Kudos to Representative Tara Jaramillo for her leadership in sponsoring House Bill 460 to improve the quality of the state’s colleges of education!

House Bill 460 proposed to convert the final year of a four-year teacher training program into a teacher residency, a paid year-long experience in a classroom alongside an experienced teacher. Teachers who participate in residencies are better prepared and are much less likely to leave the profession. The bill also proposed to require future faculty hires by the colleges of education to have at least five years of experience as classroom teachers, and ensured that their curricula are grounded in current best practices, including evidence-based math and literacy instruction.

The reforms in Representative Jaramillo’s bill were research-based proposals that would have better prepared new teachers entering New Mexico’s public schools. Unfortunately, House Bill 460 did not pass this session, but it is set up to pass in the future.

The people of House District 38 are fortunate to have Representative Jaramillo representing them in the legislature.

Fred Nathan, Jr.

Founder & Executive Director

Think New Mexico