socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from officer reports at the Socorro Police Department


A victim reported an unknown suspect used her information to obtain a loan through Cash Net USA. She said she was contacted by a collection agency trying to collect money and she told the collection agency she did not take out the loan. The company said it had an email account that was used to set up the loan. The company informed her of the loan under her name using that email address. She told the loan company she did not take out the loan. The loan company advised the victim to file a police report. A report was filed. The officer is sending out subpoenas for records to the companies.

Officers were called to the scene of a vehicle fire at Park and SW Baca. The fire department arrived and the fire was extinguished. A witness said the male driver ran away from the car heading west on SW Baca Street. The officers called for a tow truck and while completing a tow inventory, the officers found an ID for a male suspect who is known to drive the car. The officers also found a makeup container with methamphetamine, two scales, and baggies, along with tools and clothes. The officers were unable to locate any witnesses who could identify the driver.

An officer called to a home on West Place for a male that needed to be removed. The officer arrived and met with the suspect who said her ex-husband, the victim, was in the back yard and he needed to be removed. The victim said he went to check on the suspect and was told to leave, and when he did not leave the suspect hit him, scratched him, threw bleach on him and sprayed him with bug spray. The officer documented the injuries to the victim. The officer met with the suspect on the following day, but she would not talk with the officer and would call the police later. The suspect did not call to make a statement. Charges were filed.

A caller reported that he received a friend request from a female on Facebook. He said the female began messaging him and wanted to video chat. During the video chat, the female suspect was naked and engaged in explicit behavior. When she asked the caller to do likewise, he declined and asked her age. When she said she was 25, the caller agreed to be naked, too. The caller then received a message from the suspect saying she was going to show the video of him to his friends and family. He blocked the suspect but then received a phone call and messages from the suspect saying she was only 15 and was going to report the caller if he did not meet her demands. The caller did not respond and had no further contact with the suspect. The incident was documented.

Nov. 14

A woman in the 200 block of Fifth Street reported arriving home and having her daughter open the door. The child was not able to open the door so the victim tried opening the door and was finally able to open it. She saw that her door frame was damaged. On entering the home she found several items missing, including a 50-inch TV, a tablet, DVD player, and jewelry. The officers checked with neighbors who had cameras but were advised the cameras do not record. No witnesses were located.

Nov. 16

An officer was called to a home in the 1200 block of Santa Fe Lane to remove a male from the property. The officer arrived and saw that the male suspect did not have a shirt on and had scratches on his chest. He was given commands to stop and place his hands behind his back. He did not initially comply and was given commands and a Taser display. The suspect complied and was detained in handcuffs. The male victim told the officer he heard arguing coming from the suspect’s home, so he went to the home and observed the suspect fighting with his family. When he tried to separate the suspect, the suspect turned on him and hit him. The officer met with the female victim, who said the suspect was drinking and became upset and started fighting with her. She said her children were able to get him away from her. The officer met with the two witnesses who confirmed that the suspect was fighting with the female and they had to step in and keep him away. The male suspect was arrested and later booked into SCDC.

An officer encountered a male at Walmart who said he had tested COVID-19 positive in Reserve and had been told to come to Socorro General Hospital. The suspect said on his way from Reserve he stopped at the bar in Magdalena for a few beers, and then had a shot of liquor while driving to Socorro. Once in Socorro, the suspect stopped at a restaurant to have another beer while eating a meal. The officer had the suspect complete field sobriety tests and he was arrested. The suspect’s vehicle was towed and the suspect agreed to a breath test. The suspect was tested on the IR-8000 with results of .10, and .10. The suspect was taken to the SGH for medical clearance and was tested positive for COVID-19. The jail administrator advised he would not take the suspect. He was released pending charges.

Nov. 19

A man at Econolodge reported that someone had broken his vehicle’s window and would provide a security camera video of the incident. The victim called back later and to say that a male was trespassing in one of the rooms. Officers attempted to contact the suspect, but he did not open the door. The officers forced entry and found the suspect sleeping. He was arrested and a search of the room turned up the victim’s wallet and bank cards, along with a checkbook and a key to the vending machine. The wallet had been taken earlier in the morning when the victim’s window was broken. The victim provided a video that showed the suspect outside of his room and the victim walking up to the security cameras and damaging the cameras. The suspect was charged with the crimes. The wallet and contents were returned to the victim.

Nov. 20

A male suspect was called in for being in Plaza Park without a face covering, in violation of the public health order. The officer arrived and saw that he was not wearing a face covering and in violation of the City of Socorro order that Plaza Park is closed. Postings around the plaza notified the public of the park being closed. The suspect was advised he was not to be in the plaza and should be wearing a face covering. He was cited and taken home.

Nov. 21

A car was broken into at a residence in the 500 block of Fitch Street. A radio was stolen, and the officer saw no signs of a forced entry.

Nov. 22

A man in the 800 block of Reservoir reported that he was arguing with a woman when she pulled out an object from her pocket and began stabbing him. The victim showed the officer marks on his arms which appeared to be puncture wounds. The victim said the suspect left with a male who dropped off firewood. The officer filed charges on the suspect.

Nov. 23

Police received a call about some vandalism at Best Western. The caller said someone forced entry into the hotel and used a fire extinguisher to damage several windows, and a crowbar was used to cause damage to some doors. The crowbar was located on the scene and was collected as evidence. At this time there are no suspects.

Nov. 24

A storage shed at the Senior Center on Ake Street was broken into. The caller said it did not appear that anything was taken, but it would cost $100 to repair damage to the shed. At this time there are no suspects.

Nov. 26

A male was arrested when found going through a vehicle at Quick and Easy Auto Repair. The suspect claimed he had permission from the vehicle’s owner, but the vehicle’s owner was not present. A check with NCIC showed the suspect to have two valid warrants for his arrest. When the officer attempted to handcuff him, the suspect put a hand in his pocket. After he was handcuffed and searched the officer located methamphetamine and heroin in the pocket. The suspect was booked into the SCDC on charges and the two warrants.

Nov. 27

An officer was dispatched to Dicaperl for a fight. The officer met with a male victim who said he was attacked when coming out of his office. The victim showed signs of being battered, but he denied any medical treatment. The officer attempted to locate the suspect, but no contact was made. The officer filed charges.

Nov. 29

An officer was dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of Granada on a domestic disturbance call. The victim told the officer her boyfriend was under the influence and battered her. She had signs of battery. The officer Mirandized the boyfriend, who stated he came home under the influence and did batter her. He was taken to Socorro General Hospital for clearance then booked at Socorro County Detention center for Domestic Violence battery.

An officer was dispatched to the 1100 block of Main Street where a man was bitten by a dog. The victim said he was outside a neighbor’s house where the dog was loose. He said he was trying to help his neighbor catch the dog when it bit him on his left hand. There was a large laceration on the bottom of his thumb and several other puncture marks on his hand. The officer asked the dog’s owner if the dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and she was unsure when the dog’s last shots were because he had been tied up. The officer told them they could settle up on the medical bill on their own, but if they could not settle the bill between them they could go to court on the incident. Animal control was notified to pick up the dog.

Dec. 3

A woman in the 600 block of Blue Canyon Road reported that the suspect tried to burn a tree in her backyard. The officer checked the tree but did not see any signs of a fire to the tree or to the surrounding area. The officer told the victim there was no evidence of burning. The victim then said someone tried breaking into her home by removing a panel and believed a male in the area was trying to get into the home. The officer did see a panel was removed. There were no witnesses who placed the possible suspect at the home. A report was made on the incident.

A woman reported that someone forced entry into her home in the 200 block of Sixth Street and went through the home taking jewelry from a jewelry box. The victim was not able to give a description of the jewelry. The victim could not identify any other items missing from the home. At this time there are no suspects.

Dec. 5

An officer pulled over a vehicle for a traffic infraction. A check with NCIC showed the driver to have a suspended driver’s license with an arrest clause. His vehicle was towed and during a tow inventory, the officer found drug paraphernalia. A search warrant was obtained and during the search, the officer found several syringes filled with substances that field-tested positive for narcotics. Officer sent the narcotics to the crime lab to confirm the contents.

Dec. 6

Police were called to the 1000 block of California for a fight. The officer met with a male who stated he was attacked by a coworker. The male had lacerations on his face and was bleeding. An ambulance was to check on him, and the officer met with the suspect who said he was attacked so they got into a fight. Both males were issued non-traffic citations.

Dec. 8

A man in the 500 block of School of Mines reported that he was having problems with his computer and found a number to call for repairs. He called the number and was advised by someone who claimed to be a representative for Microsoft that he would have to pay to get the computer fixed by using gift cards. The victim said he used his Discover and Chase credit cards to make the purchase of gift cards and turned over the numbers of the gift cards. He said he filed a report with his credit card companies.

Dec. 9

A woman in the 700 block of Bursum reported that the male suspect came to her home and told her he was going to report her to the welfare department for not being handicapped, but still collecting benefits. She said while he was in the home he raised his hand in a threatening manner, causing her to be in fear. He then left in a red GMC utility vehicle. The officers attempted to locate the suspect in town but he was not located.

A man in the 100 block of Grant Street reported that a female came to his door telling him that somebody “put out a hit on him.” The victim asked who was it, but the female did not say and left in a silver Pontiac. Three minutes later he was outside the home when a grey SUV pulled up and a Hispanic male with long black hair pointed a pistol at him and then left. The officer checked the area. There were no security cameras in the area that would show the incident.

Officers called to the scene on Veterans Way for suspects trying to break into a vehicle and found a male looking in the vehicle. The male claimed his girlfriend came to his house in Belen with a pickup truck and a camper trailer, but that the truck and trailer might be stolen because she didn’t have them the day before. The officers completed an NCIC check on the truck and camper trailer and both were listed as stolen. The male suspect said he had followed her to Socorro to recover belongings. The female suspect then arrived at the scene and told officers she drove the truck and trailer to Socorro after the male shot at her and her father in Belen, and that she was afraid of him. The female suspect was arrested. The truck and camper were towed. During processing, she was found with methamphetamine. She then claimed the male suspect had purchased the camper and truck. The female suspect was booked into the SCDC. On the following day the officer met with the actual owner of the truck, who said her ex-boyfriend took her truck and left the keys in it, and it was stolen. The officers were allowed to remove the items in the truck. The officer located a clear container with methamphetamine, clothes, and papers belonging to the female suspect. In a battery charger officers located another baggie with methamphetamine. The officer met with the owner of the camper. The owner advised the items in the camper were not his and removed the items. An arrest warrant was obtained for the male suspect.