I write to express my gratitude and the gratitude of all those who have been able to sit down for a good cup of coffee and conversation, pastries, gelato or a meal at the M Mountain Coffee Shop. It was a place for locals, travelers and Tech students alike as well as a source of employment for locals and students. Its closure is Socorro’s loss.

For the past few years Warren Marts and Eileen Comstock, proprietors of M Mountain Coffee Shop, provided a central gathering place for friendly conversation, meetings, music and local art in Socorro.  On any given day, regulars met for coffee or breakfast and the opportunity to review world and local events, students and travelers worked online while others found refreshment and relaxation after yoga, swim or gym workouts. The coffee shop also provided individuals a place of peaceful refuge on a busy day; a place to read or study or simply relax.

So thank you, Warren and Eileen, for hosting this enterprise, this gift to our community.

M Mountain Coffee Shop will be missed.

Sandra Noll



Sandra Noll, Socorro