I am writing this on July 6, and my neighborhood has sounded like a war zone for over a week due to the fireworks which we allow in our city. Incredibly, I even heard some this morning around 5:10 am.

The prevalence of aerial display fireworks with extremely loud explosions appears to increase every year. I called the police on June 30, and their hands are essentially tied.

This noise on weeknights that are not even the holiday is inconsiderate, keeps people awake, terrifies many pets, and presents a fire and safety hazard to neighbors and property. According to NM law, municipalities can limit the types of fireworks allowed in the city, as Albuquerque does. I feel that Socorro should consider doing the same.

I ask the Mayor and the City Council to address this issue and either put an ordinance in place or explain to the citizens of Socorro why we are expected to tolerate this disturbance in our town for 1-2 weeks twice a year.

Robert Vaughn