In “Tip of the pen” (Nov 10, 2022), Cathy Cook wrote of something dear to my heart: Used Bookstores.  Discovering another enthusiast was delightful, but good, too, was the news that Las Cruces “is home to perhaps the largest collection of used books in the state.”  That made me think of a small used bookstore I’m fond of in Albuquerque that opened a year before the pandemic and has survived: Organic Books (111 Carlisle SE)!

Then, a few weeks after the Chieftain piece appeared, I was rereading an old newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown (Aug 2022), and saw something I’d missed: “Local bookstores went extinct, right?”  The author, Jim Hightower, then tells us that in the past few years over 300 independent bookstores have started up in nearly all the states of the USA.

Well, a lot of good learning: Book-reading is thriving, and local, independent bookstores, used and new, are staying open!

Fancher Gotesky


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