socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Mar. 21

An officer was dispatched at 5:46 p.m. to a residence on Bagley Street for a civil standby. The officer met with a male who said a female came over and took all of her belongings out of his house without him being there. He wanted to document to the officer that everything else in the residence was his.

Mar. 22

A female in the 200 block of Garfield filed a complaint that someone was taking packages from her yard. She stated that she located the male in her yard and confronted him. The male knew the victim’s last name and claimed he was just looking for a friend. She described him as about 5’4″ with a small mustache. The victim asked that the incident be documented.

Officers were called at 6 p.m. to an apartment in the 800 block of Spring Street for a domestic. On arrival, the officer heard a female yelling for help. The officer met with the female victim who stated she was slammed on the floor by the suspect. The officer met with the suspect, who had a scratch on his face. He declined to give a statement and told the officer to go ahead and arrest him. He was arrested and escorted to a police car. The suspect was asked again to provide a statement. He said he had told the victim to have fun and drink today, but then she started fighting with family. When he tried to calm her down she struck and scratched him. The suspect said the victim also made a verbal threat to have her brother kill him and dispose of his body. He said after that he left the home and laid in the roadway, but then went back and climbed through a window and choked and slammed the victim on the floor. The victim stated the suspect beat her up and took her cell phone away, and she denied hitting the suspect. The officer arrested both the female and male and both were booked into the SCDC.

Mar. 23

An officer was called to the compliance office to pick up a male who had a warrant for his arrest. A check with NCIC confirmed the warrant and he was placed under arrest. The suspect was cleared for incarceration and booked into the SCDC.

A woman in the 600 block of Dolores called the police at 1:10 p.m. because her neighbor yells at her and her son every time he comes out of his house. She said the neighbor has done this several times and was worried he will verbally abuse her son when the son is outside alone. The officer met with the male neighbor and advised him not to contact or yell at the victim or her son. The neighbor agreed not to do that anymore.

Mar. 24

An officer was called at 9:42 p.m. to a home in the 100 block of McCutcheon for an argument. The officer met with female witnesses, who said the male beat up a female. The officer located the male victim in a bedroom. The male victim had a cut to his eye, and a bloody nose and mouth. He said the suspect was upset after he told his friend she was a druggy. He said the suspect then picked up a coffee cup and began hitting him on the face and head, causing the injuries. The officers called for an ambulance and met with the suspect. She told the officer she was in the bathroom when the victim came in and began hitting on her. She did not have any signs of battery. She was placed under arrest and later booked into the SCDC. The coffee cup was not located.

A woman called police at 2:18 p.m. about a situation where the female suspect was upset over the way her daughter was being treated at work by a supervisor. She said the suspect called and began threatening the victim with physical violence. The officer was able to listen to a recording of the incident in which threats were made by the suspect. The caller said the suspect also sent threatening text messages to the victim. The officer was shown the messages that were threatening. The suspect’s daughter said she was being treated poorly by her supervisor and when she walks past the supervisor, the supervisor bumps the employee with a shoulder. The officer documented the incident.

Officers were called at 9:21 p.m. to the 100 block of Sixth Street for a male attempting to take the caller’s car. A description of the suspect was given and the officer located the suspect who said he was just headed back to his hotel room. The suspect was asked about the incident and he claimed he was only asking for a ride. The officers met with the victim, who explained that she was attempting to pull into her work and noticed the suspect standing in front of her car. She said the suspect asked her for her car. She said he did not attempt to enter her car and she drove away. The officer documented the incident.

A caller on Mineral Way contacted police at 12:11 a.m. about receiving a voice message that was in her own voice. She then heard footsteps creeping around outside her home. The officer checked the area and did not locate anyone outside. The officer documented the incident.

Officers were called to the Exxon on North California at 1:57 a.m. for an activated burglar alarm. The officers arrived and located a broken window and footprints inside the building. The officer met with the manager of the store. The manager showed the officers video of the incident which shows a male in a white hooded shirt throw a block through the window. The male enters the building and another male in a red hooded shirt enters. The two take items from the store and leave, but then return and take more items. The officers went to a residence of a possible suspect where muddy footprints were leading up to the door. On getting permission to enter, officers noted muddy footprints leading to a back room in the home. The officer asked if their son was home and he was called to the front room. The son did not have on shoes or a shirt. The officer gained consent to search the child’s room and located a white hooded shirt that matched the one in the video. The officer did recover the two shirts and two pairs of shoes. The officers also located cigarettes from the child’s room. One suspect did admit to breaking the window with the brick and stealing cigarettes and food. He said it was his idea to commit the crime with the second suspect. Both suspects were arrested. One suspect was later released the other suspect was on probation and was transported to a juvenile facility.

An officer was called to the 300 block of Park Street for a check on a suspicious vehicle. The officer met with a female who was seated in the car with two small children. The female said she was waiting to speak with the Sheriff. During the contact, the officer noted the suspect was showing signs of being under the influence of a narcotic. The female was not able to take the children and a family member was called. The children were released to the family member. The car was left at the scene to be picked up later.

The victim called police at 12:30 p.m. and reported the suspect was calling and making comments about her current boyfriend. The victim said she has told the suspect she did not want any more contact with him. The officer was able to get a phone number for the suspect. He was contacted and advised to stop contacting the victim. He said he would comply.

Officers were called at 4:20 p.m to the 400 block of Bullock for an argument. The officer met with a juvenile who was upset over a guest her mother had in the home. The two argued, with the mother trying to push the juvenile. The officer met with the mother who said she had a friend over when the juvenile was not home. The juvenile arrived and was mad. She tried to push the mother so the mother pushed her back. The mother said she explained to her daughter she could have who she wanted at the home since she paid the bills. The officer met with the juvenile and advised her that her mother was able to have whoever she wanted in the home. The juvenile was allowed by the mother to go with friends. The incident was documented.

An officer contacted the suspect at 7:52 p.m. on a traffic stop at the intersection of Center and Spring. During the stop, the officer could see drug paraphernalia in plain view and asked the occupants to exit. The suspect granted consent to search a backpack, where the officer located a cotton ball with drug residue. The suspect was arrested and the male driver was released. The suspect was taken to the police department where she disclosed that there were two drug pipes in her pants. One of the pipes held a crystal substance and both pipes were collected as evidence. The substances were field-tested and showed positive. The evidence was logged and the female was processed and booked into SCDC.

A woman in the 500 block of Sixth Street reported that she had a large amount of money in a purse in the home. She left the purse on a counter while she tended to some tasks around the home, but now the purse with the money inside is missing. The officer checked the home and could not locate the purse in the home. At this time there are no suspects.

Mar. 25

A man reported at 7:16 p.m. that the male suspect pulled into his yard in the 300 block of Mt. Carmel as he was getting home. The suspect, who the victim identified, pulled out a handgun and pointed the gun at him, stating he would be back later to finish him off. The suspect then left. The victim said he used to date the suspect’s mother, but she has since passed away. The officer was not able to locate the suspect. Charges were filed.

A caller contacted police at 7:20 p.m about finding a baggie with crystal substance. The substance was turned over to police and logged for destruction.

A victim reported at 8:31 p.m. an unknown suspect used their debit card account numbers to make unauthorized transactions. The fraudulent transactions totaled $867.22. The victim said the card was now canceled, but at this time there are no suspects.

Officers were called to the 1000 block of California at 12:15 p.m for a male suspect attempting to steal a vehicle. The suspect was located walking away and was detained. The officers met with the callers, who said the suspect opened the door and ordered them to exit their truck because the suspect needed it The male caller said he was not giving up the truck and the male left. The callers advised they did not want to press charges. The officer met with the suspect who appeared to be under the influence and gained consent to search his person. He was in possession of prescription pills that were identified as a Schedule II narcotic, for which the suspect could not provide a valid prescription. The suspect was arrested and booked into the SCDC.

A caller reported at 11:24 a.m. that the suspect was following them around town and making profane hand gestures. The victim said the suspect has been harassing them for several months. The suspect was located and told to stop provoking the victim.

A man called police at 11:56 a.m. about receiving a telephone call from an unknown male who said he was holding the man’s daughter hostage and that he would kill her if he didn’t provide $200. The officer was able to call the daughter and confirm she was fine. The victim was advised not to send any money. At this time the suspect is not known.