Editor: After reading the article in today’s Defensor Chieftain about the dog attacks resulting in the death of a man in Veguita, one has to ask, again, when are these dog attacks enough for city and county law enforcement to make a difference? This is not the first time people have been attacked, injured, or even died.

We have lived in Socorro for over 18 years and loose, and/or dangerous dogs have been a continual problem for walkers, runners, and bikers. I have been bitten twice: once in the country and once in the city. Something has to be done.

For three years I served on the mayor’s task force dealing with this problem. Some efforts were made, but the problem of loose dogs, and dangerous dogs continues.

ALL dogs must be fenced securely, or on a leash. Owners are responsible. The owner of the dog that killed a man on May 24th is (I quote from the newspaper) “facing charges of possesion of a dangerous dog, or alternatively involuntary manslaughter, failure to report a death and tampering with evidence.”

I advise all those who use the outdoors to know the rules, and when they are violated and loose dogs are encountered, please, please call the authorities. Have the phone numbers ready.

City: police dispatch:835-4222 (they can issue tickets; animal control cannot).

County: sheriff 835-0941 or state police 8350741 (they can refer to the proper jurisdiction).

If we do not report these violations and crimes, nothing will change.

Catharine Stewart-Roache