Editor, the Chieftain:

As I was preparing the Socorro Stumper puzzle for this week, I decided to use a quote from an article about the Bureau of Land Management that appeared in the print edition only. The quote, from BLM reports, was by deputy director William Perry Pendley, and called for the public to do what they can to prevent wildfires, “this year, more than ever.”

Later that day, as I was surfing the internet, I came across a news article that pointed out that President Trump will nominate the same William Perry Pendley to serve as permanent director of the BLM. The article pointed out that Pendley is a self-proclaimed “sagebrush rebel” who holds extreme anti-environment views. Furthermore, Pendley supports selling federal lands in the West. He doesn’t want to maintain and manage federal land, he just wants to auction it all off to the highest bidder.

Pendley says his past statements -– including describing climate science as “junk”, and immigrants as a “cancer” — are not relevant to his nomination. But, they clearly indicate he is not worthy of this important national position. Even worse, Pendley published some of his anti-environmental screeds in magazines published by the late conspiracy paranoiac Lyndon LaRouche, who was convicted of fraud in 1988.

El Defensor Chieftain Editor