break the windows but that the juvenile passenger had. The officer spoke with the juvenile about the incident and located slingshots that were in the juvenile’s possession. The officer spoke to an on-call District Attorney who approved of charges. The driver was arrested and incarcerated and the juvenile was released to the parents.

An officer was called to a home on Tierra Bonita for a verbal argument that turned physical. The female victim said she was arguing with the suspect over dirty dishes when the suspect took her phone and grabbed her. She did have marks on her from the incident. The male suspect had scratch marks on his arms from the incident. The male suspect was cited into court.

A caller from the Valero convenience store reported at 8:50 p.m. the suspect asked for two packs of cigarettes and lighters. The items were placed on the counter for purchase, and then the suspect asked for a different brand. When the caller turned around the suspect grabbed the two packs on the counter and ran off without paying. The caller wanted the suspect trespassed from the store. The suspect has not been located.

A caller from 7-Eleven reported at 7:36 p.m. the suspect brought food items to the counter and was being cashed out. When the caller completed adding up the amount the suspect took the items and left the store without paying. The total amount was $127.

Oct. 24

A victim reported being in an argument with the suspect as the two were in a vehicle with the witness. The suspect stopped the vehicle at the corner of Highway 85 and B Street and approached the victim, pushing the victim into a car and punching the victim in the face. The suspect then left. The victim did not have any identifying information on the suspect. The suspect was identified by name but no charges will be filed.

Oct. 25

A victim on Gibson Circle reported several incidents of abuse with the suspect. In one violent incident, the victim said the suspect was upset with her and the verbal argument turned physical. She told the officer the suspect struck her and retrieved a rifle and began hitting her with the barrel and the buttstock of the gun. The victim took photos of her injuries that were consistent with being struck with a rifle. She said the suspect controls her phone, money, and movements and that she is not allowed to leave without the suspect knowing where she is going. The victim said she has suffered an eye injury that has required surgery and her eyesight still is not clear. While the officer was speaking with her, the suspect called her cell phone 10-15 times. The victim was given assistance through a battered women’s program. The suspect called police to report that she took his money and their small child. The officers later met with him and did a walk-through of the home, and no firearms were located. The officer asked the suspect if he would be willing to make a statement on the comments made by the victim. He declined and requested an attorney.

Oct. 26

A victim in the 1600 block of El Camino Real reported at 2:35 p.m. that someone was using her account to make payments to Apple. The victim said she contacted Apple but was not able to obtain any information since she did not have an account with Apple. She was advised to close the account. At this time there are no suspects.

An officer was summoned to the 500 block of Manzanares in reference to gunshots fired, The officer noticed a person was looking out the window of a residence and made contact with that person. The male was asked if he had fired a gun or heard a gunshot, and he told the officer he did not shoot a gun but did hear the gunshot. The officer noticed a spent round on the wood deck and read the suspect his rights, asking him again if he had shot a gun, and again the male said he had not. When the officer asked why there was a spent casing on the deck the suspect admitted he had fired into the dirt embankment. The officer asked where his gun was and the suspect walked the officers into his residence to where the gun was located. The gun was taken as evidence and the suspect was arrested on the charge of Negligent Use of a Deadly Weapon and incarcerated at the SCDC.

An officer was called to an apartment on Spring Street for a heated argument. The officer met with the female resident, who said she was in an argument with the maintenance man of the complex. The female said the male made several derogatory comments to her. The officer spoke with the male, who said she began yelling at him first so he walked away to avoid conflict. The female asked that the incident be documented.

A victim in the 400 block of School of Mines reported that his girlfriend went to go for a walk and left the front door open. When she got back she found the home was gone through. The victim arrived home and found his pistol, rifle, and speakers were missing. He was able to provide a serial number for the pistol. A theft declaration was signed for the pistol and it was entered into NCIC as stolen. The officer did not locate any cameras in the area.

Oct. 27

A victim in the 400 block of Terry Avenue reported at 8:33 a.m. that someone removed a window screen to gain entry into their home. The suspect then took a flat-screen TV from the home valued at $175. There are no suspects at this time.

An officer was called at 3:30 p.m. to Plaza Park for a domestic incident. The officer met with the victim, who said the male suspect had just struck her and then left the area. She did have redness to the right cheek area. Two witnesses told the officer they saw the suspect walk up and begin to yell at the victim before striking her face. It was learned the suspect and victim are known to be in a relationship. The victim requested to be seen by an ambulance and was taken to the hospital. The suspect returned to the area and agreed to talk with the officer. He denied hitting her, claiming that it was the other way around, and that she struck him. The officer confirmed with the witnesses that the victim did not hit the suspect. The suspect was arrested and was later booked into the SCDC.