The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

May 13

A caller at Walmart reported a female came into the store and tried to cash a check made out to the suspect, using the suspect’s ID. After she was denied she left the store. The suspect then re-entered the store and tried cashing a check that was made out to herself. The caller stated he was not cashing the check for her due to the fact that she was being trespassed from the store. She left the store and entered a vehicle with the other female. The officer filed charges on the suspect.

A caller reported that she was speaking with a male who told her a female was threatening to obtain a gun and shoot her, her ex-husband, and then turn the gun on herself due to the caller doing the female’s ex-husband. The officer called the female who stated she did not make any comments about wanting to hurt the caller or her ex-husband and has filed reports on the caller for harassing her. At this time the report is unfounded.

Officers were called to a home on Marshall Lane for a female being unresponsive. The officers went to a bedroom where a male was performing CPR on a female lying in bed. Ambulance staff arrived with officers and began CPR for approximately 30 minutes, but were not able to revive the victim. The officers called for the Office of the Medical Investigator. The officers met with the family who stated the female victim was feeling sick and had some leg pain earlier and lay down in bed. When the male caller checked on the victim she was not responding and CPR was started until the ambulance staff arrived. At this time the cause of death is not known.

Police were called to a residence in the 500 block of Skylark Drive for an argument between two males with weapons involved. At the scene, Male 1 told the officer he was working on the plumbing when Male 2 arrived home and told Male 1 to leave. Male 1 did not leave, so Male 2 went inside and grabbed a knife and confronted Male 1. Male 1 then went to his truck and pulled out a .22 cal. rifle. At that, the two stopped arguing and both put their weapons away. Both males did not want any charges filed. The officer documented the incident.

May 14

A man on Manzanares called police about finding a male inside his pickup, who told him he was looking for a lighter. The male left, and the caller said he later found that the keys were no longer in the truck. He wanted the incident documented in case the suspect comes back and takes the car.

An officer was called to the 800 block of Padilla on a noise complaint. The officer was able to locate the loud music and met with the resident, asking him to turn the music down. The resident complied. The officer met with the caller, who claimed the neighbor had his music up, so she turned her music up to spite him. The neighbor then turned his music up louder. The caller was advised not to acknowledge the neighbor’s music by turning up her music. The neighbor had agreed to lower his music. The officer documented the incident.

A window was broken at a business in the 400 block of California. The caller said she found the damage when she showed up at work. The officer was shown the damage and the rock. The officer noted the security bars on the window prevented the rock from going into the building. At this time there are no suspects.

Police responded to Clark Field on a burglary report where a woman said she noticed a male poking around in her car. When she checked the car she noticed items were thrown around the car and some loose change was missing. The victim described the suspect as being Native American with an American flag on his black shirt, and that he was seen checking other cars to see if they were unlocked before he got to her car. The suspect was located and brought back to the scene. The victim positively identified the suspect, as did a witness. The witness said he saw the suspect inside the victim’s car before he closed the door and left walking. The suspect was advised of his rights but denied taking anything from the car, claiming he was only helping one of the victim’s dogs that was stuck in the window. The suspect then asked for an attorney. The suspect was placed under arrest and later booked into the SCDC. The suspect did not have any money on his at the time of his arrest.

A woman on California Street reported a theft from her vehicle where an unknown suspect stole a small safe that contained $7,000. The officer checked the car and did not see any signs of forced entry. The officer was advised that a camera had been placed in the car but the battery died and did not show the theft. The officer was shown video from the security camera footage but it did not show the victim’s car. The video also did not show any suspect walking the parking lot checking doors on vehicles. At this time there are no suspects.

Officers were requested at a residence on Halstead Street. The officers entered the home and heard crying. The victim was found lying on the floor in the back of the home. The caller and family asked the officers for Narcan, the heroin overdose drug. The drug was administered but the victim did not respond. The victim was not breathing and had no heartbeat. OMI staff arrived and the victim was prepared to be taken to a funeral home before being taken to OMI for an autopsy. At this time the cause of death is not known.

Officers were called to a home in the 1200 block of Chaparral for a trespasser. The officers noticed the home had posted no trespassing signs. The officer found the door not locked and began a search. A female was located hiding in a back room. The officers detained the female and asked for an ID. She said her ID was in a living room on the floor. Officers found the ID in a wallet and next to the wallet was a glass vial with narcotics along with syringes. She was placed under arrest, processed, and later booked into the SCDC.

May 15

An officer was called to a home on Center Street scene for an argument. The officers arrived and met with Victim 1 and 2. Victim 1 said the male suspect was upset over Victim 1 sitting in a chair the suspect wanted to sit in. Victim 1 said the suspect began arguing with the victim and pushed the victim out of the chair. Victim 2 said she stood between the two and also argued with the suspect. Victim 1 said the suspect pushed the victim causing the victim to spill coffee all over herself and the suspect. The officer met with witnesses who saw the three argue but not seeing anything get physical. The officer met with the suspect, who said he came home and was asked to go buy medical marijuana with his medical marijuana card. The suspect said he did not want to do that and instead wanted to cook a dessert and play his video game. The suspect said he was being yelled at by Victim 1 so the two argued. The suspect added that during the argument Victim 1 and Victim 2 began pushing him out the door. The suspect admitted pushing Victim 2 causing her to spill coffee on herself and him. The suspect advised he was outside the home and locked out. The officer met with the victims who were arguing once more. Victim 2 was saying Victim 1 escalated the incident. The officer advised the victims that the case would be staffed with the District Attorney. Victim 2 conceded the suspect did not physically push her, but that the suspect kicked the door as she was closing the door and she was struck by the door. The victim advised she was not in fear of the suspect due to past arguments with the two. The case will be staffed for charges.

An officer was called for an argument on Center Street about a male complaining that a city worker ran over his dog. The dog owner said his dog was on the side of the road when struck. The officer was told the city worker backed up and struck the dog a second time. An assisting officer met with the city worker who stated he was turning from Spring to Center when he struck something. The driver said he then backed up to see what he hit and was told it was a dog. Then a female from the home ran up and struck the vehicle. The driver then pulled up and stopped. The officer was able to view video from the Socorro Police Department’s security camera. The video does not show the dog getting hit but does show the female run up and striking the city vehicle. The owner of the dog was advised the dog was supposed to be in a yard or on a leash and the city employee was not at fault.

Officers were called to a home in the 800 block of Padilla on a complaint of loud music. The officers arrived and met with a male in the yard. The officer noted music was on but the music was not very loud. The male said he was going to turn off the music and added that the complainant has called on him several times. The male said he would seek action against the caller if she continues to make reports on him.

Officers were called to the hospital for a male that needed to be removed. On arrival, officers located the suspect, who had been removed from the hospital earlier in the morning due to him already being treated and released but was now wanting treatment for stomach pain. The male, who was under the influence of narcotics, had been removed from the property and advised not to return. The suspect had now returned wanting more medical treatment for the complaint he had earlier in the day. The officers met with the staff at the hospital, who said the suspect was already treated for his complaint this morning, and there was nothing wrong with him. A staff member told the officer the suspect was trying to enter the building without being screened. He was placed under arrest and found in possession of a broken syringe. The suspect was booked into the SCDC and while the jail staff was processing the suspect, he was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. The drugs were turned over to the police. They were field-tested and showed positive for the narcotic. The suspect was charged with a new crime.

Officers were called to a residence in the 800 block of Granada on a domestic violence call. The victim told the officer she and the suspect argued over him drinking all day. She said he pushed her several times, chest bumped her, and grabbed her by the arm causing a bruise. The suspect then left the scene. The officer did see bruising on the victim’s arm. The officer documented the injury and attempted to look for the suspect. The suspect was not located at this time. Charges were filed.

An officer was called to Blue Canyon Road where two males were parked in the roadway. As the officer drove up, the suspect began to drive off. The male suspect was contacted and told not to park in the roadway. The officer spoke with the victim who said the male suspect was parked in the road talking with the driver of another car. The victim said the suspect was yelling at him, threatening to shoot him, and suddenly displayed a firearm. The officer left the victim’s home and located the suspect parked on Peralta. An NCIC check showed that the suspect had valid warrants. The suspect was arrested. During a search incident to arrest the officer located narcotics in the suspect’s wallet. The suspect claimed ownership. No firearms were found in the vehicle. The suspect was taken to the police department and later booked into SCDC. The narcotics were field-tested and showed positive for methamphetamine.

May 16

A man reported that an unknown suspect had been trying to take the security camera off his food truck in the 200 block of California Street. The officer was shown the video of the suspect, who was wearing a checkered jacket and wearing a hood and face covering. The suspect was not able to be identified.

A man was seen concealing a cordless drill in his pants at Walmart and then going into the men’s room. The caller notified police and the suspect was located in the bathroom. Upon searching the suspect the officer located the drill concealed in his pants. The suspect was detained and the drill returned to the store. The suspect was trespassed from the store and cited into court.

A man on Annette reported that the suspect sent threatening text messages, telling the victim to pay the suspect money or he would come and kill him. The victim said he did send the suspect $100 but had no more money to send. The victim said the suspect provided an address on the NM Tech Campus. The victim was advised not to send any more money to the suspect. The officer was not able to contact the suspect at the number listed.

An officer was called to Walmart for a possible shoplifter. The officer met with the caller who said the female suspect was under-ringing her items at the self-checkout. When the suspect was about to be contacted by the staff, she left. The officer was provided with the receipt for the items she was under-ringing. The suspect is also known to be trespassed from the store. The caller asked that the incident be documented.

Officers were dispatched to a residence on Santa Fe Lane for the removal of a male. The male was inside the residence and had a knife and was stabbing the couch and walls. Officers made contact with him and he was searched. Narcotics were located on his person. He was arrested and incarcerated at Socorro County Detention Center on his charges.

May 17

An officer was patrolling on El Camino Real and noticed a four-wheeler on the roadway. The officer tried to stop the four-wheeler, but the vehicle fled. The male driver was identified by the officer, who went to the driver’s residence and noticed the four-wheeler in the driveway. The officer knocked but no one came to the door. The four-wheeler was towed from the residence.

A woman told an officer that while she was seeing her son at the suspect’s house on Spring Street, the suspect took off on her vehicle. The victim told the suspect he was inconsiderate. He then took her phone and threw the phone to the ground causing it to break. She said the suspect picked up a stick that had a knife attached to the end and struck the victim on the back. The suspect then went into the home. The officer entered the home and did not find the suspect. Charges will be filed.

An officer was called to the vicinity of Leroy and Neel streets area for a male suspect driving slow. The officer met with the driver who was confused and saying that people were threatening to harm him. While the officer was meeting with the suspect a male came over from an address on Douglas. He told the officer the suspect was at the home during the night knocking on the door and trying to enter a vehicle. The suspect was cited into court and later taken to the SGH for an evaluation.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on the 500 block of Neel for an accidental discharge of a weapon. A male at the scene told the officer he was changing his holster retention and accidentally discharged the weapon. The officer followed the path of the projectile and found it was an accidental discharge.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Gibson Circle for a barking dog. The reporting person told the officer his neighbor’s dog barks day and night. The officer turned the report over to animal control to go and check on the dog.

May 19

Officers were called to a home on West Place for a male out of control. The officer met with the reporting person who said the suspect was upset and punched a window, causing a cut to his arm. The suspect was upset that officers were in the home and struck an officer in the face. The suspect was taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs. He was taken to the Socorro General Hospital for treatment but continued to be aggressive. He attempted to strike a hospital staff member and had to be restrained. He was later taken to Albuquerque for a mental health evaluation and medical treatment.

An officer was called to the scene of a crash at Otero and California streets. The officer detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. The suspect showed signs of intoxication and had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. He stated he was not injured in the crash and was asked to complete field sobriety tests. The driver was given the tests and was arrested and a tow inventory was completed on the vehicle, which revealed an open container of wine in the car. He did admit to consuming wine. Witnesses said the suspect was traveling at high rates of speed on the roadway and was also said to be driving the wrong side of the street. The suspect was taken to the police department where he was processed and agreed to a breath test. He provided two breath samples, with the results being .11 and .11. The suspect was processed and booked into SCDC.

May 20

An officer traveling on Center Street observed a man running down the street with a large sword. The officer stopped and advised the male to drop the sword. The suspect refused and began cursing at the officer and continued disobeying the commands. The officer drew his department-issued weapon and repeated commands. The suspect dropped the sword and was placed in handcuffs. As the officer was escorting the suspect to a patrol car, he was resisting and attempted to kick the officer. The suspect was arrested and later booked into SCDC.

An officer was called to a residence in the 300 block of School of MInes for criminal damage to property. The officer met with the victim, who said the male suspect broke a window on the home and took a small dog. The officer, who did see the broken window, located the suspect near the home. He admitted to breaking the window after finding the victim in bed with another male. The suspect was arrested and booked SCDC. The damage to the window was estimated at $200.

An officer was called to a home in the 9 00 block of Annette for damaged property. The victim stated she had a load of gravel delivered on the previous day and informing the driver where the gravel was to be dumped. She said she went inside and was later notified the gate to the property was damaged. She checked the gate and when she found the gate was damaged she contacted the owner of the gravel company to notify the owner of the damage. The owner of the gravel company informed the victim he believed the gate was damaged by the wind. The officer was shown the damage to the gate, which did have a mark but it was not determined what struck the gate. The officer checked with a neighbor who had a camera that faced the gate but the footage does not show how the gate was damaged. At this time it is not known who damaged the gate.

An officer was called to a residence in the 100 block of Chaparral where two males were having an argument. The officer arrived and located the victim walking away from the home. The victim said the suspect was upset at him because he would not make some food. The victim stated that he was gathering items to leave the home when the suspect struck him on the back of the head. The officer did see redness to the back of the victim’s head. The victim said he did not want to press charges but did want the incident documented. The officer attempted to contact the suspect but he was not located. The case will be staffed with the District Attorney.

An officer was dispatched to John Brooks for missing medication. The medication had been left in a basket. The officer was called back and notified the medication was returned back to the store.

A man reported that the male suspect stopped in front of him at Sixth and Neal and exited his vehicle. The victim said the suspect walked up to his vehicle and punched him in the face. The victim said the suspect was upset over the victim firing him from Walmart. The officer met with a female witness who said she saw the suspect strike the victim. The officer was able to speak with the suspect, who said the victim was driving in town and was raising his hand up at the suspect. The suspect said the victim had stopped in the middle of Sixth Street, so he drove around him, but the victim sped up and nearly struck his vehicle. He admitted to stopping and walking to the other vehicle and striking the victim. A male witness confirmed the suspect’s story. No arrests were made at this time. Charges are pending DA Approval.

May 21

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Calle Bonita where the reporting party’s dogs were being let out. He told the officer that sometime during the night someone had opened his gate and let his dogs out. The officer was able to place a camera around the area to see who was opening the gate.

Officer called to a parking lot in the 500 block of California Street for an accident. The suspect in the vehicle was swaying. The officer attempted to notify him to stop, by hitting the back of the car, but he was not responding. The officer was able to open the driver’s door and noted the driver was not responding. He was removed from the car and placed in handcuffs after a struggle. The officer placed the suspect in a patrol car and completed a check of the car. A can of air duster was found on the passenger seat. The air duster was cold as if had been used recently. The officer was aware that an air duster is inhaled to obtain a “high.” The officer called for a tow truck and the car was towed. The suspect was taken to the police department where field sobriety tests were completed. The suspect did not show any clues. He was cited into court and later released.

An unknown suspect stole a car trailer from a mechanic shop in the 100 block of Spring Street. The caller said there was no video of the incident due to an RV being parked in front of the trailer. The trailer was entered NCIC as stolen.

An officer was called to a parking lot in the 300 block of California Street on the report of a small child left in a car with the engine running. The officer was given a description of the car and the license plate for the car. An employee of the store said the car left. The officers located the car and a male at a residence. The male admitted to leaving his one-year-old in the car while he was in the store. He said he was watching the car the entire time and had the A/C on while the car was running. The officer saw the child, who appeared fine and was in a safety seat. The male was advised not to leave the child alone in the car and make other arrangements. He was allowed to leave with the child. The incident was documented and forwarded to CYFD.

Officer met with a male at the police station who said he had sent a money order in the mail for two dogs. He said after the money order was received by the seller he never received the dogs. He added that the seller does not answer his phone calls or respond to his text messages. He called the company the dogs were supposed to be shipped from and was advised of a possible scam. The officer was provided with a phone number for the male suspect. The number was called and no contact was made.

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