The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s office

Jan. 27

A deputy spoke with a woman at 4 p.m. about her home in San Antonio being broken into. She said she has been out of the residence for about two weeks, and that two days ago she asked a friend to check on the home in her absence. The friend called her back and said there was damage to the residence and it appeared a lot of her stuff had been removed from the home. She told the officer that she could not say for sure what was taken because she had not yet returned to the residence, adding that she had let some friends take certain items from the residence but she believed that one person with whom she has had a history of issues stole the rest and damaged the property. The officer spoke with the victim’s friend who checked on the home and he said he was not sure exactly what was taken from the property but he was sure a lot of items were missing. He stated that he did not know who would have taken the property.

Feb. 1

An officer was dispatched at 4 p.m. to the area of Kimball and Drake about a male calling 911. Dispatch informed the officer that the male had stated that he was hearing voices coming from beneath his home. Dispatch added that he calls on a daily basis – three times the day before – making false reports and yelling at the dispatchers. While en route to the male’s home, dispatch stated he had just called again, saying there was a red truck that drove by his house and was spying on him. Upon arrival, the officer asked the male what was going on. He replied by saying it was the officer’s job to figure out what was going on. The suspect was placed under arrest. He invoked his right and wished not to say anything. He was booked at the Socorro County Detention Center on his charge. No children were affected in this arrest. No further information at this time.

An officer was dispatched to Quarter Horse Road off Highway 107 in reference to a juvenile who reported that he had been threatened with a gun and left in the middle of nowhere. While en route a Magdalena Marshal informed the officer that two of the parties involved in the situation had contacted him and they were at the Marshal’s office with their parents. The officer met with a juvenile who stated that he was with his friends (the suspect and the victim), also juveniles, in the suspect’s black Ram pickup truck driving around some dirt roads on Highway 107 hunting rabbits. As they were driving the suspect and the victim began to argue about “who was more cowboy.”  He said the argument escalated to the point where the two wanted to physically fight. The suspect pulled his truck over and told the victim to get out of the vehicle. The victim got out and the vehicle drove away and left him there on the road to walk the rest of the way home, which was about a mile. The officer then quizzed both the victim and the suspect in separate interviews and ascertained that a weapon, a Ruger Bearcat .22 caliber single-action pistol, was involved in the incident. The pistol had five spent .22 caliber cartridge casings in the cylinder and they were removed from the weapon. Based on all statements given and the inconsistencies between the statements, the officer decided not to arrest the suspect at the time. All parties were told to stay away from each other until the investigation was complete. The gun was logged into evidence until the case is finished. The officer is following up with the parties involved and the case is forwarded to JPPO for considerations. Charges pending.

A deputy was dispatched at 8:15 a.m. to the Socorro County Detention Center in reference to drugs found on a detainee. The detention officer told the deputy that the female in question had been brought in the night before but there was no female officer on duty so, per policy, she was not searched. The officer stated when she arrived at work today she searched the woman and found a small clear plastic bag containing a brown substance hidden in her bra. She took the clear plastic bag, placed it in an evidence bag, and locked it in a lockbox. The brown substance in the clear plastic bag was field-tested which came back positive for heroin.

A deputy was contacted at noon by the Socorro County DWI Compliance officer for a male who had an active arrest warrant was in the office. The warrant was confirmed by NCIC, and he was handcuffed and transported to the Socorro County Detention Center where he was booked and incarcerated without incident.

A deputy at the Sheriff’s office was contacted at 10 a.m. by a woman who was requesting a civil standby. She stated that she was waiting outside of the Motor Vehicle Division when two guys walked up and talked to her. She said that she knew one (witness) but did not know the other (the suspect). When she was putting on her mask to go inside the MVD, she said the suspect reached into her backpack, grabbed her wallet, and started walking away. When she asked him to bring back her wallet he began running away towards the plaza. The victim stated that she did not call 911 or chase him because she had a District Court appearance and she did not want to get a warrant for missing it. She described the wallet as a black trifold with two ID cards and about $180 inside. The sheriff located the two men walking north of the plaza at approximately 10:30 a.m. and separated them. The suspect said that he had stopped by a home on Manzanares to visit the witness before he had to check in at DWI Compliance. He stated that after his check-in was completed, the victim had accused him of stealing her wallet. He denied taking her wallet. The witness stated that he had spent the night at a house with the victim and another girl and that the suspect had stopped by to visit him but did not stay long because he had to check in with compliance. The witness said that about 30 minutes after the suspect left the victim began accusing him and the other girl of stealing her wallet. The witness stated that when he and the other girl told her that they did not steal her wallet the victim told them she was going to tell the compliance officer that the suspect stole her wallet.

Feb. 9

An officer was dispatched at 6:30 p.m. to County Road 91 in Escondida in reference to a domestic disturbance. The officer saw that the victim had red marks and bruises on the left side of her face next to her eye and red scratch marks on her neck and chest. The victim explained that she was inside the home with her two children and that she and her boyfriend were having an argument. She said she was in the kitchen area and she was grabbed by her boyfriend and thrown onto the couch in the living room. She said he got on top of her and started hitting her in the face several times, then grabbed her cell phone off of the table and left the scene, driving away in her blue Ford Edge SUV. The victim was not able to provide a license plate or VIN for the vehicle at that time due to her not having her phone. She was able to call 911 after the incident occurred using another cell phone that is deactivated. The two children were in the home at the time of the incident and witnessed the abuse. After gathering all necessary information the deputy left the scene to search for the suspect and the vehicle. Deputies and local officers joined in the attempt to locate him but were not able to find him that night. The vehicle was not entered as stolen because he is a partial owner and uses the vehicle much of the time. Charges are filed and a CYFD SCI report was made on the matter.

socorro police department

Socorro Police Department

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Feb. 10

An officer was dispatched to Good Sam’s to take a report on an incident that occurred the night prior. The complainant told the officer she was informed of a CNA hitting a resident. She said a male resident claimed he was hit by a nurse. The complainant said the victim had pressed the nurse button and when the was suspect when in he noticed the suspect near the victim’s bed but was not touching him and the victim saying “stop hitting me.” The complainant said she witnessed the suspect and the victim inside the room and the suspect did not do anything to the victim. The officer spoke to the victim and was shown where he stated he was hit but there were no signs of battery on the victim. The officer spoke to the suspect who gave the same information as the complainant. There are no charges pending on this case.

An officer was dispatched to Parkview Elementary where the principal said a student poked a teacher with a push pin. The principal said she was concerned for the student due to his behaviors. The principal told the officer that the student had made comments about stabbing and killing. The officer was advised of the student being special needs. The officer later spoke with the student’s father who was advised of the incident.

Feb. 11

A woman in the 500 block of Harold Drive reported that she had been arrested the previous night, and when she returned home she noticed her prescription pills were missing, along with $200. The victim said two friends were staying at the home but did not know anything bout the theft. She had security cameras but the cameras were unplugged. At this time the suspect is not known.

An officer on patrol witnessed a driver run a red traffic light and attempted to stop the suspect, but he continued to drive. The officer followed the vehicle to an address in the 100 block of Grant Street where the male suspect exited the truck and began walking to the front door. The officer gave him commands to stop and displayed a use of force but the suspect continued to walk away. After being warned that he would be tased, the suspect stopped. He was placed under arrest and handcuffed. The officer went to check the vehicle for other occupants and saw the rear passenger door close. A female suspect was detailed and was found to be in possession of a purse that held narcotics and a glass pipe with drug residue. The officer also noticed a foil with drug residue in the truck. The officer sealed the truck and obtained a search warrant. A check with NCIC showed the female had outstanding arrest warrants. Both were arrested and booked into SCDC. The officer obtained a search warrant and during the search, the officer located a foil with heroin.

Feb. 12

An officer was called to an incident on McCutcheon where two males were fighting in the roadway. They were already gone so the officer did an area check and found one of them walking nearby. When was asked about the fight he denied any knowledge of a fight and was being evasive with the officer. The officer asked the suspect if he had any illegal items. The suspect denied having any illegal, but the officer noticed that he was holding a syringe cap in his hand and asked him to empty his pockets. The suspect did so and produced a tin cap with a brown substance. The substance showed positive for heroin in a field test and the suspect was arrested and booked into SCDC.

Officers called to a store in the 400 block of California for a male arguing with a female and taking her keys. The officer arrived and asked the male outside the store if he was the one involved in the incident. He began yelling and raising his hands and came face to face with the officer taking an aggressive posture. An assisting officer met with the girlfriend who stated the two were not arguing but did not want contact with the suspect because he was intoxicated. The suspect continued to be aggressive and lunged at other females in the parking lot. He was restrained and taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs and arrested. He was later booked into the SCDC.

Feb. 14

Officers called to the scene of a vehicle crash in the 600 block of Loma Encantada where someone crashed into some bushes. The driver exited the vehicle and appeared intoxicated so the officer had him complete field sobriety tests. Although he displayed several clues, the suspect claimed he had not had an alcoholic drink in over a day. He was arrested and agreed to a breath test. He began vomiting and after he stopped vomiting provided a breath sample with the result being .00, but was not able to provide a second sample. The officer had the suspect transported to his home by an assisting officer where he was released. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

An officer met with asset protection personnel at Walmart and was shown a video of an employee picking up a wallet and taking money from it. The officer met with the suspect at the photo center and advised her of her rights. She admitted taking the money and turned it over to the officer. The officer advised her she was going to be charged and summoned to court. The victim told the officer she wanted to press charges on the suspect.

Feb. 15

A woman reported that she was renting out a home in the 300 block of Grant Street to a woman but when the suspect left the rental she took the curtains with her. The officer met with the suspect who admitted the curtains were there but they were old and sun-damaged so she threw them away and bought new ones, and took those with her when she left. The officer advised the owner of what the tenant said and the victim wanted a report because she was going to file a civil suit on her. The curtains were valued at $300.

Feb. 16

An officer was called to an apartment on Walkaway for an argument. As the officer was traveling to the area dispatch reported the suspect had picked up a knife. On arrival, the officer heard yelling coming from the home. The officer opened the door and saw that the male suspect was unarmed and he was placed in handcuffs. The officer met with the female victim, who stated the suspect was dropped off at her home and was highly intoxicated. He began yelling at her and vomited on the floor. She then contacted the suspect’s father to come and pick him up. She said the suspect continued to yell and picked up a kitchen knife threatening to hurt himself but then began pointing the knife at her and his own father. The victim said her two small children were present and witnessed the incident. She stated that she did feel threatened by the suspect’s actions. The officer met with the father of the suspect, who said he did see the suspect yelling but did not see him brandish a knife. The suspect was arrested and taken to the police department for processing. He was then transported to the SCDC, but as he was exiting the patrol car he spits on the officer’s neck and chest. The officer updated the charges for the suspect.