I was wondering if somebody could explain to me about this school bond issue. I understand that they’re going to tear down Sarracino middle school building because of its structural problems and that they’re going to rebuild a middle school at the high school which means that they’ll have a piece of land over on El Camino. As a taxpayer I’m wondering if someone can’t explain to me why the district doesn’t just sell the land and use that money to build a new school rather than throwing the entire burden onto the property owners of Socorro? Any answer to my question would be satisfactory but some answer is necessary. I believe schools are important and should be supported but I also believe that sometimes I feel a little taken advantage of since we now have two schools? That are suspect in terms of structural issues. Who’s to say the new school they build at the high school area won’t be structurally unsound in the next 10 years?

Thank you for hearing my concerns

Frances Deters