This week, as I saddle up in my new role as editor of your newspaper, I’m tightening the cinch, adjusting my stirrups, and taking the reins from the very capable Cathy Cook. She has been teaching me the lay of the land, introducing me to some folks, and getting me ready for what I know will be a great ride with Socorro County. I’ve enjoyed working with her and hope that she’s just a phone call away. (I’d better ask…)

Cathy has done a lot for the community in her role here, so join me in thanking her for all the hard work, and also in cheering her on to the next big thing. Hurrah! Go in beauty, Cathy.

An article came out this week from the American Journalism Project that validated a lot of what the Chieftain has been doing.

The Project did a study about what local readers crave. First and foremost, local news readers want the full story about people who live in the area, from reporters and editors who live in and know the area.

According to the study, readers want to hear about decisions before they are made, and then want to hold decision makers accountable for outcomes.

Readers want to trust journalists to uncover and share the facts. They want journalists to ask questions, provide useful information, and have the news meet them where they are.

Moreover, it’s clear that readers want newsrooms to play a role in connecting people and building community.

Loretta Chao, a VP at the Project, said, “people want information exchange, not just consumption….”

It seems to me that the Chieftain has been doing a good job of that and we will continue.

We will provide facts on local issues, we will ask questions, and we will showcase all the wonderful things that Socorro is doing as a community to build each other up.

We will keep track of local, state and even national stories that have an impact on this county. All along the way, we want to delight you, laugh and cry with you, celebrate you, support you and represent you.

Saddle up with me and let’s go!

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