I’m writing this letter regarding the struggles that I have had to deal with Socorro Electric Cooperative.

In January, my mom, my brother, my husband and my grandson, passed away, all within a month.

The electric co-op contacted me and stated they needed a copy of my husband‘s death certificate, which I sent. I was also contacted and told that because my husband passed away, three of our electric boxes would have to be closed out and put onto my name, which meant changing it to my name. I would be charged a connection fee of $15 each, equaling $45.

I contacted the electric co-op, and I told them that I had service for my husband and myself for over 40 years, and I couldn’t understand why it had to be closed out, and now had to be charged a fee just to get my name on it. Frustrated, I did contact the supervisor and he did reverse the charges, which was greatly appreciated since now I am on a budget and have to watch how I’m having to account for all of my bills by myself.

For the second time, I was again contacted by the lady at the co-op, saying that she could not read my husband’s death certificate, which I questioned. On the top of the death certificate, it says, “death certificate” and his name as clearly as could be, but she could not read it clearly enough.

I sent it to her for the third time, hoping that she could read the very bottom line, and again she could not read the bottom of the death certificate. I ended up emailing it directly to her, which I was very hesitant to do but frustrated that I had to keep sending her copy after copy.

I told her that my daughter was my power of attorney,  and she stated I needed to send her a copy of that paperwork before I could go on with getting the capital gains credit of approximately $400. I could not understand why she needed a copy of her being my power of attorney because I have not had any problem with the veteran’s benefits, Social Security or life insurance changing all of our accounts at banks, credit cards, insurances, to be just under my name.

I have not had anyone request anything other than my husband’s death certificate. No one has requested so much documentation, including a copy of my daughter’s power of attorney.

I’m writing this because a lot of people who have lost a spouse do not realize how difficult of a time it has been dealing with the Socorro Electric Co-op just to get reimbursed for the capital gains that we have accumulated.

Please make sure that both husband and wife are on the account and be prepared: You will have to go through a lot of paperwork if you or your spouse passes away.

All in all, I’ve been told that it’s in the bylaws. As of this date, I cannot tell you what year I have received a copy of the bylaws, and possibly how many times they have changed since the first time I ever got bylaws.

Liz Sullivan Cryer


Liz Sullivan Cryer